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Laser engrave fantastic quality on wood, slate, leather, acrylic and many more materials - easily with the Mr Beam laser cutter!

Mr Beam - The laser engraving machine for all

With Mr Beam we are revolutionizing laser engraving and enabling small start-ups, agencies, the self-employed and hobby artists to create professional engravings on their own premises. This not only saves costs, but also gives you back full control over your artwork and decorations. With the Mr Beam laser cutters, smaller companies and private users can finally buy engraving machines that have real power and decorate a variety of different raw materials with ease. Discover the difference with simple engraving at the push of a button!

Why is the Mr Beam the right choice for you?

Our Mr Beam is a real all-rounder, and we are particularly proud of that. Laser engraving has never been easier than with our portable laser engraving machine, which weighs just 10 kilograms. The device can be connected to Mac, Windows and Linux via Plug & Play and finds its current driver independently. With the included, browser-based BeamOS , our powerful software, aligning and adjusting engravings and cuts works even better. Because the Mr Beam II dreamcut [S] and Mr Beam II dreamcut [x] can do that without any problems.

Lasergravur von Holz
Lasergraviermaschine kaufen

Buy powerful engraving machines

The laser engraving machine serves as a laser cutter for millimeter-like cutting out of wood, acrylic, felt, leather and other blanks up to a thickness of 3 to 4 mm and also creates the finest lines and smallest ornaments. You decide what you want to make with our laser engraving next. We deliver everything you need for it and stand with numerous Online tutorials and German-speaking support at any time with words and deeds.

Advantages of the laser engraving machine

  • Plug & Play
  • Laser class 1
  • Made in Germany
  • German & English Support
  • Low power consumption & quiet
  • Offline & Indoor usable (with Air Filter)
  • Engraving and cutting with a device

Laser engraving technology made in Germany

As a laser of laser class 1, our Mr Beam is not only absolutely precise and safe, but also sustainable. In contrast to printing, no artificial color pigments are required for engraving. The evaporating materials are caught in the air filter and do not pollute the room air. The device works quietly and energy-efficiently with low power consumption, even for larger projects. Because our laser engraving machine is designed and manufactured in Germany, we can check every device for full functionality before delivery and answer any questions you have about engraving machines, use and commissioning. Discover laser engraving in a completely new way - with laser cutters from Mr Beam!

Effortless time saving
Simply lasering at home
Out-of-the-box usable

Laser engraving machine for home

Thanks to the Mr Beam Air Filter II, you can easily use the laser engraving machine in closed rooms without the possibility of exhaust air to the outside. The air filter ensures that no unfiltered exhaust air escapes
and you at no time
are at risk. You can find more information about the air filter on the product page.

Mr Beam Air Filter

Our community provides inspiration

Would you like to buy engraving machines for your company or studio, but you don't really know what you could laser engrave with them? You can find numerous suggestions on our YouTube channel and under the Instagram hashtag #madewithmrbeam. Our Facebook community, consisting of artists, entrepreneurs, those interested in model building and craftsmen, is constantly collecting new projects, which of course can also be exchanged.

Become part of our mission

We want to make the laser engraving accessible as technology for everyone. - That's our goal. The user is the focus every time to Intuitive and pleasing experience in laser engraving to accomplish. With our laser engraving machine you have a device without hidden additional costs. Simply order, unpack and get started. If you still need help, our very helpful support is available to you and support you at any time. This also hears our service even after the Purchase your laser engraving machine Not on.

The Mr Beam Laser engraving machine is your friend and helper

With the Mr Beam can you Almost everything engravingWhich can lay flat on the underlay of the laser engraving machine. This can be a blank of leather or wood, but also a slate plastic, plastic cardboard, a cutting board or mirror tiles. In our shop you will find numerous blanks, with which the laser engraving works particularly well, or deliver suggestions. The motif always determines you. You subscribe to cartoons, illustrations or saying pictures? You want to provide giveaways with your company logo or for your customers everyday objects and Decorated with engravings? All this is with Mr Beam no problem. Simply create the graphics data in BeamOS, set the intensity and depth of engraving and cut cuts and get started!

Discover the laser engraving machines!

Our Mr Beam laser engravers


Known from:

  • The Mr Beam is really super easy to handle, even without great technical knowledge.
    It's unbelievably fun to work with it.

    Natalia Fercho
  • Buying the Mr Beam has taken me back to working with wood and is exactly what I was lucky enough to be missing.

    Dagmar Rohweder
  • The delivery was fast and if you have any questions, you get an answer within a very short time. We can only recommend Mr Beam and his team :-).

    Michael Müller
  • I bought my Mr Beam 2 months ago, making a very personal dream of a small business possible. I am thrilled!

    Ruta Völer

Materials for engraving

  • Plywood

    3-4 mm Ja

    When working with the laser engraving machine you will receive plywood Especially good results in engraving.

  • Solid wood

    3 mm Ja

    Our laser engraving machine is perfect for Solid wood Decorate with creative engravings.

  • Gray cardboard

    1 mm Ja

    Gray cardboard can be very engrave with the Mr Beam Laser engraving machine.

  • Carton

    5 mm Ja

    Engravings on cardboard are pure routine for the laser engraving machine.

  • Mirror


    Especially popular are engravings on the back of a mirror.

  • Acrylic

    3 mm Ja

    Depending on the color, acrylic can be engraved (black / orange). Unfortunately, transparent / bright / blue acrylic can not be edited.

    Acryl schneiden
  • Foam

    20 mm Ja

    The open-pored material structure of foam is well suited for engravings.

  • Anodized aluminum


    Dark aluminum is the perfect material for handsome engravings.

  • Fabric / textile

    3 mm Ja

    Depending on the material, textiles can also be engraved. For example, denim fabric is very good for engraving.

  • Leather

    3 mm Ja

    Our laser engraving machine can engrave leather very well.

  • Balsa wood

    5 mm Ja

    Balsa wood can also be engravebecause it is a very soft wood.

  • Cork


    Our laser engraving machine engraved especially cork.

  • Felt

    6 mm Ja

    Felt is very good for engraving due to the material structure.

  • Checkmark for selected material.
  • Checkmark for selected material.
    Solid wood
  • Checkmark for selected material.
    Gray cardboard
  • Checkmark for selected material.
  • Checkmark for selected material.
  • Checkmark for selected material.
  • Checkmark for selected material.
  • Checkmark for selected material.
    Anodized aluminum
  • Checkmark for selected material.
    Fabric / textile
  • Checkmark for selected material.
  • Checkmark for selected material.
    Balsa wood
  • Checkmark for selected material.
  • Checkmark for selected material.

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