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Glitter decoration for your bachelorette party - Mr Beam Tutorial

Your best friend is getting married, you are the maid of honour and have to plan the bachelorette party? Or are you just part of the “bride crew” and take care of the decorations?

Would you like a little glitter and glamour for your planned bachelorette party?

Then this tutorial is just right for you!

The tradition of the bachelor party: Why do we actually celebrate it?

The bachelor or bachelorette party is traditionally celebrated before the wedding. This tradition has its roots in Ancient Greece. Back then, close friends would come together to honour the future groom and celebrate the transition into marriage together. Today, the bachelor or bachelorette party has developed into a cross-gender event that is celebrated by both women and men.

Glitter decoration for the bachelorette party - but what?

Most of the time, the bride-to-be is surprised by everyone at home. To start off, a glass of champagne or something else is often drunk to toast. A small "foundation" can't hurt either. So you might need some scattered decorations for the table, glass markers, matching toppers for muffins or savoury skewers and later on, headbands with "bride" and "bride crew". With the Mr Beam glitter felt, the decorations for the bachelorette party are quickly ready.

Material for your glitter party decoration for the hen party

Glitter decoration material
This is what you need
  • Glitter felt in pastel pink and grey (no silver!)
  • Wooden toothpicks
  • hot glue

Mr Beam Glitter Acrylic Felt, 3mm, A3, various colours (5 pieces each)

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For your bachelorette glitter party decoration, I have created three typical motifs and two letterings for the Mr Beam Design Store.

Laser file glitter bridal decoration

Laser the glitter decoration for the bachelorette party

To laser the file, start your Mr Beam and get the file from the Design Store. Then adjust the sizes of the individual glitter decoration elements in the work area depending on their intended use.

Tips on the sizes of glitter decorations for the party:

Scatter decoration

If you want to laser glitter decorations for the appetizer buffet or the table, the three motifs, the heart, the glass and the ring, should be about 5 cm in size.

Glitter decoration for skewers or glass markers: As glass markers or motifs on the wooden toothpicks for small savoury skewers or as picks for sweet snacks such as muffins or cakes, they should be a little larger.

“Bride” and “Bride Crew”:

As decoration for headbands, so that people on your tour know who is the bride and who is part of the crew, the lettering should be about 10–12 cm wide to be really easy to read. The great glitter effect of the headbands brings a lot of glamour to the head. 😇

If you want to use “Bride” and “Bride Crew” for decoration or other purposes, you should still not laser them much narrower than 10 cm, otherwise the thinner lines will become too unstable.

Glitter felt

When using glitter felt, it is important to remember that you should always place it in the Mr Beam with the glittery side facing down and mirror the file! The glitter layer would reflect the laser beam and, in the worst case, damage the lens of your laser head.

Mirrored laser file glitter decoration

So place the felt with the glittery side down in your Mr Beam. Use the camera preview to distribute the motifs on the material, and then focus the laser head.

You can access the laser settings via “Laser”. Here you will find the standard settings for “Glitter Felt”. Select the corresponding colour that you want to laser first.

Laser settings glitter decoration

Why “grey” and not “silver” for the glitter party decoration:

For the silver glitter felt, the Mr Beam would need 6 passes at a speed of 150 mm/min, which would mean that delicate areas in the lettering and motifs would simply melt due to the heat.

Laser glitter decoration

After the laser job, take the felt mat out of the Mr Beam, put the next colour in and repeat the process. After lasering, you can simply press the decoration for your bachelorette party out of the glitter felt with your fingers. For small pieces, for example the triangles in the ring, you can use a thin, pointed object to help.

JGA glitter decoration

Glitter glass markers and muffin toppers or skewers for your bachelorette party decoration

To make glass markers from the lasered motifs, cut a slit in the motif with scissors. This way you can, for example, hang the rings on the bottom of the stem of a champagne glass or stick hearts and rings on the rim of the glass.

JGA Party Decoration

To make a skewer for tomato-mozzarella or something else, apply some hot glue to the bottom end of a motif and then press the tip of a wooden toothpick into it.

Party glitter decoration

After the glue has dried, you will have great skewers or picks for muffins, so that the glitter decoration from the hen party can also be found on the buffet.

Team Bride Headband

For glittery headbands, laser the slightly curved lettering as many times as necessary and then glue it to the headband with hot glue. The nice thing about it is that the felt is light and also gives way, so the headband is not annoying.

I hope you have fun making this and an unforgettable hen party with lots of glitter and glamour #teambride!

Your Rina

JGA glitter decoration

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