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Build your own mobile phone charging station out of wood

Tangled cables on your desk or bedside table? That's over now, because in this tutorial I'll show you how you can easily build a great individual mobile phone charging station yourself with your Mr Beam.

Material for your mobile phone charging station made of wood

you need that
  • Wood of your choice at least 4 mm thick
  • 3mm poplar or birch plywood for the baseplate and optional MagSafe mounts
  • wood glue
  • Force
  • 1-2 mm thick felt
  • the appropriate charging cable

That's it, and you'll see that your Mr Beam Laser did most of the work in this tutorial.

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For your Mobile phone charging station made of wood, you should choose stable, solid wood.

Poplar or birch plywood is too soft. It might warp due to humidity and is too vulnerable to impact. A solid and stable wood ensures longevity and is more robust.

I recommend a thickness of at least 3-4 mm, 5-6 mm is even better.

You can find the file for this tutorial in the Mr Beam design store. It is designed for 6 mm thick wood, if you use something else, you only have to adjust the cut-out for the mobile phone holder.

Explanations of the file for your mobile phone charging station made of wood

You can use the file for your Mobile phone charging station made of wood, use for any mobile phone and also store other utensils, such as yours smartwatch top left, and in the compartments of the baseplate your headphones, a power bank, your wallet, or small remote controls.

For iPhone and Apple Watch owners, I created the file with the option to attach their respective MagSafe charging cable.

Template charging station

Of course, you can also omit this by deleting the elements in the work area before the laser job or simply skipping over the corresponding colour (dark gray).

For this reason, there are also two mobile phone holders. One holder with a hole for a cable and one without when using a MagSafe charger.

laser template

The opening in the back wall under the mobile phone holder is not only for the charging cable of your mobile phone, but also for a charging cable for headphones or a power bank, for example. You can use the large free area of ​​the back wall for an engraving to engrave your Wooden mobile phone charging station to be personalized.

Customize MagSafe slot and phone holder

Turn your phone over and attach the MagSafe charging cable to it. Now you measure the distance from the lower end of the pane to the lower end of your mobile phone and also adjust this distance in the file.


If you use another mobile phone, you can of course use any height for the phone holder take.


In the file you will also find the baseplate, the plate with the cut-outs for the power bank, charging cable etc. and the cutting lines for the corresponding inserts felt.

Walnut plywood in 5.5 mm is a mammoth job, which the Mr Beam masters with flying colors

My mobile phone holder is made of walnut plywood with a thickness of 5.5 mm. That's just with that x laser head possible. Walnut plywood is a very hard wood. Even for the x-head this means a small mammoth task.

So the first thing I did was to completely clean my Mr Beam and also change the pre-filter. So the best conditions were given.

Nevertheless, I had to do some tests before I even got through the wood. Another problem was the burned back.

So I had to keep testing.

It was only when I lowered the default focus so that the concentrated power didn't arrive at the top of the wood, but more in the middle of the wood, that I also came up with more speed, fewer passes and most importantly no burnt backside of the 5.5 mm thick walnut plywood through.

test settings

I always use a small heart for tests because I have a curve, straight pieces and a very narrow corner.

Laser your mobile phone charging station out of wood

With the right settings, you can finally start. Start your Mr Beam and that BeamOS. Load the file into your workspace.

The elements made of walnut plywood for your mobile phone charging station

If necessary, you can now adjust the cut-out for the mobile phone holder (black) to the thickness of your wood.

The red cut lines are the parts that should be lasered out of sturdy wood.

Mobile phone charging station template

To save a little material, you can use the phone holder laser directly from the piece of wood of a recess.

My settings for 5.5mm walnut plywood:

Focus reduced to 6mm

Intensity: 100%

Speed: 270mm/min

Rounds: 7th

And always the Cutting Sti[x] use, this prevents unsightly traces of smoke.

Laser mobile phone charging station

The other elements of your mobile phone charging station made of wood

You laser-cut the baseplate (green cutting lines) and the holders for the MagSafe chargers from 3 mm poplar or birch plywood. For the felt inserts, I recommend 1-2 mm felt. Only the laser settings for 3 mm felt are stored in BeamOS, here you simply reduce the passes.

Laser felt

Assembling your mobile phone charging station

This is now the quickest part of this tutorial because that assembling your cell phone charger goes really fast.

Assemble the charging station

First, you glue the floor panels together. To do this, apply glue and fix both panels together using clamps. Then you apply wood glue to the MagSafe mounts, align it and finally fix the whole thing with the four plug-in elements and clamps.

Glue the charging station

Guide the MagSafe cable through the opening and insert the chargers into the recess. Then all you have to do is place the felt inserts in the space provided and push the back panel into the baseplate.

Mobile phone charging station made of wood

Already is yours Mobile phone charging station made of wood complete.

I wish you a lot of fun imitating and tidiness in the cable clutter.

Your Rina

Mobile phone charging station made of wood

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