Trendfarben - Das sind die Farbtrends 2023

Trend colours - These are the trends for 2023

Trend colours - the trends of the year 2023 introduce themselves

A sophisticated, individual and lively interior design depends to a large extent on the colours used in the furnishings. While some colour trends have proven to be real evergreens over the years and persist for years, other trend colours only last for one or a maximum of two seasons. What is clear is that trends are mainly rooted online, and in particular in the world of social media. Influencers on Instagram or TikTok shape and share trends that may soon find their way into your home. Nevertheless, trend colours do not come about by chance. This overview shows you which colour trends await you in furniture, textiles and decorative accessories in the course of 2023 and how they are created.

Where do the colour predictions come from?

Basically, you can be sure that colour trends do not result from a mere whim. Rather, well-known companies are hiding behind the forecasts, which are helping to shape the colour world of tomorrow on the basis of their expertise.

You should know the following names in this context:

  • Pantone Colour Institute
  • Akzo Nobel Global Aesthetic Center
  • BASF, Brillux and other well-known paint manufacturers

Pantone colours in particular are highly valued internationally in the field of interior design. Colours are more than just colouring - they embody emotions and create a feeling for life. The colour institutes find out which attitude to life embodies the spirit of the current time through far-reaching analyses - eyes and ears always on the pulsating life.

Trend colours 2023 for furniture

Color trends furniture

The colours that are in demand when choosing pieces of furniture this year show once again that many people want to connect with nature. Even in 2023, earth colours are indispensable in the modern living environment. These primarily include colours such as mocha and oak, which are reminiscent of the cream of coffee specialities. Trendy ocher and the very light, mother-of-pearl shimmering ivory colour are also in high demand. In order to present your flat in a high-contrast manner, it is advisable to alternately combine a dark colour with a lighter one. Ideally, limit yourself to two to three colours in order to achieve a harmonious overall look.

If you want trendy colours for your home that underline the cool look of your interior, you can look around for concrete-style gray tones. From agate gray to basalt gray to anthracite - in combination with neutral white - gray nuances of all kinds are in demand.

Trend colours 2023 for textiles and decorative accessories

color trends

If you want to set up your flat in a Mediterranean style, you can opt for the light and very warm colour terracotta for the decorations and textiles. In particular, cushion covers in reddish colour nuances know how to inspire in this year's colour trends in your home. The red and rose tones include expressive trend colours such as bright coral, lobster and the somewhat muted mauve. But a fresh peach look can also be seen in your interior. The dark shade of bordeaux suits a light interior. In 2023, you can add a bright saffron or a soothing sunset orange to the boho furnishing style in addition to cream. In order to complete the natural character, it is worth combining the colour trends with the natural green of indoor plants. The tips can also be followed very well for your own garden.

The colour of summer 2023

Trend color summer

One of the trend colours that should not be missing, especially in this summer, is the enchanting shade of lilac. - The ultimate summer trend. It is reminiscent of the characteristic lavender fields of Provence and promises a pure French attitude to life. If you want to stay in the pastel niche when decorating your rooms, you can choose a delicate rosé in addition to cream.

Expressive colours in winter 2023

While autumn shows itself with its typical brown, yellow and red tones, in winter you can choose a slightly cooler colour palette. One of the trend colours for gray, wet, muddy weather, snow and ice is a bright green that is reminiscent of the lush meadow grass of the previous summer.

Trend colors in the winer

If your heart beats for blue, you can choose between a delicate light blue and a bright royal blue. Equally popular is a strong yellow, which lifts your spirits in your interior design even when the world around you is sinking into sleet. In order for these expressive colour trends to come into their own, it is important to decorate them with furniture in neutral and timeless colour schemes.

The pinnacle of trend colours for 2023: gold, silver and bronze

Classic color trends

This year's home design is classy. You set accents with shimmering metal tones to match the colours presented. Use decorative elements in warm, shiny gold and bronze or in cool and sophisticated, elegant silver.

Conclusion on the colour trends 2023

Color trends 2023

The colour trends for 2023 offer an exciting and varied range of colours that we will encounter in different areas of life. So in 2023 there should again be something for every taste when it comes to trend colours.

In summary, the colour trends for 2023 offer a wide range of possibilities to enliven our surroundings with colour. Whether natural and soothing tones, pastels or bold colour accents - there is something to suit every taste and style.

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In addition, sustainability plays an important role, which means that environmentally friendly paints are increasingly being used. The trend colours for 2023 give us the chance to give our living and working spaces a fresh and up-to-date look.

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