Schwimmendes Lichterhäuschen zum Luzienfest

Floating lights house for Lucy Festival

The lights cottage Festival is held annually in early December following the Lucy festival commemorating the St. Lucy instead, according to legend, at night with a Lights wreath on her head needy helped. Now we want to bring a little light into this dark season and floated small lights boats on a nearby lake or pond with this custom. In this Tutorial learn her everything important, as you with the Mr Beam your own boat lights tinker can.

Template for the DIY project

We have created you a template for the backbone of such light's cottage for assembling crafts. Of course, you can find these in the design goals for download.

In addition, we have added a few more possible design ideas that you use, where appropriate, as an inspiration can. As an example, there is this door as an extra design also design goals. For more edits, you can to download files in the Design Library and edit using a graphics program of your choice.

Since the items can be very delicate yet, we advise you who do not convert to serious lines in a surface object, so that you save a little time and energy in lasers. Colors these are to be cut further into a different color than the lines after. This does not, of course, if you want to engrave larger areas.

Template Lichterhaus

The right material for the house lights

Choice of material you have, as always, several ways. We have for each laser file depending on a type of wood chosen. However, you have to be careful with the thickness of the wood. Especially, the walls of the house have great connections to three millimeters. So it looks really beautiful, you should be sure to use 3 mm thick plates.

If it is thicker, it can happen, even in places that it no longer fits.


In addition, it requires a knife, adhesive or wood glue, tracing paper, a piece of foam and a rope. To do this you need, of course, some type of lighting Such as an electric tea light. At choice, you can the plate and the house then with paraphernalia from the craft store or decorate with moss.

Setting the laser job

Have completed and saved as SVG her your file, you can now in this Mr Beam Software place. If her laser parameters adjusting, You have now the line color to engrave slide that you have assigned earlier to be engraved lines. Especially if her bright wood used in this case, you should provide some high laser intensity, so that the laser actually leaves an engraving.

=== === product

mr-beam premium wooden box

=== === product


=== === product

wood-set-solid wood-stone pine

=== === product

We have used 80% laser intensity and associated with the line color to black. Then the laser procedure can start! In the meantime, you can already trim the Styrofoam and attach the cord to it, so that your House not it floats later.

Items Lichterhaus

Step by step to Lichterhaus

  1. If your project is ready lasered, it sticks better to first all the windows and the door to the house walls, if you have lasered them.
  2. Then you turn the walls with the holes around and sticks to the back tracing paper of your choices that the electrical system is not the end to see from the outside.
  3. Her then inserted using the gears the body of the house together, of course, not without first wood glue to the mating surfaces to apply.
  4. Even with the two annexes the items, including the roof of the conservatory, are coated with gum and plugged together.
  5. So we have three structures. Before we combine them, we need to assemble even the roof on the same principle. In addition, it glues the four thin strips on the edges of the roof halves, so that later no longer slips. Namely, it is not glued to the walls, so that you may later your light easier to install and remove can.
  6. Now you fix the extensions on the finished body and brings the missing roofs to flush.
  7. Recently, even the floor is missing. Sticks to the candleholder on the base, they mounted centrally on the Styrofoam plate. Then uses advance your electric kettle.
  8. Then you just have the house sit on it, stick to the polystyrene, decorate kipper after your.
  9. And you're ready for the Lights house festival.

The finished house for Lucy Festival

Lichterhaus Lucy Festival

If you drive to the nearest pond now, your project could be so beautiful to look at the water. This brings yet an equal fuzzy feeling in this cold time.

If you, your piece of jewelry but want to admire still just do not have a lake at hand, you can watch lights house also set up a simple home for a cozy atmosphere or for the children.

You liked the tutorial? Then you look still like the matching video on YouTube , where the whole project was again visualized.

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