What is stone pine oil? Mr Beam explains

Stone pine oil - a high-quality extract with the power of nature

It smells wonderfully of the pure elemental forces of nature and embodies pure freedom: pine oil is one of the high-quality natural extracts that you can use today in many different areas of life. The areas of application range from use in interior design and wood care to medical purposes. Where does stone pine oil come from, and what precious properties are hidden in the natural essence?

What is stone pine oil, and where does it come from?


Stone pine oil is an extract of the coniferous tree or pine tree, the stone pine - also known as stone pine. The rumour that the stone pine comes from the Alps still persists. However, that is only half the truth: the popular softwood actually has its origins in Siberia. The plant did not reach the Alps until the last Ice Age. Its route once led it over the mountains of the Carpathians. The stone pine is still considered the queen of the Alps today. She feels particularly at home in the rough, rugged surroundings of the mountain ridges.

Stone pine is considered to be extremely pest-resistant and has a pleasant strength, which is why it is also used in interior design in the manufacture of furniture. No wonder that the oil obtained from it is also used with preference in the field of furnishing and living. Stone pine oil is also referred to as stone pine oil or stone pine oil.

How is stone pine oil made?

Swiss stone pine oil is a distillate extracted using steam. Reaching the boiling point is important here. Under normal pressure conditions, the aim is to reach a temperature of 100 °C. During the distillation process, the other natural ingredients contained in the stone pine are separated from the extracted oil. The steam method is considered a very gentle process that ensures the high quality of the stone pine oil.

What does stone pine oil smell like?

Although the exact perception is always subjective, the scent of the oil from the stone pine can be characterized as very warm, comfortable and aromatic . However, there is also a slight touch of freshness in the overtones of the alpine scent. The woody scent and the intense aromas of the fresh pine needles are unmistakable - the charismatic smell of the stone pine oil offers you and your senses a long-lasting and pleasant olfactory experience.

Already knew?
If you imagine a particularly intense fragrance experience when using pine oil, a humid environment is recommended. You achieve this by misting the oil from the Swiss stone pine - for example with the help of a diffuser or in an aroma lamp. The more optimally the aromas of the stone pine oil can unfold in your premises, the more intensive is the characterful scent of the stone pine.

What does stone pine oil do?

Due to its incomparable and unmistakable scent, the oil from the stone pine is used primarily for relaxation purposes. It is up to you to decide whether you want to nebulize the oil or rub it on your palms for manual application. You can also use it as an aromatic complement. A special feature that the oil from the stone pine makes use of for its effect is the large number of terpenes it contains. In the meantime, 125 different terpenes have been found in the stone pine. They influence the brain and the muscles.

The following monocyclic and bicyclic terpes are found in pine oil, among others :

  • 3-Carene
  • alpha pinene
  • beta phellandrene


For which areas of application is stone pine oil suitable?

Stone pine care

The application spectrum of Swiss stone pine oil is extremely wide. You can use it to rub your muscles and fascia, among other things. Since the oil penetrates deep into the skin, it boosts blood circulation. This supplies your body with fresh oxygen and gives your muscles the opportunity to regenerate. You are therefore also welcome to use the oil for an extensive stone pine massage. Since the tense muscles are gradually and gently released, any back pain and discomfort in the area of ​​the neck muscles are also minimized.

Furthermore, the oil of the stone pine with its relaxation-promoting properties should influence a restful night's sleep. You can therefore put a few drops on your pillow or let it evaporate in a small bowl of water on the bedside table. In the living room, the oil can also be used as a classic air freshener. Filled into a bottle, it exudes its soothing natural fragrance through wooden sticks. If you prefer to decorate your home with candlelight, you can melt down the leftover wax and pour it into a new candle. Add a few drops of stone pine oil and enjoy the pleasant fragrance experience, especially in the cold season. Last but not least, the oil is also ideal for use in the sauna - an infusion based on pine oil touches all the senses and is an experience that gives you pure relaxation after a long day at work, especially in autumn and winter.

Wood care with stone pine oil

The oil finds another area of ​​application in the care of wood. If you regularly rub open-pored wood with stone pine oil, it will remain attractive for longer and have an extended service life. Our Mr Beam wood care set with stone pine oil is also perfect for wood engravings, for example.

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Storage tip
Store the oil in a dark, cool, but not too cold place to preserve it for up to 10 years.
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