What is a pine? Mr Beam explains

The stone pine is the stone pine. Pine wood is not only extremely beautiful, but is also said to have various positive effects. In regions where the wood occurs naturally, a rich pine culture has developed. The locals have been building with this valuable material for generations and have used it to consciously design their living spaces.

The pine from a botanical perspective

Stone pine branch

Pine trees are botanically referred to as Pinus cembra. Pinus refers to the pine plant genus; the stone pine is therefore closely related to the pine and the Scots pine. The word cembra comes from the Latin language and means cimber. This evergreen conifer has many nicknames, for example Swiss stone pine or stone pine, but also Arve and Arbe. It originally comes from regions such as the Alps, where it grows at higher altitudes from 1,500 meters and can live for several centuries. The oldest specimens are over 1,000 years old. The plant has also spread in the Carpathians. This high mountain range is located mainly in Romania, but also in countries such as Ukraine, Slovakia and Poland.

In its natural distribution area, the pine has to contend with the rather harsh weather conditions at higher altitudes. Strong gusts, thunderstorms and extreme winter weather are relatively common here. Many pine trees can also be seen in their constant battle with nature, as the weather takes a toll on them depending on their location. But even after severe damage such as a lightning strike or an avalanche, the resilient trees often continue to grow - as if nothing had happened. Perhaps their vitality is the reason why the seeds are even used to make schnapps. Maybe you've had one yourself.

The stone pine, which can grow up to 30 meters high, can be distinguished from other pine species based on a few characteristics. Their crown often initially grows straight and conical. However, over time, many specimens in the wild develop bizarre, gnarled growth forms and are characterized by extreme deformations that are not found to this extent in any other pine species. If you want to know exactly, you should look at the needles. A group of exactly five pine needles always grows out of a needle sheath. Other pines only have two needles per needle sheath.

The properties of pine wood

The wood of the pine is a particularly sought-after type of wood, which is surrounded by as many myths as the tree itself. It is very popular in furniture construction, but is also used for panelling interior walls. The simple reason is that this type of wood is exceptionally beautiful. She owns:

  • a fantastic medium brown colour
  • a lively grain
  • a great scent

Its distinctive scent is due to the pinosylvin it contains, the natural essential oil of the pine tree. The stone pine is something for real lovers.

How pine wood affects health

Pine wood is said to have numerous positive effects on health. This should benefit those who, for example, sleep in a bed made of pine or furnish their house with other furniture and panelling made from this wood. It is said that pine wood promotes sleep, reduces stress and even has antibacterial properties. However, the statement that pine wood promotes sleep is controversial. To date, no scientific evidence has been provided to support this claim. It is also unclear whether the pine tree really promotes health or reduces stress.

However, it has been proven that the wood is antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal, meaning it can naturally defend itself against bacteria, microbes and fungi. This is due to the essential oil it contains. Studies show that humans can also benefit from it. For example, clothes moths cannot spread so easily in a wardrobe made of pine. Pine wood is also an excellent material for various kitchen utensils. For example, germs cannot spread so easily on a cutting board made from this type of wood.

Stone pine wood: Common uses

Pine wood proves to be particularly useful in certain areas. In countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland, for example, it is often used for making furniture. Because it looks so attractive and has a pleasant smell, purely decorative items are also made from it.

The wood of the stone pine is extremely durable and aesthetic, which is why the products made from it should be used and displayed in the house. It has first-class, representative properties. It is also a rather soft wood. Pine wood can be processed very well with our Mr Beam laser cutter.

Furniture, accessories and co.: How you should care for pine wood

Stone pine oil

If you own products made from pine wood, we recommend that you follow the care instructions. The aim is to maintain both the attractive appearance and the scent. It is important not to treat the wood too much because only then can it breathe well. In addition, glazes and the like change the characteristic scent. To clean, use a soft cloth that does not leave any scratches on the surface. It is often enough to moisten it slightly. Cleaning products are not required.

Pine furniture and decorations should not be placed too close to the heater or in direct sunlight. Otherwise, it is possible that the colour will change or cracks will form. Sometimes it is worth rubbing the surfaces of the pine wood with oil. In our online shop you will find the right wood care set with pine oil.

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Sustainability and origin

Stone pine

The wood of the pine tree is considered sustainable. The tree species is not threatened. Even though it is difficult to plant pine trees in commercial forests, there is neither a lack of wood for making furniture nor of naturally growing offspring. The pine jay is primarily responsible for the distribution of the tree species, and it does this job brilliantly. Nevertheless, it makes sense to pay attention to certification when purchasing products made from stone pine wood. This way you can ensure that it comes from sustainable forestry.

Conclusion: The stone pine is valuable

Anyone who owns furniture and decorative items made from stone pine wood benefits from numerous advantages. The beauty of the type of wood is particularly interesting. It also smells good and is easy to work with. Thanks to its natural essential oils, it can also counteract various threats in everyday life. Luckily, it's easy to mine this wood sustainably, so we're also thinking about our planet.

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