Can I return ordered products?

Consumers have a 14-day right of withdrawal. Please note that, for example, if you purchase a device, this means that it may only be used for testing purposes during the 14-day period. We reserve the right to charge for excessive loss of value. To test the Mr Beam, we recommend renting it in advance. If materials/filters/accessories have been demonstrably damaged during testing and trying out, we reserve the right to demand compensation

How much are the shipping costs?

Free shipping inside of Germany. If you come from another country, shipping will be calculated during checkout.

What is actually covered by the Mr Beam laser cutter's warranty and what is repaired?

The guarantee covers all repairs that arise from possible production or device errors. This applies to the mechanical components as well as all relevant components, safety devices and software. We must invoice for repairs resulting from handling errors or accidental damage by the customer - as this requires us to use additional and unscheduled working time and spare parts. If you have a problem with your Mr Beam, contact us via our ticket system.

You can find more information about repairs on ourrepair service landing pages.

Here you will find the instructions for packing your Mr Beam for return: Packaging instructions