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Where does Valentine's Day come from?

You always wanted to know something about the origin of Valentine's Day? Then our new blog article is just right for you. We answer you all the knowledge values of Valentine's Day and explain where the day of the lovers comes from.

What does Valentine's Day mean?

The Valentine's Day is celebrated every year on 14 February and is considered the day of the lovers. He is not a public holiday and thus more symbolic. The couple surprise with loving gestures, give each other flowers and chocolate, and let the whole world know how happy they are. The chocolate industry and flower trade signed the highest sales of the year on this day and have been on the rush weeks before. Women and girls are waiting eagerly Small gifts for Valentine's Day for which the partner needs to use his creativity, to meet the expectations of the heart's name.

Although love has to be maintained in a relationship every day, it becomes through gifts at Valentine's Day special emphasis placed on an outer sign. Like birthday gifts belong to the birthday, should Man ordering flowers on time, buy the right chocolates and get a small present. In this way, it can be expressed how important one of the man is at his side and that the relationship is not considered a matter of course.

As too Christmas this very own mood is in the air, arises also on Valentine's Day a magic of love soft and romantically true to the hearts. Many couples rarely experience these moments because they are caught in everyday life. On Valentine's evening, a relationship can be renewed in an emotional way and people fall in love again. This day ensures that you feel very close to your partner and remember the romantic beginning of your relationship.

Where is the origin of Valentine's Day?

The Origin of Valentine's Day Can not be determined exactly, as there are several stories in the world in this regard. A reported by the Bishop Valentine of Terni, who lived in the third century after Christ. In this time of Christian tracing came by Emperor Claudius II. The law that pairs of different stalls and nationalities should not marry. Bishop of Terni could not make friends with this arrangement and dream secretly couples whatever one wedding was prohibited. When this approach became known to the Emperor, he left the bishop on February 14th 269.

Through Pope Gelasius, the 14th of February in 469 was calling for Christ as a commemoration day. After Valentin was killed by Terni in Rome, so another 200 years passed, until the selfless action of the bishop was honored by a Memorial Day. However, this was deleted from the church in 1969, as there is no historical evidence for the existence of Bishop of Terni. In the present time, the Valentine's Day of the Church learns a new discovery, which is why reconstruction god services are often made on February 14th.

In mythology, there is also an indication that the February 14th when a feast day was celebrated in honor of the goddess Juno waiting about marriage and birth. Accordingly, the giving of flowers had already been customary at times of the old Rome.

In England, the first indications of the celebration of Valentine's Day are found at the time of the 15th century. Initially, only Valentine cards and love letters sent. It did not take long and The trend developed, small gifts, flowers and chocolate on Valentine's Day. From other regions of Europe, the custom comes to give away Valentine's key. Small keys should show that or the gifted that he or her heard the heart of the giving end.

From this custom developed By the way, attaching countless love locks to bridges with which couples want to express the durability of their love. This loving gesture made in June 2014 for a part of the railing of the pedestrian bridge Pont des Arts in Paris, as the love locks were installed.

Love castles Valentine's Day

When did the custom to Germany came?

The valentine tradition was brought to America from English emigrants, where they found their way to West Germany through US soldiers at the end of World War II. In 1950, the first Valentine ball was organized by the Celebrate Valentine's Day became a firm tradition.

Other countries other manners

The Valentine's Day is celebrated worldwide, but at different times and in different ways. For example, Japanese women on Valentine's Day exclusively give away chocolate to men. Whether partner or boss - that does not matter. Four weeks later, the festival repeats in the opposite way. On the 14th of March, the men are tuned to give the women. These then get white chocolate.

In Brazil, Valentine's Day is celebrated on 12 June and many couples use this date, To make your engagement public. The Finns declared Friendship Day on February 14, when people send Valentines Cards or gifts. He is not just about couples. Also, family members or friends receive greetings of affection and gifts. The Valentine's Day in Finland therefore includes all the people who like each other. That's why singles receive greeting cards and sweets.

In contrast, English and Americans love the tradition of "Valentine Greetings". These are small love poems sent on February 14th and annually the American post annually Sharpen over a billion cards.

Which gifts are especially popular on Valentine's Day?

Flowers for Valentine's Day

The Giving of flowers has a boom on Valentine's Day because florists speak of one hundred percent of a sales increase. But also chocolate and jewelry are popular gifts for Valentine's Day. If you like it more complicated, you surprise your treasure with a wellness day or a voucher for the solarium, a salty thermal or a massage. There a no limits to imagination. Of course, you could also make a Valentine's Day gift. With a DIY plant Can express his affection even better.

Originally they were the men who surprised their loved one on February 14 and with them Flowers and small attentions to understand gifts how important you are. Today, many women also prepare a small love message to experience a romantic day together.

Classically, many couples go out on the evening of Valentine's Day and visit a romantic restaurant. On this day have been made many wedding applications because nothing is better suited for this project than the day of loving. Also weddings Find regularly for this date, where the couple promises eternal loyalty.

Valentine's Day Gifts Infographic

But it does not always have to Gifts for Valentine's Day or the very special love swine. Often, a registered valentine card brings more expressed as flowers and chocolates could ever do that. It ultimately is that the Gesture comes from the heart And that's real.

What can you do on Valentine's Day?

Ice Run Valentine's Day

Of course, we also have something here inspiration to you. If the Valentine's Day falls on a working day, the evening is available for romance and going out. Then you can figure this as follows:

  • Food in a small restaurant in which an intimate mood prevails
  • Go dancing
  • Ice skating
  • A walk by the sea company
  • Enjoy a partner massage

A romantic food is, and of course the classic remains when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts. But the common time can also be spent in their own four walls. Couple who have just become parents can not leave the offspring alone, and therefore must prove ingenuity. In this case, it's fun, Together to cook a dinner to spoil yourself with a good wine, put cuddly music and the Table nice to decorate. When watching love films, there are also romantic feelings. You only have to agree on the run-up to which cinematic romance the male partner must get involved. What he likes Valentine's Day.

A sign for love

Valentine's Day sign of love

the Valentine's Day is a way to deliberately express feelings. So that the other person knows how important he is for you. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, small caresses often go under. The attention is focused on many things at the same time, so that the concentration is typically lost to the essentials. Moments in which we encounter each other emotionally, but are the basis of a functioning relationship. Loving words and small attentions ensure that every partner feels seen from the other. That's why we are concerned with relationships.

Christmas, birthdays and Valentine's Day give us the opportunity to spend the other time with the other. Even if the 14th of February is overrated from commercial purposes - First and foremost it is about feelings, loving mindfulness and appreciation. Find words in your heart, with whom you can make it clear at your side, how much you love him. The basis of your relationship is always feelings, not the things of life.

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