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Professional laser cutter for your ideas

Would you like to buy a laser cutter, but you don't have any specialist knowledge of lasers? Our Mr Beam Lasers are the ideal laser cutters for anyone who wants to effortlessly implement creative projects and customizable products. Simple operation, comprehensive support and a powerful class 1 laser enable you to easily enter the world of laser cutting.

What can the Mr Beam laser cutter do?

With the Mr Beam laser cutters, we make professional technology attractive for small companies, freelance artists and hobby use. Mr Beam is not only a laser cutter, but also a powerful engraving machine that can cut many different materials from plastic to slate.


Easy handling!

Everything works simply by plug & play. Instead of complex fixed assembly, you use our laser cutter "Out of the box" without a lot of construction. The associated software runs on all common operating systems. Laser cutting can be that easy!

Advantages of the laser cutter

  • Laser class 1
  • plug & play
  • Can be used offline & indoors (with Air Filter)
  • German support
  • Low power consumption & quiet
  • Made in Germany
Laserkopf Laserschneider

What can I do with a laser cutter?

Very simple - be creative! Mr Beam opens up new possibilities for you for advertising materials, customer orders, goodies, jewellery and much more. Whether hobby or commercial use. The laser cuts many different materials with absolute precision. All you need is a digital template and can start lasering!

Effortlessly save time
Just laser at home
Usable out of the box

Various applications

If you work with materials such as wood, artificial leather, felt or acrylic and want millimetre-precise processing, you should buy our laser cutter. No training necessary, you can cut the first projects immediately and assemble, paint or decorate with further engravings after cutting. Whether it's a wooden puzzle, key ring, piece of jewellery or an unusual business card - with the Mr Beam laser cutter you no longer have to worry about the cut.

Laserschneiden von Holz

Be part of our mission

Many creative people have already discovered Mr Beam as their everyday helper and reliable partner when working on new projects. For example, they show their design ideas under the Instagram hashtag #madewithmrbeam or in the Facebook group. If the community doesn't know what to do or technical questions arise, our friendly, German and English-speaking support is there for you . Our support is very familiar with the Mr Beam laser cutter and can help you with tricks, tips and, of course, problem solutions. We're here for you!

Get creative with the Mr Beam

As an all-in-one solution, the Mr Beam is the perfect tool for anyone who likes to implement creative ideas. It opens up new horizons in terms of design with acrylic parts, wooden panels or textiles. No more time-consuming manual cutting, no additional costs for subscriptions. With the Mr Beam, you have it in your hands to produce design ideas and concepts. You can offer your customers even faster processing of their projects or experiment yourself. The only costs incurred after buying a laser cutter are the purchase of cuttable blanks and materials, electricity costs, cleaning of the laser and the occasional replacement of wearing parts such as filter material or hoses. We would be happy to advise you on warranty services, spare parts and the correct cleaning of your engraving and cutting machine.

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Known from:

  • The Mr Beam is really super easy to use, even without a lot of technical knowledge .
    It's incredibly fun to work with.

    Natalia Fercho
  • Purchasing Mr Beam got me back into working with wood and is just what I was fortunately missing.

    Dagmar Rohweder
  • The delivery was quick and if you have any questions, you will get an answer within a very short time. We can only recommend Mr Beam and his team :-).

    Michael Mueller
  • I bought my Mr Beam 2 months ago and made a very personal dream of a small business possible. I'm excited!

    Ruta Völker

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