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Craft your own chess board - Mr Beam Tutorial

Where does chess come from?

Chess has a century -old tradition and is the most popular Board game in Europe. There are regular world championships and other competitions. There are also countless instructions on all video platforms, as well as on the Internet, for everyone who still has his professional career in front of him. So that you can also step into the footsteps of this tradition, you now have the opportunity to laser your own chess. Have fun with our tutorial!

Tinker chessboard made easy


We put you two different versions of the chess ready. One that you can use with a field whose material can only be engraved, and one in which the figures can be inserted into the chessboard.

We will be on the field slate Lasers and the variant without the plug -in holes. The second variant is particularly suitable for long car journeys or the like, since the characters cannot slip. - The perfect travel chess game. You can of course find both laser files in our Design Store.

Travel chess

What you need to tinker the chess game
  • Acrylic plate
  • Dark wood
  • Pale wood
  • slate

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Prepare the laser job for the chess board

Schach laser

Then placed that Chess design of your choice on the work surface, choose the right material and fits it parameter according to your wishes. So that the engraving goes a little faster, you can, for example, turn up the maximum intensity and the speed increase the laser head. It is best to test that beforehand.

When you are finished with the chess board, you can take care of the characters. You can also find the template in the design store.

Tinker chess figures - prepare every train properly

Chess figures

We laser the black figures acrylic, the lights made of poplar plywood. You can then paint the characters or use another material. It is only important that the materials are 3 mm thick, so that the figures fit into the recesses.

Then you can let the laser work first, which can take a little longer with such a large laser file.

The construction with the finished laser results is relatively simple. Actually, you have to Slide chess figures only properly. If your material deviates something from the 3 mm, you can also help with a little glue.

Checkmate - your DIY chess game is ready

Chess game

When everything sits firmly, Can you go straight to a game of chess. Regardless of whether it has become the variant for engraving or the plug -in variant, that Mr Beam Chess board will not let you down!

Chess travel game

We are already at the end of the Tutorial arrived. We wish you a lot of joy with your new chess game. On YouTube Can you watch the whole tutorial again as a video. If you do that Chessboard tinkered we are very happy if you have a laser result with the #madewithmrbeam divides on social media.

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