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How do I plan a wedding?

You were asked and said yes? Then it's official - you will marry! The first moment that means a surge happiness. Then the worry quickly introduces itself How the wedding can be organized. It's about (missing) finance, the right location, the guests and especially the wedding dress. Is it a good idea to plan his wedding yourself and where do you start?

1. Plan priorities at wedding - the checklist

Instead of rolling a hundred thoughts in the head and not to move a step forward, you should start something factually.


  • When should the wedding take place (spring, summer ...)?
  • Which financial budget is available?
  • How many guests should / will come?
  • Which location do you want?
  • Is there a civil or ecclesiastical wedding?

These are the fundamental questions that specify the framework. Above all, the financial aspect will dictate, which can be implemented to what extent. If you are planning your wedding yourself, you should Keep an eye on the financial budget. Otherwise this can quickly be coated by several thousand euros. Here you have to practice in discipline, because already at the wedding dress, the spending can quickly exceed the limit.

2. Choose the bridal gown

Plan your own wedding

How do I plan a wedding? Maybe you feel overwhelmed by this question because many things go around in the head at the same time. But if you do a point, after the other on your checklist and start early, everything will work.

It may seem illogical to find the right bridal gown first. However, this is an emotional decision that does not satisfy financial limits. Some a bride is just before the wedding date looking for the dream in white or falls in love with a very special dress. If the wedding is already organized for this appointment, there is only one financial balance available. Then there are tears, If the wish dress is no longer affordable Or the budget is covered and the entire wedding is on the cant. Did you find your dress, you can plan the wedding yourself much more relaxed. You know how big the financial scope is and have the most important thing already hanging in the closet.

3. Rent wedding decoration

Wedding self-plan decoration

Did you decide When and where the wedding takes place, it's about the subtleties. Even if you want to plan your wedding yourself - it takes many people who implement your ideas. If you rent a hall or another spatiality, it needs course decoration. The room decorations on the registry office you can only influence little. With a church wedding, your ideas can be considered safely or implemented in your own.

Therefore, therefore, when renting, whether that Interior can be provided or if you decoration for the Plan and organize wedding yourself. If you commission a party service for the food, it can often place table towels, fabric napkins and chair covers.

Under the keyword "rented wedding decoration" you will find something when you can plan your wedding yourself. Table decoration, Fabric tracks, Coaster, Flower vases, Card holder for the table cards, Candles, flower walls or dishes - Supplier of wedding decoration have everythingWhat you need for the most beautiful day in your life. Take care of the order in time, because you will not be the only bride that marries that day. It is all the better, if you know the delivery of decorations and you can turn to other details.

With our Mr Beam Laser Cutter By the way, wedding decoration can easily be easily created. The laser cut is a great help to implement your own ideas and duplicate in series. Many materials, like plywood, acrylic or felt For example, can be edited very well with our little helper.

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4. How do I plan a wedding - the wedding menu

Would you like to plan your wedding, you should order a catering company in time. To put the food for a wedding party to the legs, additional staff is needed that needs to be ordered. If more than fifty guests are to be charged, a catering service needs more than just a kitchen and has to plan.

It should be one until the wedding give temporal scope of at least six monthsso that everyone involved has time for the necessary preparations. In general, it is advisable to start with the wedding preparations for a year before the big day. In our Wedding Checklist Below in the text we have shown everything exactly. If you want to plan your wedding yourself, there are always situations that still have to be regulated. What a party planner puts in the hands of his multi-headed team, you have to put on my way. One year lead is perfect in this case. If Caterer or the favorite location has already been booked, you still have enough time to look around for alternatives.

5. Plan the flower decoration for the wedding

Wedding self-plan flowers

On the Wedding-Checklist also the flowers must be accommodated, because without flowers is missing the special flair. Whether at the entrance to the church, as a bridal bouquet, in the room for the wedding reception, as a jewelry for the wedding car or for the buttonhole of the groom - flowers must be. Remember that the growth of many flower types is due to the season and that some flowers are not available in winter.

In order to make a concrete cost estimate with a flower business, the wedding location may be visited in advance. You will be advised by the expert to possibilities of the flower decoration, which do not even like Ideas arrived. Many florists regularly equip weddings with flower decoration and have a look developed as the Rooms are particularly released by the use of flowers. In addition, you have to contact a florist anyway, because this binds your bridal bouquet. If he does not take the design of the room himself, he will at least recommend you to other providers.

6. Civil or ecclesiastical wedding?

If with or without church, In both cases you have to register a civil wedding ceremony. Many couples decide to celebrate a church wedding for several months after the civil wedding ceremony. At this time they are already officially married and can enjoy the second ceremony very differently.

Despite the joy of the upcoming wedding, you have to deal with formalities if you want to plan your wedding yourself. Popular dates are fully booked, especially when it comes to the same numbers on the date. If your desired date should not be free at the registry office of your place of residence, that's no problem. You can marry where you want. It then may only be a little more expensive. Below you can see what approximate costs you need to expect for the civil marriage.

Cost of the civil wedding
  • Registration fee: 40 - 60 Euro
  • Registration fee for foreign citizens: 66 - 120 euros
  • Certified Document Secretary: 10 Euro
  • Advanced registration certificate: 5 - 10 Euro
  • Ceification: 10 euros

In addition, there are costs when you take a consultation (10 euros), you order music for the wedding (14 euros) or a double name accepted (15 to 20 euros).Do you want marry outside the usual opening hours of the registry office, costs the extra 60 to 90 euros. If the ceremony takes place in an external point of the registry office, this can beat the additional 100 to 500 euros. It will be cheaper if you move in this case to another registry office (30 euros additional costs).

the Church marriage is free (Personal wishes can be charged). It is important only that at least one of the two partners is chirky. This applies to the Catholic and the Protestant belief. The registration of the wedding takes place in the competent parish office. By arrangement, it is also possible to marry outside the church in a special place or in nature.

Even if you want to plan your wedding yourself, you have to do your Treadment appointment for the wedding sign up in timebecause of church holidays no marriages take place. The time you will only be able to set yourself in rare cases yourself. Due to worship services or clear times for funerals, the time window for weddings is limited.

How do I plan a wedding with a short budget?

Finance also play a major role in a wedding, which is why more and more young people are one Simple wedding celebration prefer. Often it goes after the wedding into the restaurant, while after summer temperatures in the garden is celebrated. A look at the cost of a wedding shows why more and more couples plan their wedding themselves and celebrate this way (must).

If you decide after the wedding for the food in a restaurant, you have to expect the menu with 40 to 60 euros per person. These prices are of course dependent on the level of the catering company or the restaurant. But you can go through Price comparisons save costs if you want to plan your wedding yourself.

We have a little one Pricing For your own wedding as an example. When you celebrate in the small circle with about 30 guests, a food in the restaurant and civil wedding, you will come out with 2000 euros. However, bridal gown and wedding suit are not included in this calculation. If the wedding is organized in a specific location with elaborate decoration, about 60 guests, a party service and a band for the celebration, come together fast up to 20,000 euros together. Couples in Germany give an average of 13,000 euros for their wedding, while the trend towards marrying in an intimate circle. Many pairs give the yawn in the presence of about 30 family members and friends. If you are planning your wedding yourself, you can save costs with the choice of the right location.

Planning a wedding - what still has to checklist?

Plan the wedding self

Please also think of the dance class you should complete with your partner to shine at the wedding dance. Then there are the wedding rings, which must also be ordered in time. Especially when individual engravings are done and the rings should really fit. For the wedding cake you have to Find matching bakers and also wedding photographers Have a completed diary. To you with your friends and family for the Wedding gifts Thank you, you need favors. For the ride to the wedding, it needs flower decoration at the car. And on the wedding day you need a hairdresser and a beautician who come home to you.

Many brides have already stood before the question: "How do I plan a wedding and how can I do that?" It is a lot of work in front of you and your sweetheart to the To plan wedding yourself. But with sufficient time and motivation, your wedding really becomes the most beautiful day of your life. - Then you really pop the corks.🍾

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