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Decoration trends for summer 2024

With imaginative decoration trends for summer 2024, you can beautify your balcony and terrace in particular. Curtains and decorative cushions are popular ideas for this, for example. Balcony lighting with lanterns or fairy lights are also considered modern summer trends. You can also enhance your surroundings with stylish plant pots.

Curtains on the terrace as decoration trends for summer 2024

Curtain decoration trend

If you want to make your balcony or terrace attractive with decoration trends for summer 2024, curtains are a good tip. It is considered modern to use these areas of a property as a second living room, so to speak. Attractive curtains make a decisive contribution to ensuring that you can enjoy an authentic living room feeling on the terrace or balcony in summer.

In addition, the curtains offer you a special advantage with additional privacy. While curtains obscure the view of your terrace or balcony, you can spend time there with your family undisturbed, for example. Neighbors only see the attractive design of the curtains and do not realize how you spend time behind them on your private property.

Before you buy curtains that match your individual style and hang them on your balcony or terrace, you should check whether they are suitable for outdoor use. When looking for suitable curtains outside, different requirements apply compared to interior design. Curtains for terraces and balconies should have the following properties in particular:

  • Weather resistance of the curtain material in rain and wind
  • UV resistance of the curtains in strong sunlight in summer
  • uncomplicated cleaning in case of possible contamination by external influences

Decorative cushions for balcony furniture as modern summer trends

Cushion Summer Trend

If you want to give your balcony furniture a playful charm, cushions with an eye-catching design are interesting decoration trends for the summer in 2024. This will prevent the furniture on your balcony from looking boring. Cushions and decorative pillows are summer trends that add lasting value to balcony furniture. With comfortable cushions, you can also create a cosy atmosphere in the balcony area.

Suitability for outdoor use in summer is of course also an important purchase criterion for decorative cushions. In bad weather or other disruptive influences, it is also a good idea to store the cushion decorations in a protected place. You can find special chests or boxes for this purpose, which you can easily set up on the balcony. This means that you benefit from the fact that the stored cushions are always at hand as decorative trends for the summer. After a short thunderstorm, you can unpack the cushions straight away and decorate the balcony furniture again.

Lanterns for impressive lighting of the balcony on summer evenings


If you want to create an atmospheric ambience in the evenings through lighting, lanterns are a popular summer trend. You can distribute these light sources across the entire balcony area to give summer evenings on your property an individual charm. When looking for a beautiful lantern, you can choose between a wide variety of materials. The following variants are popular, among others:


  • Lantern made of bamboo and alternative natural materials
  • Lanterns made of metal
  • Lantern with concrete base


While your personal taste remains the main criterion when it comes to suitable materials, there are good reasons for choosing electric candles when it comes to the actual light source. An electronic lantern system offers you the advantage of being able to control the lighting in a targeted manner. Many models have a timer, for example. This gives you the option of having the lanterns automatically activated in the evenings. At the same time, with automatic shutdown, there is less risk of you using unnecessary electricity. Electric candles are also advantageous in terms of the reduced risk of fire. With the electronic lantern variants, suitability for outdoor use is of course particularly important.

Fairy lights as alternative or additional decorative lighting in the summer months

Fairy lights

As an alternative or addition to lanterns, fairy lights are also popular decoration trends in 2024. With these chains, you have the chance to give your balcony an unmistakable charm from above on summer evenings. In many cases, such evening lighting is noticeable from a very long distance. Guests can then hardly miss your property on the way to the summer party. You can even find solar fairy lights, with which you can illuminate your property in the summer without electricity costs and in a particularly sustainable way.

The choice between the various types of fairy lights rarely leaves anything to be desired. If you want to create a real party atmosphere with these summer trends, chains in different colours offer you the right variety. Alternatively, you can create romantic corners for undisturbed togetherness on your balcony with red fairy lights, for example.

Plant pots with stylish design as decoration trends for summer 2024

plant pot

If you like to enhance your balcony or terrace with flowers, the following pot designs as decoration trends before summer 2024 emphasize the beauty of the plants:


  • Terracotta plant pots with simple design in a Roman style
  • Pots with an attractive concrete look
  • Bucket with boxy design
  • engraved flower pots


A design with the right balance between plants and pot sizes is of course also important to impress your summer guests. This also includes matching plant pots. In addition, it is always essential that the plant pot equipment for balcony plants is suitable for outdoor use. For this reason, weather resistance again plays a central role in your purchase decision.

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