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Decoration trends for summer 2023

Decorating trends for summer 2023: ideas for a charming interior and exterior design

The ice saints are over and the summer of 2023 is already in the starting blocks. Time to devote yourself to the latest decorating trends for summer and to adapt the magical suggestions for your own home. The focus is primarily on decorative elements in selected trendy colours and playing with the versatility of materials. In this decoration portrait, you can find out which decoration trends summer 2023 has to offer for your four walls as well as for the balcony and terrace.

1. Floral Delights: Ikebana - elaborate floral arrangements

Ikebana summer trend

Flowers stand for pure life and the associated joy. But far too seldom do we become aware of the individual beauty of each individual flower. From the point of view of "mindfulness with nature", the ikebana trend focuses on the impressive floral aesthetics. Ikebana not only sounds Japanese, but also comes from the land of smiles. Instead of just putting a bunch of flowers in a vase, each individual stem is presented in a sophisticated way with this summer trend. The art of arranging flowers is based on the use of vases with multiple narrow necks. Lush compositions can be separated in this way and come into their own particularly well.

If you do not own such a vase and do not want to buy one, you can alternatively use decorative bowls with a wide opening. Floral foam is available at your local florist for a minimal investment. If you use real flowers, fill one orchid tube or test tube per stem with water before arranging the flowers of your choice.

By the way: Ikebana can even be part of your daily meditation.

The following flowers and plants are ideal for Ikebana:

  • orchids
  • roses
  • cloves
  • freesias
  • eucalyptus
  • gypsophila

2. Filigree ripple decoration - tastefully designed accessories

Fluted decoration

It's one of the decoration trends for summer 2023 that shouldn't be missed: all decorative pieces with a corrugated outer skin make the hearts of interior designers and lovers of unusual decorations beat faster.

Decide for yourself how you want to decorate a chest of drawers with a fluted vase and a few natural branches. Such a vessel is particularly effective in its transparent, translucent look. If you light candles or tea lights at the same time, their glow breaks in the ribbed surface. Moments to dream also offer pillar candles clad in a fluted exterior. You can also use the opportunity to stage selected elements of your crockery with accessories in a rippled design. In addition to classic drinking glasses, you can also use a simple carafe. Fill with water and flavour with orange or lemon.

3. Vases, table lamps, candleholders & Co. - the colour of summer 2023 is lilac

Lilac summer trend

The decoration trends for summer 2023 include all pieces that come in the soft pastel shade of lilac. Incidentally, with this enchanting colour you can also experiment with home textiles such as cushion covers, plaids, curtains and carpets.

Lilac decorations are also great on your patio in the garden or on your balcony. You can plant lavender or other herbs for your kitchen in a lilac flower box. Candlesticks for long candles - preferably twisted in a trendy way - also look good on a patio table, for example with lounge furniture made of poly rattan.

Other colours and shades that should not be missing from summer decorating trends are pink, orange, gold and silver tones. Another highlight: shiny metallic brass, but stylishly burnished. The earth tone suits natural living designs.

4. Pottery - more popular than ever

Pottery summer trend

The desire for an individual living experience requires breaking new ground. How else can this be better than with homemade? Pottery decorative objects are particularly popular. One of the hottest decorating trends this summer are sculptural objects created by hand. Let the creativity of your fingers run free and shape whatever comes to your mind out of soft clay. In this way, you can let your own personal emotions flow into the decoration of your home. Once you've got a taste for it, it's hardly surprising that vases, potpourri vase bowls, jugs, candleholders and clay storage jars soon adorn your interior. This type of decoration trend is also ideal for individually made souvenirs in summer. Whether at a garden party, when moving into a new home or as decoration at a summer wedding: pottery is one of this year's summer decoration trends, as are ribbed glasses with romantic candlelight.

5. Boho decor - one of the trends for summer that is still going strong

Boho summer trend

It embodies the feeling of freedom and individualism like no other: Boho is a decorative trend that relies on natural materials such as sisal, linen, seaweed, raffia and cotton. Tapestries and flower pot holders made of macramé are particularly popular. You can make the stylish accessories yourself without much prior knowledge.

Tip: Combine macramé with ikebana and create a floral arrangement with a Boho flair. For this you process cotton into flowers and leaves and then arrange them according to your individual wishes.

To bring the Boho trend into your home, you can also opt for cuddly cushion covers, patterned carpets and wicker lampshades. In order for the Boho style to come into its own, it is important that the colours are based on those found in nature. In addition to white and beige, there are earthy nuances such as mud, but also pastel shades such as dusky pink, mint and mauve. To set accents, you can combine home accessories such as a pouf in bright yellow or orange. Boho is one of the summer decorating trends that exude joy and positivity.

You can also use the opportunity to recall customs and traditions with the decorative trends in summer with folklore elements. The hippie existence, which Boho expressively represents, is a movement that spread across the globe. Time to remember this with summer decorating trends.

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