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Personalized cork coasters tinker - so it's best with the MR Beam

Probably there is almost no household in Germany, which is not at least one Cork coaster in the closet has to put it under a pot if necessary, so that it does not coke the table. In most cases, however, it is a boring, impersonal circle, which is simply a medium for purpose. This is now finish! With your Mr Beam and this Tutorial can you personalize your existing coasters And if you want, even brand new, own coasters. Have fun!

From pot to glass - cork is no boundaries

Prepare cork for cutting

First, we want to engage in how you can make your own coaster. Cork Can not be cut with the Mr Beam with such a thickness as you usually need for a coaster, but that's no problem at all. You can nevertheless the Mr Beam Craft your cork construction use.

Simply put your cork plate in the MR Beam and create in our software A quick shape of your choice. If you decide for a rectangle, you can even round off the corners so that the coaster is not quite so chunky. Next, you press "laser", choose the ideas for cork and engrave up your shape On the cork. Now you have the perfect template for cutting the coaster.

Due to the brittle consistency, it is particularly important to the Cork to work carefully. When deciding the cork, you should make sure that it is structured as fine as possible, so that it is not that bad if a bit drops. Thin cork plates can be cut very well with a sharp carpet knife. So that the edge gets really nice, you can still stick it with tape before. In addition, you should cut with little pressure and with multiple passes. If your plate is a bit thicker, we recommend editing with the jigsaw. Use a very fine saw blade and best a wing line for the saw.

Cut cork

The personalized design of your coaster

In today's article, we do not just want to explain to you how you own Diy Cork coasters make could give you two concrete examples to personalize the coasters. Example number one is a classic Pot coaster made of cork which is ready for all layers. The second example is slightly different with an extra coating and thus mainly intended for glasses, as these are usually not so hot.

Pot coaster made of cork

As mentioned earlier, we want to restrict ourselves to a grave directly on the cork on the pot coaster. Thus, you have, of course, thousands of possibilities. An example would be one photo engraving directly on the coaster. However, it is particularly important to correct all parameters and presets correctly. So if you want to inform you again, you can in the article Photogravure Read again exactly what to consider in the photo engraving.

The design of the cork coaster

If you want it a bit easier and just as we are a big pizza fan, as we, then you can you in the Designstore our Round cork coaster get. We have created it quite simple with some forms and fonts in Adobe Illustrator. Actually, it does not even need a great explanation, a really useful tip, which certainly does not know each other, but we can give you.

The curved text in illustrator is actually easier than thought at first sight. Only create a path of your choice, in our case is a simple circle. Right-click on the text tool and select DA path text tool. If you then click on the path somewhere, it will be invisible, and you can instead get off exactly at this point. Then you can still change the path in size, turn and move, because you can not know exactly how long your text will.

Template Pot Coaster

The finished coaster made of cork

On the laser, you simply chose cork, then all work steps are pushed to the engraving anyway, even if you have been in the SVG lines that are actually cut. As already mentioned, it is not possible to Cork with the Mr Beam directly. Thus, there is not much to pay attention to, so you can click directly to "Start"!

Cork coaster

Glass coaster on cork

As already mentioned, you have a comprehensive possibility again with a glass coaster, As with a pot substrate. While you can also engrave the design that we have also provided in the Designstore, simply engraving on the glass coaster on cork, because glasses are usually not so hot, you can do here too work on an extra layer on the cork. We tested it in our example with green moss rubber, but of course you are completely free in the choice of materials.

Glass coaster template

The perfect cork coaster with the MR Beam

Thus, you ever have two creative possibilities to miss your coasters a perfect upgrade. Personalized coasters from cork are also great as a small gift. Of course, they are Variations here are endless, while we look forward to your own results that you like under the Hashtag #madewithmrbeam Share! For even more inspiration do you continue to persecute ours Mr beam blog. 😍

Cork coaster

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