Make summer decorations with the Mr Beam

With our laser cutter, you can easily create your own summer decorations. Get inspired by our summer decoration ideas.

Fresh decoration ideas for the summer – easy to make yourself with Mr Beam!

Welcome to our colourful world of creative crafts! Summer is just around the corner and brings the perfect opportunity to beautify your home and garden with homemade decorations. On this page, you will find inspiring ideas and easy-to-understand instructions on how you can create unique summer decorations with our Mr Beam laser cutter. Whether you're looking for fresh ideas for a garden party or simply want to make your living space summery, you've come to the right place! Be inspired by our diverse craft projects and start your next DIY project - because there is nothing better than creating something magical with your own hands and the Mr Beam. Discover now how easy and fun making summer decorations can be!

Through lasers to summer happiness

Just in time for the warm, sunny days, we've put together a list of creative and easy-to-implement summer decorating ideas that are perfect for brightening up your home and garden. Our ideas use the versatility and precision of the Mr Beam laser cutter to create unique, personal touches. From atmospheric garden lanterns to bespoke summer party table settings, each idea is designed to reflect the joy and vibrancy of the summer months.

  • Wooden garden lanterns
  • Coastal inspired wall art
  • Personalized door signs
  • Summer themed coasters
  • Mobiles and wind chimes
  • Table decoration for summer parties
  • Summer window decoration
  • Garden plug
  • and many more!

Playing with light and colour: your way to the perfect sun catcher

Catch the sun's rays! Discover how to use our Mr Beam laser cutter to create sparkling sun catchers that will transform your home into a glowing summer paradise. In our DIY tutorial, we will show you how you can make these beautiful window decorations in just a few steps. Get inspired by the simplicity of this project and enjoy the summer days with a touch of sparkle and colour on your windows. Ready to make your home shine?

Realize summer decoration ideas with the Mr Beam

The laser cutter impresses with its extraordinary accuracy and efficiency. He masters even the most delicate cuts, creates precise engravings and adds detailed accents. The customization options are virtually endless, from incorporating personal names and messages to custom images. With the laser cutter, complex patterns and fine decorations can be quickly created, giving you unlimited creative freedom. An additional benefit is the ability to reproduce your creations. After you've created an impressive summer decor piece, you can easily duplicate it, perfect for use on different occasions or as a gift for friends and family. This is extremely beneficial, especially if you want to create consistent decorations for special events or celebrations.

Effortlessly save time
Just laser at home
Usable out of the box

DIY table decorations for sunny days

Design your own summer table! Welcome summer with a homemade table decoration that will make your next garden party or outdoor family dinner unforgettable. Our tutorial will guide you through the creative process of making attractive table decorations that add that certain something to any occasion. Whether for a casual BBQ or a garden party under the stars, our DIY ideas will make every table an eye-catcher. Curious?

Make summer decorations on your doorstep

Discover how you can make your house entrance summery! In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an inviting door wreath with the Mr Beam laser cutter. Working with materials like Kraftplex and metal rings, you'll use techniques to form 3D flowers that add a vibrant, summery touch to your entryway. Perfect for craft lovers who want to brighten up their living space with a personal touch.

Mr Beam makes it possible!

Laser-cut summer joys: create unique decorations

The Mr Beam allows you to immerse yourself in a world full of creative design possibilities. With it, you can not only create summer decorations for special events, but also make your own living areas attractive.

School Enrollment Magic: Decorate your garden for the first day of school

Prepare for an unforgettable first day of school with homemade garden decorations! In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make colourful school cones and vibrant pin-wheels that will transform your garden into a festive backdrop. Use materials such as crepe paper and ribbons for the school cones, and choose flexible paper or laser leather for the wind turbines. The creative process is described in detail, from design to the final assembly of the decorative elements, including practical tips for using materials and tools. Perfect for making that important first day of school special!

From the idea to the garden highlight: your own wooden mandala

This summer DIY garden project brings creativity and nature together by showing you how to create unique decorations using birch plywood and simple laser settings. Using targeted engraving and cutting techniques, supported by the BeamOS software, you can not only design a mandala, but also decorative feathers that enrich your garden ambience. After lasering, you can design your mandala with different colours and give it a protective layer of clear varnish to make it weatherproof.

Mr Beam Community - as diverse as the summer decoration ideas

At the centre of our efforts and the real driving force for this is the passionate Mr Beam community. Our enthusiasm knows no bounds when we marvel at the fascinating summer decoration creations under the hashtag #madewithmrbeam on Instagram. Our community is as diverse as the numerous ideas for DIY summer decorations. Get inspired by the talented members of our community and start your own summer decor projects . We look forward to seeing the stunning results of your creative endeavors with Mr Beam!

The Mr Beam realizes your ideas!

Make summer decorations with a laser cutter


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