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Pentecost decorating with the Mr Beam

What is Pentecost? When and what do we celebrate?

Pentecost is a Christian festival. It is derived from the Greek "Pentekosté", which means "the fiftyest", because after 50 days, Easter time ends with Pentecost.

We celebrate that Festival of the Holy Spirit.

"God gives his spirit to everyone who chooses a life with Christ."

In retrospect, it is also referred to the beginning of the global mission movement and often also known as the “birthday of the church”.

In many cases there is one White pigeon as a symbol for the Holy Spirit And with it for Pentecost. In the Matthew Gospel it says:

After the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan, the sky and the Spirit of God in the form of a pigeon came down. At the same time, the voice was heard: "This is my dear son, where I found it".

In the Biblical Pentecost history does not play a role. There is talk of flames and fire here. In many representations, the disciples of Jesus are mapped with fire tongues over the heads, which, among other things, are supposed to represent enlightenment by the Holy Spirit.

Another symbol is the peony. It actually refers to the season, with a legend of God the thorns.

It is said that a woman cried about the crucifixion of Jesus in her garden until she noticed that the roses suddenly no longer had thorns. Her tears dried up and she called: "God has removed the thorns, suffering has turned into joy."

Make a nice decoration to Pentecost

Set the Pentecost symbols properly. With an engraved tray and a lantern with a deaf illuminated by a candle flame, yours is yours Pentecost decoration quickly tinkered.

Engraving the tray

As an engraving for the tray wood are suitable Peonies, a pigeon or a "happy Pentecost"The tablet is easily engraved with Mr Beam by loading the desired file into your design library and then customizing it to your tablet in the workspace. To do this, control the laser head in the middle of your work area.

Your tray puts under the Laser head, so you can prevent him from later, because of the Focus, postpone your tray when the laser job starts because the edge is too high.

Pentecost decoration laser settings

You can now see your tray in BeamOS through the camera view in the work area.

Here you can now adjust and position your file. The laser, choose the default settings for your material - here it is bamboo.

Focus on the laser head and start the laser job.

Preparation laser job

Since the laser head is already in the engraving sector, it will start from its current position to his laser job and not take the home beforehand.

But be careful: When the engraving is finished, the ride of the laser head is pausing, otherwise it wants to drive back into home, as after every laser job.

So you prevent the laser head from pulling your tray and, in the worst case, a little is damaged.

Alternatively, you can focus on the laser head at the height of the edge of your tablet. Unfortunately, this often means a not so clean engraving.

Gravure comparison Pentecost decoration

In the pictures, you can clearly see that low -risk laser job is at the expense of the details. The laser head on the left was properly focused. In the right picture, the laser head was aligned at the higher edge of the tablet.

From baby glasses to Pentecost decoration

The lantern as Decoration at Pentecost is a painted baby glass.

First rinse the glass and then remove the label by putting the glass in water for a few minutes.

Prepare baby glass for Pentecost decoration

The soaked label can be easily removed. You can easily get adhesive with your fingers.

In the meantime, you cut out a pigeon out of an adhesive film. It is suitable for this Vinyl film or book covering film.

DIY Pentecost decoration

Now you are developing the glass with alcohol and Transfer the pigeon to the glass. Push well so that no colour can run under the film when painting.

Peace dust Holy Spirit

Prepare your spray can by shaking them vigorously for a few minutes.

You should paint on one, If possible, wind and dust-free place

Place the glass on a large piece of cardboard and spray it evenly thinly from the outside. Better quite thin several times than too thick.

To be able to paint evenly all around, wear a glove.

So you can hold the glass well from the inside. Now you paint with one hand and with your other hand you gradually turn your glass until you have painted everything.

When you have finished the paint, remove the film. This is easiest with a needle. Stick on a corner into the film, lift it and carefully pull it off.

Pentecost decoration DIY

When the paint has dried, you can still decorate the upper edge of the glass to cover the thread.

Pentecost decoration tealight

With a burning tea light in it, the pigeon shines very nice.

The lantern combines, in a very beautiful way, the pigeon and fire as symbols for the Holy Spirit.

Pentecost decorative tinkering

Happy Pentecost wishes your Rina and of course also Mr Beam!

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