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Mulled gin- the perfect mulled wine alternative

With the first frosts the season begins for tasty hot drinks with additional heating percentages. for many even an important Christmas with friends and family. However, it does not always have to be the traditional, highly sugared bulb wine, which sometimes puts every hot glue in the shade. Mulled Gin is the latest winter wind and currently totally announced. It scores with a lot of spicy flavor and a whole range of recipe variations. The tasty punch with the aromatic high percentage comes to the delight of figure-conscious completely without additional sugar and can be produced anywhere without any problems. In order to make your mulled gin really tasty, however, you should not only exchange the red wine in the hot drink for gin. The trend drink of the coming winter certainly deserves a little more finesse. The slightly better alternative to mulled wine in the Christmas.

The right gin does it

The star of the show, of course, is the gin itself. In this case, a distillate which has a not too high alcohol content and a softer wax note is suitable for your Mulled gin recipe the best choice. The punch is particularly tasty with a gin that has a hint of cinnamon, orange or grapefruit. The selection includes Tanqueray No. 10* with a hint of lime and grapefruit, Elephant Strength Gin* with hints of orange peel or Mombasa Club London Dry Gin* with its 50-spicy aroma.

A further question needs to be clarified before a delicious mulled gin recipe can be implemented: white or red mulled gin? The particularly popular white version is best suited to Dry Gin, which may not contain more than 0,1 grams of sugar per litre. A so-called London Gin, by the way, is in any case a Dry Gin.

For the red mulled gin is a sloe gin best suited. According to the current EU regulation, Sloe Gin is not actually a gin at all, but a 25-percent gin-based blend liqueur, which is very popular in England. No wonder, because it is not only in the glowing gin that it impresses by its intense and varied aromas.

Light gin

For romantic and relaxing winter evenings, the appropriate mulled gin recipe

Opinions are divided as to the correct preparation of proper mulled gin. You can either warm the gin together with all other ingredients or pour it directly from the bottle into the pre-heated glass and pour it into a fruit juice spice mix mulled gin recipe you use, the gin should not reach the boiling point when heating, otherwise the alcohol will escape. The boiling point of alcohol, however, is already at 78 degrees Celsius. Starting with this temperature evaporates also in the gin of the alcohol.

Recipe for a Christmas punch

Ingredients for six glasses of mulled gin to 200 ml:

  • 300 ml orange juice
  • 400 ml cranberry juice
  • 300 ml of black tea
  • 200 ml Dry Gin
  • 1 Cinnamon
  • 6 Spices
  • 3 Wacholderberries
  • 3 Sternanis

First boil cranberry and organ juice with cinnamon sticks, carnations, blackberries and stellanis and then for about ten minutesYeah. Then mix the black tea, which should only draw five minutes during preparation to obtain its stimulating effect, with the gin and the still hot soda. The Christmas mulled gin is ready. Push organic cranberry juice if necessary to filter remaining fruit residues from the juice.

Mulled gin recipe for a romantic evening in the snow

Ingredients for about six cups more perfect mulled wine alternative:

  • 500 ml Sloe or Dry Gin
  • 600 ml Apple juice
  • 1.000 ml orange juice
  • 1 Cinnamon
  • 10 Spices
  • 1 small, peeled tubers of fresh ginger
  • 2 apples,
  • 4 Oranges

In addition, you should always have a spice cellar for each cup as well as an orange and an apple. Orange and apple juice together with apple and orange slices, cinnamon, cloves and finely chopped ginger Heat about 15 minutesYeah. Stir from time to time. And now the gin. After tasting, the suds have to pull again ten to 15 minutes to the smallest level before the tasty mulled gin is ready to serve.

Oranges for the glow gin

Those who like it a little more aromatic can replace the apple juice with direct juice from the black currant. The mulled gin gets an accentuated bitter note when you exchange the orange juice for grapefruit juice.

Well then, for the good of your tasty mulled gin.

Light gin recipe

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