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What is CE marking? Mr Beam declares's

What do toys, laser cutter and explosives in common? Whether you want to buy a teddy bear or a coffee maker, or whether the handling explosive material belongs to you like: The CE marking gives you the manufacturer's confirmation that the product meets the Safety and quality standards of the EU equivalent. What the CE mark means exactly, and how does it look?

 The CE mark: mandatory in Europe

"CE" stands ( "European Conformity") for "Conformité Européenne". Since 1985, certain products within the European Economic Area (EU countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, briefly EEA) are sold, have the CE mark.

. In the updated EU Regulation (EC) No 765/2008, Chapter I (General Provisions), Article 2 (Definitions) states:

"20." CE marking "means a marking by which the manufacturer indicates that the product meets the applicable requirements set out in the Community harmonization legislation providing for its affixing;

  1. "Community harmonization legislation": the Community legislation harmonizing the conditions for the marketing of products ".

the "Harmonization of the conditions" seeks to ensure that the trade between the countries of the EEA simplified and should not be thwarted by different customs regulations, safety standards and so on.

What exactly indicates the CE marking on a product?

  • The manufacturer signs legally binding, that it meets the requirements of the European product directives.
  • It meets the official safety standards.
  • The product poses no danger to health and / or property when it is used for the purpose specified in accordance.

What is the CE mark?

The C and E of the logo consists of two semi-circles; the cross of the E's enough not quite up to the imaginary vertical line that connects the upper edge of the letter with the lower edge. Construction of the base CE marking two rings which define also the distance of the two letters: The outer circle of the second letter touches the (imaginary) continuation of the inner circle at C.

CE marking Mr Beam

How and where it must be located?

In most cases, the CE mark is applied directly to the product, for example in the form of a raised embodiment on the bottom. It must be clearly visible and indelible. Larger items such as machinery, industrial equipment or components must wear to-find place the CE logo slightly. According to EU directives should be located close to the Company / distributors for it. Mostly this is achieved by a placement on the nameplate.

Does the product proper application of the CE mark not, such as very small parts or explosives, it may alternatively on the packaging or belonging to the product documents (instruction manual, warranty) to be printed.

When is a CE marking required and when it expires?

The EU regulation stipulates must have signs which products the CE. Once installed, the CE marking remains valid as long as no changes are made to the product. Introduces the new EU directives, the manufacturer, during a transitional period opportunity, the product must adapt to the new standards.

Generally forbidden is the CE marking of products which are subject to any EU directives with documentation requirements. 

What products need a CE mark?

Whether a product requires a CE mark, governed by themselves

  1. a) its type and nature,
  2. b) its function / use,
  3. c) its general scope.

Examples of personality and style

  • Machines and technical equipment
  • Dangerous goods after transport law
  • Products with electrical / electronic components
  • Products that influence energy consumption in large quantities (for example, radiators)
  • Household appliances, lamps
  • Devices that cause noise (for example, compressed air hammers)

Examples of intended use

It only guarantees the intended function of a product. Conditions of law as in the US, where there are compensation when living cats are locked into a microwave, simply absurd. Therefore, in such cases it would not resort.

Examples of the scope

  • Products that are to be installed permanent in structures
  • Fertilizer and soil enhancers

How do you get a CE mark and who can create them?

 Each object with CE marks includes a detailed documentation that proves the fulfillment of each standard of the corresponding EU directives. The manufacturer documents its reasoning why the product is CE compliant. An exam can be part of the reasoning, but does not have to. For the very complex process of CE marking who can also associate with legal issues offer specialized agencies their services.

Why it is wrong when talking about "CE tested"

As tailored in the last paragraph, the manufacturer documents its reasoning why the product is CE compliant. There is therefore no independent examination of a testing center. That's why you do not speak of a certification, but Only from a marking. The manufacturer alone guarantees that it complies with the requirements and guidelines of the EU. Therefore, only this can be made liable for violations. 

Attention, fake logos in circulation!

 Maybe you already have the notorious "China export" logo heard with which some providers want to prime compliance with the high EU standards? A fake - more detailed: Deceptively similar - CE marking can most easily be recognized at a small distance between the letters and / or on the long E-line. Such items are best not in your shopping cart!

Attention when importing CE marked product

For example, if you use a "China laser" commercial and the manufacturer has no EU authorized representative that can be made CE marking, you can be held liable at the end of accidents with the device. As a rule, it does not matter to the manufacturers if they have their headquarters in other EU countries, as they are legally tangible. So you are as an importer For the CE marking responsible.

MR Beam guaranteed
The MR Beam laser cutter has a CE marking. Thus, we explain (MR Beam Lasers GmbH) as a manufacturer legally binding that our laser cuttings suffice in the applicable EU directives - especially in terms of security, health and environmental protection. Our laser cutters are made in Germany, so we guarantee a high and constant quality. The conformity applies in the EU and beyond the additional countries of the European Economic Area, where Switzerland has a special role.
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