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Mr Beam at the wooden future workshop - Review of the BarCamp

On May 13th and 14th, 2022 we had from Mr Beam The pleasure on Bar camp of the Wood Future Workshop to participate. Full of anticipation, we looked at the somewhat different event, which of Shaper Tools & Palette CAD was held. We were also allowed to support the bar camp. Our expectations of the event were even more than exceeded - but in turn.

What is a bar camp?


The special feature of a bar camp is that The topic planning by the participants: is carried out on the inside. This means that topics are collected in the plenary and then coordinated. The most popular suggestions are then processed in sessions and workshops in different groups.

As a result, the interests of the participants are in focus at all times, since they determine the course of the event as an idea provider.

Focus of the bar camp - the future of the wood industry

Day 1 - Digitalization in the skilled crafts sector

Barcamp session

Like the name Wood for the future workshop Already suggested, it was about the future of the wooden industry. By coordinating the participants: On the first day of the bar camp, there was over the Digitalization in in the skilled crafts sector exchanged. Over 150 participants took part in various sessions every 45 minutes. Not only was it discussed, but also tried directly.

On Friday, we were allowed to deal with the topic of lasercutting entry. This session has Konstantin von "Your Constantine" accepted. Konstantin also produced a video for the Bar camp to give you a precise overview again.

At the end of the day, there was still enough time to network at the after -work beer. The loose Exchange with carpenters and carpenters offered us an interesting and new perspective on the various topics around wood. - This is exactly what makes the bar camp.

Day 2 - training and further education in the craft

Mr Beam Barcamp session

On the second day of the bar camp, the focus was on training and further education in the craft. Fascinating discussions with different perspectives have arisen on the subject. For example, the question arose how the Public perception of the craft professions Looks and how you can continue to promote the motivation for future craftsmen: inside. Individual learning promotion in particular was a very big topic. Furthermore, we were allowed to carry out a session on the subject of “Laser cutting UI Software Feedback”, where we are closer to ours Laser cutter software BeamOS have been received.

Conclusion on the bar camp

Mr Beam

There were two very interesting and educational days in the wooden future workshop. That Concept Bar camp was a new and very refreshing experience for us. The exchange at eye level is just the right approach to further digitize the craft industry together. Many thanks to Shaper Tools & Palette CAD. Mr Beam Looking forward to the next year!

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