Wie ist das Mr Beam Logo entstanden?

How did the Mr Beam logo come about?

Every company has a logo to create a recognition value. Mr Beam Of course there is no exception. So in 2014 we thought about how we can best present our project relatively easily. - So is this Mr Beam Logo emerged. The funny logo should Mr Beam describe in a personal and positive way.

First considerations about the logo

We have our Kickstarter project Not taken too seriously at first. We wanted something personal, so we first considered taking an animal as a mascot - from ants (hardworking) or smell (stinking smoke) everything was really there. Ultimately, nothing was really suitable.

Mr Beam was born

Mr Beam logo

Finally, we came up with the idea of incorporating the safety goggles into our logo, because safety goggles are always necessary when researching with lasers. So we created the character Mr Beam - A older professor in a white laboratory shake - typical laboratory rat. Of course, he has a mustache - and the glasses that protect against the laser.

As a professor, he also has a scribble handwriting - which shouts so intensely for progress that it is strongly inclined to the right. It is a clear sign of how much he wants to develop constantly and how much energy he wants to invest in his research. This signature is a symbol of his unwavering positivity and unwavering optimism to contribute to technical progress.

The indicated laser beam at the end of the signature was also not missing.

Mr Beam Logo laser
You want that Mr Beam Laser logo on a material of your choice? This is not a problem! The logo is stored on every device in the design library by default.

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