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Make your own Halloween decorations: DIY tips for your Halloween decorations

Halloween is just around the corner - a great reason for a spooky Halloween party! Scary decoration is of course part of it, preferably self-made. Children also have a lot of fun when they are not only celebrating, but are also allowed to help with the preparations. We have put together tips for your DIY Halloween decorations. You will find simple suggestions that can be implemented quickly, but you can also make more elaborate Halloween decorations yourself.

Typical DIY Halloween decoration draws attention

What is definitely included? Spiders provide a more or less strong scary effect. Instead of buying ready-made plastic spiders, you can make the eight-legged friends yourself as Halloween decorations. In addition, bats, black cats, ravens and ghosts are often part of the party. The right lighting is also important. In this context, gourds should not be missing, either with carved faces and illuminated from the inside or small decorative gourds that are well suited as tea light holders.

DIY Halloween decoration for outdoors

The horror begins at the front door! Hollowed out pumpkins in different sizes come into their own here. After you have cut off a lid at the top, remove the pulp as completely as possible. The next step is to cut a face that looks as horrible as possible into the outer shell with a sharp knife. It doesn't have to be perfect, on the contrary: if the eyes, mouth and nose are crooked, the pumpkin looks even scarier. Graphic patterns also work as an alternative. Leave the hollowed-out squash to dry for a few days. On Halloween you put a candle in it or - windproof and durable - an LED candle.

Halloween decoration pumpkins

On the house or apartment door, you replace the classic door wreath with a Halloween wreath. Straw wreaths or styrofoam rings are suitable as a basis. You attach spiders or bats to it. Colour contrasts are important, so wrap the wreath in red ribbon, for example, and the animal figures in black, of course. At the bottom of the wreath, you can attach tulle ribbons in different lengths, also in black. They flutter back and forth in even a light breeze.


Would you like to reuse your door wreath? Then a wreath made of wood or sturdy cardboard is suitable. You can optimally design both the wreath shape and the DIY Halloween decoration with our laser cutter. He cuts perfect silhouettes and shapes. Many other materials can be processed even faster with the Mr Beam II dreamcut [S]. For example, leather, cloth, paper and foam rubber. This makes many other decorative ideas possible, such as window pictures or decoration for the wall and for hanging on the ceiling. Instead of painstakingly cutting out witch and bat outlines by hand, you can use the laser cutter to create the objects in no time at all.

Halloween decoration witchHalloween decoration bats

We stay outdoors: If you have a garden or a balcony, ghosts feel magically attracted. The basic structure consists of wire mesh. Again, the individual figures do not have to be perfect. It is sufficient if you form the head and a suggested torso from the neck down. Arms can be, but are not a must. Because your ghosts will get the right outfit with a throw made of white fabric. Thin fabrics create a fluttering effect, which is best achieved with white tulle or a thin cotton fabric. Drape the fabric around the head and body. In some places, you tie it with wire, so it can't fly away. Fix ghosts that are supposed to stay in place on a wooden board. Ghosts also look great when they are hanging from a tree. Then not only does the fabric flutter, but the ghosts actually seem to float.

Halloween's decoration with spooky factor for interiors

Inside, DIY Halloween decorations are also popular. Shapes cut out of black construction paper are suitable for the windows. If you have more time, you can also cut out the inner shape and line it with coloured tracing paper. You can attach cut-out black cats, ravens or skulls to a thick cord as a garland for the DIY Halloween decoration and attach the garland under the ceiling. Another eye-catcher if you want to make Halloween decorations yourself are mesh fabrics that you attach to the ceiling or walls. Of course, fabric alone is not scary, spiders and other scary objects also come into their own here.

DIY Halloween decoration

Spiders as Halloween decorations have a long tradition! In addition to the quickly made one-dimensional eight-legged creatures, there are other variants that you can make yourself as decorations. Draw spiders on white balloons with a thick black felt-tip pen. Or you can use styrofoam balls in various sizes and black pipe cleaners. Paint the styrofoam balls with black poster paint. There are three legs made of pipe cleaners on each side, which are easy to bend. Small holes are used for attachment, into which you put the legs, reinforced with styrofoam glue to be on the safe side. Finally, each spider gets glued wobbly eyes. In a small version you can let spiders walk across the table, larger ones you attach to the web on ceilings and walls, or you let them dangle directly from the ceiling.

This is how you design table decorations as DIY Halloween decorations

Halloween for the table or the buffet should not be missing! Apart from the spiders already mentioned, DIY decoration from Frankenstein's cabinet of horrors is always a decoration with a WOW effect. Cut off fingers and hands made of papier-mâché are fun to make. When they're done, they'll give you goosebumps. The faster way to make Halloween decorations yourself: Get thin latex gloves and fill them with mixed plaster. After drying, you remove the rubber cover and either paint the whole hand - skin-coloured with bloody red traces - or you saw off individual fingers.

The homemade candy boxes with our Mr Beam are also special eye-catchers. These are perfect as a decoration on the table and come into their ownWe have uploaded a tutorial on YouTube.

DIY Halloween candy box

Have fun making Halloween decorations yourself and hopefully have a very spooky Halloween night! We provide you with decoration trends for autumn. - So don't miss more tips and tutorials in our blog soon.

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