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Decoration trends for the garden 2023

Garden trends 2023 - this is how your garden will become a trendy oasis of well-being in the future

Gardening begins again with spring: ponds and pools are "de-winterized" and made fit for the warm seasons, the first rattan outdoor furniture is put in place and some of the clutter left behind by the long winter is checked with a scrutiny fixed look and trained handles. The coming gardening season is also the season of new trends - and there are some exciting possibilities that will soon not only make your garden a visual eye-catcher, but also an oasis of well-being for residents.

#1 - Sustainability dominates the garden trends of 2023

trends in the garden

In the past few years, it has already been indicated that spring will finally be the time: the natural and sustainable garden adorns the properties and allotments in Germany. More and more residents are now opting for a farewell to accurate and strictly defined gardens, instead allowing nature (at least a little) more free rein.

The natural garden not only exudes a very special charm, but also the heavenly scent of our planet and its plant and animal inhabitants in spring and summer. In view of climate change, there is a growing understanding among garden and property owners to actively support our planet themselves. This starts with the selection of sustainable materials for outdoor lounge furniture, but also affects the decoration and plant life on site. Blossoms and grasses that sway gently in the wind, offer bees and butterflies a sumptuous buffet and are skilfully framed by imposingly grown trees - nature can be so impressive and calming at the same time that many hobby gardeners are happy to voluntarily abandon the accurate forms, strict areas and firmly defined geometric shapes in the garden.

What could belong to a near-natural and sustainable garden in 2023?

Bee hotel trend

  • Lush blossom meadows
  • Deadwood hedges providing privacy, shade and retreat for small animals and birds
  • small herb garden
  • Insect or bee hotels, nest boxes and bird feeders
  • maybe even peat-free gardening


#2 - Let there be light - with the power of the sun


One of the other decorative trends in the garden makes use of the life-giving sun and is also sustainable. The focus is on solar-powered lights and lanterns, which absorb sunlight throughout the day and emit it again after the sun has set, in a particularly romantic and cosy atmosphere. Incidentally, this not only reduces the electricity bill, but also the battery requirements in your home garden.

Solar-powered lanterns create a special ambience with a touch of the Far East. Because of their paper shade, they diffuse the light from the solar-powered lights efficiently, don't glare, and can even attract free-flying mosquitoes and moths - which then rest in the lantern shade, so neither you nor your guests are bothered.

#3 - Water is not only the source of life, but also one of the upcoming garden trends

water garden trend

to have water in the garden? This is a dream of many home and garden owners, for understandable reasons. Among the Garden Trends 2023, a mention of water sources cannot be missing. In view of the increasingly hotter summer months, water sources are not only a purely visual element, but are also among the decorative trends in the garden that provide freshness and cooling.

Water brings more dynamism and vitality to your garden, and the splashing of a pool, pond or statue spouting water has a calming effect. For small gardens, compact water elements, such as fountains, water bowls or wells, dominate as decorative trends in the garden . If you have a little more space, you can also create a natural pond. If you don't want to do without refreshment on hot summer days and at the same time have the necessary change and the space for it, you can even create a pool. He gives his own property a luxurious and sublime look at the same time.

#4 - Self-sufficient gardens combine decoration and practicality

Self-sufficient garden trend

As we showed you at the beginning, sustainable concepts dominate the garden trends 2023 - and this also includes combining optical decorative effects with practical use. So-called "self-sufficiency gardens" offer you one possibility for this. The principle is not new, on the contrary, it is actually the principle on which agriculture and human food supply were once based. In the meantime, people are remembering it more and more, also because such herb, fruit and vegetable gardens look really chic and thus also visually enhance the garden.

Among the decorative trends in the garden, the self-sufficient bed is probably the one with the greatest practical use. For example, you could grow:

  • beans
  • radish
  • Garlic
  • potatoes
  • zucchini
  • different herbs


This is also one of the garden trends because all these plants and foods blossom in very different splendour, and their leaves, growth height and leaf colour differ. Of course, you don't have to convert your entire garden into a herb garden, you could simply transform a free and previously unused area. When you then harvest the first fruits, vegetables or herbs yourself and use them in your kitchen at home, you will also find that none of the garden trends tastes better than the self-sufficiency garden! You can mark your herbs very well with our self-made herb labels.

#5 - Courage to use colour - blooming splendour is one of the big garden trends of the current year

Colorful flower trend

You don't always need to buy, set up and/or set up decorative items and accessories when nature brings with it an almost endless variety of colours. One of the most beautiful decorative trends in the garden is the courage to have a variety of flowers. You can also integrate some of the plants as hanging plants on the balcony or terrace, plant others in boxes in front of the window and others in the classic way on the bed in the garden.

Our tip: With early bloomers, your garden will shine with a remarkable variety of colours early in the year. Examples of early bloomers include tulips, daffodils and crocuses. If you also plant a few early-flowering shrubs, your garden will almost fill itself up in the spring.

#6 - Natural materials are dominating garden trends

Rustic garden trend

Already last year, the decorative trends in the garden showed that natural materials are gaining in popularity. This is preceded by the desire for a soothing, sensuous and harmonious garden - which is characterized by natural materials away from nature. Natural stone paths, which are as irregular as they are charming, are reminiscent of old farms and, as one of the major garden trends, have another advantage: Rustic stone paths automatically slow down our pace due to their slight unevenness - and give you time to concentrate on what is important and the fast-moving world to forget.

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