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A meaningful gift for starting school - a personalized lunch box

What do you give for the first day of school? Utensils such as a water bottle, purse and lunch box are just as important as umbrellas, books, learning aids and sweets. The Gift ideas for schooling are really diverse.

Actually, when a child starts school, his or her name should be on or in everything that belongs to the child. The sports equipment, the umbrella, the pencil case, ... everything is marked to avoid confusion or to find its way back to the owner more quickly if it is lost.

Also, the Lunch box and the drinking bottle should be easy to assign.

With the Mr Beam it is very simple to individualize bread tin and personalize. Lunch boxes with bamboo or metal lids are very suitable for engraving.

Metal bread box

Metal lid You can just as easy thanks to the Marksolid laser marker spray personalize, like a bamboo lid.

Stainless steel lunch box with bamboo lid

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Motifs for a meaningful gift for schooling can be found quickly

Look out a nice picture that fits the child that you want to give.

The favourite animal, the popular action hero, a motif that fits the satchel and the rest of the utensils, or just the name with a few smaller motifs.

The nice thing about lasers with the Mr Beam is that everything is possible. Even filigree things engraved effortlessly. This makes it so easy to create great things.

Depending on the motif, you should make it laser-ready beforehand, this applies to photos, for example. In the Mr Beam Knowledge database Can you read again how exactly that works.

However, keep in mind that engravings on an area made of bamboo are often different, Because of the wood quality.

Graphics that consist of contours can be found in your graphics program, e.g. Adobe Illustrator, colour something beforehand or highlight individual areas through grayscale.

For my lunch boxes I used the beautiful file "Eliot, the little kite boy" from XaXeludesign and a unicorn plus rainbow"Marlene's horse love” used by kleine göhr.e.

Preparations for your sensible gift for schooling

As a help, you can measure the size of the lid and create a corresponding form in your graphics program.

Here you can use your desired motifs and the name experiment something. Determine the position, font and size and finally arrange it appropriately.

A meaningful gift for a small kite fan

In the little dragon boy, I emphasized the stomach and spines, as well as the blue light of the fire engine and the cheeks in the graphics program. So the engraving looks a little more lively.

I adjusted the name in the size of the other free space to get a coherent picture.

Motor lunch box

A personalized bread box for a unicorn fan

The desired motifs were a unicorn and a rainbow.

There are two motifs that are basically very different. Both should of course still be on the Lid of the lunch box adequately come into its own and be recognizable. And of course the name should not be missing.

The unicorn is the main motif. It stands in the middle of the rainbow. This is very suitable as a background. I have adapted the name to the visible end of the rainbow. This way it fits into the picture and doesn't look forced. It is also in black, like the contours of the unicorn, and is accordingly lasered with high intensity.

To prevent your background from appearing too dominant, choose an image without contours and increase the transparency to make the engraving even fainter. You should also adapt the background motif for your lunch box as a meaningful gift for the first day of school to the size of the lid. 

In your graphics program, you cut out the area of ​​the background motif with the help of the form of the lid. Otherwise, the Mr Beam Laser beyond the lid.

Unicorn motif

Now the Mr Beam engraving your sensible gift for schooling

Start yours Mr Beam and load your prepared file via Plug & Play in the design library.

Since you are already perfect for the engraving through the Mr Beam have prepared, all you have to do Your lunch box cover in the Mr Beam position and align the file in the work area. Set the height of your lid to get the exact possible preview image.

Laser software

This setting can be found in the work area under “Object height”.

Under “Preview” you can also zoom in and set the brightness.

Focus on that Laser head And start the laser process. Bamboo is already stored as a material.

Gravier the bread tin

If you find that an area was engraved too weakly due to the nature of the bamboo, I recommend lasering a further round.

In this way, too bright engraving areas are reinforced, and the rest are also a little more intense in the appearance.

Personalize the lunch box

After the engraving, you should have the lid for your personalized lunch box Rinse well.

First with clear water. Afterwards, I recommend the To clean the lid thoroughly with a little soap and a brush, to remove all engraving residues and thus also remove the smell.

So make beautiful, two boring lunch boxes, personalized and, above all, meaningful gifts for schooling.

Have fun copying!

Your Rina

Sensible gift for schooling

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