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Prototype construction with the Mr Beam

With our laser cutter, you can easily develop and build your own prototypes. Arrange a demo appointment to have Mr Beam explained to you.

The vision becomes reality - develop your prototype

Prototype construction plays a crucial role in numerous industries, from innovative orthopaedic technology to detailed architecture to creative model making. It enables developers, designers and engineers to quickly and efficiently transform their ideas into physical models to test and improve function, design and user experience. But the path from the idea to a tangible prototype is often filled with challenges. Traditional manufacturing methods can be time-consuming and costly, limiting the complexity of desired designs and preventing rapid iteration. In addition, there are specific requirements of different application areas that require a flexible and precise machining method to meet a wide variety of materials and design requirements.

The future of prototyping

This is where the Mr Beam laser cutter comes in: a revolutionary solution that is reshaping the landscape of prototyping. Thanks to its precision, flexibility and ease of use, Mr Beam allows you to create high-quality prototypes quickly and easily. Whether it's complex geometric shapes or fine details, Mr Beam is capable of bringing your vision to life with unparalleled accuracy.

Precision meets flexibility

“Precision meets flexibility” – this motto embodies the essence of the Mr Beam laser cutter and is translated into reality through our specially developed Mr Beam software and the impressive variety of materials that can be processed. The intuitive software is one of the essential elements of our desktop laser cutter. It allows you to design your prototypes with ease, as the user interface is suitable for both beginners and professionals. Whether it's implementing complex designs or the attention to detail in fine engravings - the software ensures that your vision is realized with the highest precision. Simply load your laser file into the workspace, select existing material settings and start your laser job!

From wood to acrylic: Mr Beam can do it all

In addition, the Mr Beam laser cutter offers the flexibility to process a wide range of materials. From wood, leather and felt to paper and acrylic and many others, it enables cutting and engraving with unparalleled accuracy. This variety of materials opens up unlimited possibilities for applications in various areas. The Mr Beam laser cutter is therefore not only a tool for precision and flexibility, but also a creative partner that helps to redefine the limits of what is possible in prototype construction.

Mr Beam makes it possible

Your advantages when building prototypes

When building prototypes, there are several key factors that can determine the success of the entire development process. The Mr Beam supports you optimally in this process.

Prototypenbau mit Mr Beam

Safety first

The Mr Beam belongs to laser class 1.

Large work surface

Work surface 500mm x 390mm x 38mm. Can be extended up to 68mm thanks to Height Extension.

Efficient laser

Strong & highly efficient shortwave laser with up to 10 W (450nm).

Low follow-up costs

Little maintenance and continuous software updates.

Smart security case

The case is made of metal with a transparent protective cover.

Can be used indoors (with air filter)

No construction work is necessary for indoor operation.

Plug & play software

Browser-based plug & play software for Mac, Windows, Linux and tablets (without installation).

Made in Germany

Quality made in Germany.

"They slow us down to speed us up. By taking time to prototype our ideas, we avoid costly mistakes like becoming too complex soon and holding on to a weak idea for too long."

Tim Brown (CEO of international design and innovation company IDEO) - While preliminary considerations are important, they do not constitute the entire process. Although immersing yourself in user needs, delving deeper into the problem, and innovating through brainstorming sessions can create the appearance of a best-in-class solution, prototyping remains essential to success.

Mr Beam - Smart tool for prototype building

Suitable tools are essential for the realization of complex prototypes. Typically, tools such as scissors, cutting rulers, fine saws or CNC milling machines are used. However, using these traditional prototyping tools can present various challenges. Processing materials often takes a lot of time and can cause disappointment, especially if the result falls short of expectations. This often leads to increased material consumption due to necessary corrections. Milling in particular can result in frayed edges that require additional finishing to ensure a clean finish. Using milling and grinding machines also requires a suitable work area, which not everyone has at home or in the office. The Mr Beam laser cutter offers the ideal solution to these problems. It makes it possible to cut materials with the highest precision, while you can already plan the next steps of your project. The edges usually do not require any further processing after cutting - this makes prototype construction child's play!

Effortlessly save time
Just laser at home
Usable out of the box

Find the right material for your prototype

We provide creative people with smart tools to make their work easier. That's why we make sure that you can use the Mr Beam to process a variety of materials in order to optimally develop your prototype.

laser plastic

Plastics can represent attractive solutions, especially for prototype construction. Process foam, polypropylene or acrylic and complete your prototype.

Laser wood

Lasering wood is a true classic with the Mr Beam. It doesn't matter whether you're working with poplar plywood, balsa wood or solid wood. The results are always convincing!

Laser paper

Do you want to cut paper or cardboard precisely? This is also possible with the Mr Beam without any problems. Adjust the settings to your needs and laser away!

Lasering textiles

Textile finishing is also a popular application. Upcycle your old denim jacket and create a real eye-catcher!

Case Study: Stefan builds prototypes with the Mr Beam

In our #beamies series, we have a case study for you of how Stefan builds a prototype using the Mr Beam laser cutter. He presents his special project and talks about his experiences, how Mr Beam supported him and accelerated the process.

Mr Beam Community - as diverse as prototype construction!

With Mr Beam you not only get an all-in-one tool for prototyping , but also access to a vibrant community that shares their projects and offers each other support. The Mr Beam Community is the heart and motivation of our work. We regularly accept feedback on our software and device to make continuous improvements. The exchange within the community is an essential part of what defines Mr Beam. You can find inspiration directly from our users on Instagram using the hashtag #madewithmrbeam. The variety of laser cut results reflects the wide range of topics in prototype construction. Become part of our community and create your prototypes with the Mr Beam laser cutter!

Your model building tools!

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  • Radio Charivari
  • The Mr Beam is really super easy to use, even without a lot of technical knowledge.
    It's incredibly fun to work with.

    Natalia Fercho
  • Purchasing Mr Beam got me back into working with wood and is just what I was fortunately missing.

    Dagmar Rohweder
  • The delivery was quick and if you have any questions, you will get an answer within a very short time. We can only recommend Mr Beam and his team :-).

    Michael Mueller
  • I bought my Mr Beam 2 months ago and made a very personal dream of a small business possible. I'm excited!

    Ruta Völker

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