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Why should you use an air filter?

Lasering, for example, creates fumes and particles from the material being processed. These can contain dangerous substances such as fine dust. For this reason, an air filter should definitely be used in closed rooms without exhaust air. The Mr Beam air filter helps remove these pollutants from the air before they can be inhaled. 3D printing can also produce harmful fumes and particles, especially when thermoplastic materials such as ABS or nylon are used. These materials can melt at high temperatures and release toxic gases that can cause respiratory problems and other health problems if inhaled. Our air filter helps you filter these gases and particles from the air and thus protect your health. Overall, the Mr Beam Air Filters help to make the working environment for lasers or 3D printers safer and healthier by removing harmful particles and gases from the air.

How does the air filter work?

Thanks to the external control, the Air Filter Controller, the air filter can be easily connected to the 3D printer or laser cutter of your choice and used. With the help of the integrated display, you always have an overview of the current air filter status. Incidentally, external control is not absolutely necessary for our Mr Beam laser cutters.

For the health!

Clean air at your work

Perfect for 3D printers

Do you have a 3D printer ? Then you can easily connect the Air Filter System to the device. - Perfect for closed rooms without exhaust air!

full control

With the Air Filter Controller, you have full control over the air filter. You can adjust the fan power at any time!

Many possibilities

You can not only use the air filter for lasers or 3D printing, but also for soldering as a solder fume extraction.

Everything in view

Thanks to the display of the Air Filter Controller, you always have an overview of the current status of the filters and can change the pre-filter or the main filter in good time.

Easy handling
Flexible use
3-stage filtering
3D printer or laser cutter?

A single air filter!

To connect the air filter to the device of your choice, you also need an external controller. You can buy the Air Filter Controller in a bundle with our Mr Beam Air Filter System or simply buy it separately if you already have our air filter. - Dangerous particles in the air when 3D printing or lasering are history. Over time, all you need to do is replace the pre-filters and activated carbon filters to ensure safe filtration.

It's your choice!

Mr Beam air filter

  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Sound level maximum
  • Ambient temperature
  • humidity
  • Airflow
  • 3-stage filtering
  • Accessories
  • Air Filter II
  • Dimensions 283 x 338 x 256mm
  • Weight 5.8kg
  • Sound level maximum 53dB(A)
  • Ambient temperature 5 - 30°C
  • humidity 10% - 60%
  • Airflow up to 1 m³/min
  • 3-stage filtering
  • Accessories Pre-filter, main filter
  • Air Filter III
  • Dimensions 335x565x525mm
  • Weight 23.3kg
  • Sound level maximum <58dB(A)
  • Ambient temperature 5 - 30°C
  • humidity 10% - 60%
  • Airflow up to 1.5 m³/min
  • 3-stage filtering
  • Accessories Pre-filter, main filter
Note: We reserve the right to make technical changes

Which air filter system is right for me?

Compared to the Air Filter II, the Air Filter III offers an improved fan that ensures increased airflow. This makes it particularly suitable for environments with high material wear. In addition, the Air Filter III benefits from larger filter units, which not only offer greater efficiency in air purification, but also have a longer service life, although regular filter changes are still necessary.

An important note: With a weight of over 10kg, the main filter of the Air Filter III is noticeably heavier, which limits mobility compared to the Air Filter II. We recommend removing the filter for transport. In order to still ensure a certain degree of mobility, the Air Filter III is equipped with practical wheels that make it easier to transport within offices or workshops.

How does the Mr Beam Air Filter III filter the air?

Using a fan integrated into the base of the air filter system, the air from inside the Mr Beam is drawn through the exhaust hose and enters the air filter system at the back. Here it first flows through a vertically arranged pre-filter before being guided laterally into the main filter in order to be able to use the maximum filter area there. After cleaning in the main filter, the cleaned air is then blown out at the bottom of the system.

While the pre-filter is primarily responsible for removing coarser particles, the HEPA filter and the activated carbon filter in the main filter ensure the elimination of fine dust and unpleasant odours before the air finally leaves the system cleaned.

How does the Mr Beam Air Filter II filter the air?

The air is drawn from the work area through the hose into the air filter. The Mr Beam Air Filter System then uses pre-filter mats and activated carbon filters. The coarse particles are caught in the pre-filter, while the HEPA filter then catches the remaining fine dust. The activated carbon ultimately neutralizes the resulting odours. - efficient 3-stage filtering.

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  • Radio Charivari

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