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Oktoberfest decoration - ideas for your Oktoberfest table

Not everyone has the opportunity to visit the Oktoberfest in Munich. But therefore do without the rustic and cozy Oktoberfest feeling? No! Just take the hearty atmosphere home! With our tips and ideas you can celebrate anywhereLike in Bavaria!

With this decoration you ensure a lot of fun

Oktoberfest gingerbread

In terms of colour, the matter is clear: blue and white should dominate in your decoration, because these are the traditional Bavarian state colours. So it's best to get tablecloths, paper plates and napkins with the typical blue and white diamond pattern. Paper table ceilings are particularly practical, because then it doesn't matter if your guests spill with the beer or mustard. With the same pattern you also get beer lids, lanterns and Garlands. Find yours Oktoberfest party outside in the garden, you span the garlands between trees or shrubs. In the living room or party cellar, you can easily be attached to the ceiling with tears.

Pretzel as a decoration

Should the Oktoberfest decoration If you are still a little more lush, you also decorate the table with matching air clips. Foil balloons are also a great eye-catcher. Now the right lighting is still missing. Lichter chains with small mugs ensure an atmospheric atmosphere and convey real Oktoberfest feeling. So that the table is also immersed in a rustic light, you can wrap the capacity or storage glasses either with a jute band or with a blue and white decorative tape and put candles in it. Empty (wheat beer) bottles are also great as a candlestick. Yours will be rounded Oktoberfest decorations through small but fine highlights. For example, you can thread salt pretzel on a rustic cord and then clamp the chain across the whole table. Simply bind the ends of the cord on two heavy stone jugs: your "pretzel line" is best supported. You can use the much larger lye pretzel as a napkin holder: Put a napkin through the two holes of the lye pretzel. Of course, the delicious baked goods can also be eaten during the celebration!

Are you looking for more Oktoberfest decoration?

Oktoberfest decoration

  • Small gingerbread hearts Go great with the motto of your party and are delicious to bite!
  • Mini costume hats also make up good as a napkin holder and look hilarious.
  • If you want, you can of course also put a traditional costume hat in its original size on every place.
  • Drop a bouquet with lush farm flowers and/or grain ears into a rustic jug.
  • Empty jam glasses are available for individual flowers or mini bouquets.
  • Major mugs are not only suitable for beer, but also for nibbles such as salt rods and nuts.
  • Small blue and white flags spice up a cheese or ham plate.

The best DIY ideas for your Oktoberfest decoration

Wiesn decoration

Yours Oktoberfest decoration Should be absolutely unique, individual and at best "handmade"? Then we have some great suggestions for you.

If, for example, classic paper plates are not stylish enough for you, you can use rustic vesper boards made of wood instead. If you want to give them a particularly personal touch, you can engrave the name of the respective guest. That Works with that Mr Beam Laser cutter, Very simple and uncomplicated.

Of course, you can also use the board with other motifs or Lettering to give a personal touch.

Some examples:

  • The date of your Oktoberfest party with the coarse silhouette of a mountain chain
  • "O'Zapft is" in a lively heart or beer mugs
  • The outlines of leather pants or a dirndl (you can find plenty of templates on the Internet.)

If you like, you can hand over these personal lunch boards to your guests as gifts after the party: as a permanent memory of a wonderful Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest decoration for the table

Deco Oktoberfest

Or how about homemade and very special "table cards"? Large wooden clothes pegs are very suitable, for example. They are painted and engraved and show every guest where his place is. Funny side effect: In the course of the party, every guest may put their personal bracket on their blouse or shirt. Also, nice: you collect on a forest walk rustic tree slices or branch pieces And carefully cut a narrow slit into it. You put photos of your guests in this slot as you like, or a beautifully designed card with the respective name. Do you have an instant camera? Then you can make a funny snapshot to greet each guest and then put it in your "tree placeholder". So you not only have a successful Oktoberfest decoration, with your "photo session" you also take care of a good atmosphere and a good mood!

Low decor Oktoberfest

Refined eye-catchers that you can tinker yourself without much effort

Also, from mog rubber or plywood Can you great Tinker Oktoberfest decorations. Cut out small hearts and design them like gingerbread hearts! These are then either glued to large storage glasses into which you fill sweet and savoury snacks, or you make a hole in every foam rubber heart and set it up.

By the way: so that your hearts get an absolutely exact and clean shape, we recommend one Laser like the Mr Beam Laser cutter. So you ensure a uniform and accurate appearance and the Oktoberfest decoration has no unsightly edges or corners. Of course, it is a suitable Foam rubber also for many others Oktoberfest decoration ideas. You can get pretzels, lederhosen, for example from the versatile material, Dirndl Or make hats. Let your imagination run free! Incidentally, felt to: especially in the colour gray, because then you can cut small felt hats out of it that you can use extremely versatile:

  • As a table card
  • as Coach For a hearty mountain schnapps
  • As a cover for drinking glasses (as protection against wasps and Co.)
  • Or a felt bag

Table decoration Oktoberfest

All you need is felt and a hat template that can be drawn in no time at all.

The article has for you Oktoberfest decoration fell, and you are right now in the Oktoberfest mood? Then find out more in our Oktoberfest Guide for the Oktoberfest. We collected some tips and tricks for you in the article.

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