8 Deko Trends für den Herbst 2023

8 decoration trends for autumn 2023

An article about deco trends in autumn - is it necessary? Autumn, you say, there are warm blankets, lots of candles, harmonious earth tones and a few chestnuts on the table: the autumn decorations are ready. Not a bad idea, we reply. What you list are classics, recognition objects for a season, cosy sources of comfort for shivering souls. And yet: they exist, the trends for autumn. People love variety, they don't want to live in a film called Ground hog Day. And that's why the wheel has turned again this year. We present 8 decoration trends for autumn 23, which will also give your home a completely new look.

An overview of the presented decoration trends in autumn 2023

  1. Colour courage
  2. Creative Shapes
  3. reflective surfaces
  4. Fragrant light
  5. Stay on the carpet
  6. Cork conquers the flat
  7. Materials from nature
  8. Time for networking: macramé

It will be more colourful in autumn 23

Let's start with the colours. When you think of autumn, you see shades of brown, red, or possibly yellow - Indian Summer. These are the basic notes of autumnal cosiness, the eternal basics. There are also a few pretty splashes of colour this year. Because the decoration trends for autumn 23 bring strong colours into play. In doing so, they follow the general development in fashion and interior design - away from the gray veil towards a colourful, cheerful colour psychology. Spring and summer brought unmistakable eye-catchers in pink, orange and pastel tones into play. Autumn wraps itself in mustard yellow, a warm feel-good tone with a retro character. If you have a penchant for rich green tones, autumn 23 is your season. And red-blue colour combinations are also among the favourites of the year that is drawing to a close.

New forms for autumn

Colours and shapes are siblings. The 50 Shades of Gray of the past few years tended to have geometric, puristic shapes. The more colourful decoration trends for autumn 23 feel related to more playful design drafts. Many classic home accessories such as stools, tea lights, vases, wooden shelves get that certain extra from their creators - creative lines that border on form and function. And apropos: personalization is one of the permanent trends in autumn. With the Mr Beam laser cutter you can enhance many surfaces with your lettering or graphic designs.

The brass shell as a hall of mirrors

chrome lamp

In the fall, we light lights. Real candles, electric, LED lights, the fireplace. Because we love light, it strengthens our well-being, it lifts our spirits. The decoration trends for autumn 23 allow us to experience our beloved light in two ways: as a source and as a reflection. Because this year, reflective surfaces are the order of the day. Chrome lampshades, brass watering cans and bowls, a hall of mirrors of accessories that reflect the lights and colours in their own patterns.

Perennial fragrance lamp

wood engraving

Speaking of light. Speaking of scent. The fragrance lamp is a double talent. Natural, warm candlelight and relaxing or, if you feel like it, uplifting aromas. No wonder that this classic is one of the decoration trends in autumn 23. Also, because the designers have meanwhile brought almost every material into harmonious, functional forms. Ceramics, stainless steel, concrete and the "perennial favourite" among the comfort materials: wood. With a little skill and our professional laser cutter, you can create your own designs - guaranteed with a "how-did-you-do-that-work?" character.

Feet love carpets

Carpet as a decoration trend

No more carpet? - Never say never. The space-devouring Persians, whose fringes grandmother arranged with a metal comb, are now ready for a museum. But the carpet itself is a hip contemporary and part of the trends in autumn 23. Especially with strong, artistically designed patterns, it lies at our feet as a statement piece, leaves room for beautiful parquet at its edges - and spoils your feet like no other ground covering with textile warmth.

From wine cork to side table

Cork as a decorative trend in autumn

Speaking of warm feet. There is one material that rivals the fluffy rug's foot-warming properties. It's called cork. Cork floors have conquered many living rooms in recent years. In the meantime, the renewable natural material has also fallen into the hands of furniture and accessory designers. The trends in autumn 23 demonstrate what is possible: side tables, stools, surface lamination, teapot insulation and - yes - the good old pin board. Alternatively, cork is also very interesting as a material for decorative creation.

Back to nature

Autumn decoration natural materials

Nature shows us how in autumn: it separates itself from everything that grew in spring and summer, withdraws for the winter and uses everything it has detached from for its own protection and nourishment. This is sustainability, a cycle that wastes nothing. And that's why working with natural materials is definitely one of the decorative trends in autumn 23. Almost everyone has built chestnut figures or dried beautiful autumn leaves. - this flower press is perfect for this. Another great idea: enclose interestingly grown branches and twigs in wooden frames. Or build a wardrobe with forked branches. The natural material wood can be combined particularly well with personalized emblems or mottos from your own workshop - the laser cutter makes professional designs possible.

Macramé for the urban jungle

In the 1970s, quite a few young, long-haired people travelled to the Orient. When they returned, they had a thick thread with them, from which they made hanging baskets and wall hangings. They hung around in German houses for many years. Then suddenly they were gone. But in the third decade of the 21st century, they are back. Macramé is definitely one of the trends in autumn 2023. The playful, ornamental Boho style in particular fits into the cosiness scenario of the colder season. And now bought the right plants for the ensnared pots! With the classic green lily, ivy, coral cactus, philodendron or string of pearls, you can let a lush urban jungle grow in your room. This is also good for the air you breathe. Forest climate in the four walls is good in a time of reduced outdoor activities.

It only remains for us to wish you a lot of fun with the decoration trends for autumn 2023. No more festivals and other outdoor dates - and Christmas is still a long way away. Now the perfect weeks are beginning for all creative interior designers. Be inspired by our tips! Just start - this is how your personal style develops.


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