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Artikelnummer: 910-00172

kraftplex starter set

You've never heard of kraftplex and would like to hold all the different structures and thicknesses in your hands? Then our kraftplex starter set is ideal for you. It includes one sheet (40x30cm) each of our available kraftplex products:

1x kraftplex CL, 0.5mm
1x Kraftplex FO, 2.0mm
1x kraftplex ST, 1.0mm
1x kraftplex ST, 1.5mm
1x kraftplex ST, 3.0mm

Note: the 3mm kraftplex is only suitable for the Mr Beam II dreamcut [x] laser head due to its thickness

What exactly is kraftplex?

The versatile material consists of pure, renewable wood fibre* (100% cellulose fibres, without chemical additives and adhesives) and replaces sheet metal, composite materials and plastics in many areas.
It is sustainable, recyclable and compostable, as well as stable and permanently malleable like sheet metal.

kraftplex is certified according to DIN EN 71-3 (children's toys).

*) from FSC managed forest stocks


What do all kraftplex types have in common?

100% cellulose

Sustainable softwood from Scandinavia (FSC)

0% additives

Complete elimination of glues or bleach and binders


Safe for the production of children's toys confirmed according to the DIN standard


Resource-saving production, short transport routes, recyclable

Perfect for laser cutting

Filigree cutouts, clean engravings, less smoke

Flexible & unbreakable

Deep-drawing, raising, edging and embossing possible with high fracture resistance and tear resistance

surface design

Can be treated with all products that are suitable for wood: varnishes, oils, waxes, chalk paints and much more

Easily printable

Suitable for direct plate printing and UV printing, good flatness on the printer

What does FO, CL and ST mean?


kraftplex FO stands for "formable", i.e. malleable. The material is slightly more flexible and pliable than the ST. The surface has a very fine structure and a smooth look. 

kraftplex CL stands for "curve", i.e. curve. The material is particularly flexible. It can be cut with scissors. The smooth surface is calendered and slightly marbled.

The kraftplex ST stands for "stiff" and has a light mesh structure and a natural beige colour. The kraftplex CL has a smooth surface and a hue that is slightly redder than the kraftplex ST. This type of kraftplex is higher density, hot pressed and comes in a fixed sheet format.

laser head compatible: