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Make table decorations for communion or confirmation yourself

What exactly are communion and confirmation?

Communion and Confirmation are Christian celebrations practised in various denominations.

Communion is a sacrament of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, in which the faithful receive bread and wine, symbolically representing the body and blood of Christ. The participants are usually prepared for communion in childhood and are only allowed to receive it after the first holy confession and absolution.

Confirmation, on the other hand, is a rite practised by most Protestant churches. It is a public affirmation of faith and willingness to be a member of the Church. Typically, Confirmation is conducted between the ages of 14-16, after a period of preparation in which the confirmands learn about and reflect on the faith and teachings of the Church. Confirmation is often celebrated with a special service where the confirmands profess their loyalty to Christ and to the church.

Which colours should I use best for my communion or confirmation decorations?

The colours used for decoration at Communion and Confirmation may vary by region and tradition. However, there are some common colour schemes:

Colours in the Catholic Church

White and gold colours are often used in the Catholic Church to symbolize the purity and sanctity of the Sacrament of Communion. White tablecloths, flower arrangements and candles are popular to create a festive atmosphere.

Colours in the Evangelical Church

Strong colours such as red, blue or green are often used for confirmation in Protestant churches. These colours symbolize the passion, peace, and hope that comes with affirming one's faith and belonging to the community. Again, floral arrangements, garlands and balloons in these colours can be used to create a festive atmosphere.

This is how you make your own table decoration for a confirmation or communion

Table decoration confirmation communion

I chose a combination of sprinkles, cake toppers and gift tags in purple and blue. For this, you need:

  • Colourful poplar plywood 3 mm in violet and blue
  • Acrylic felt 3 mm in violet
  • Glue
  • jute or burlap ribbon
  • Top
  • jute cord
  • Scissors
  • Laser Template from the Mr Beam Design Store

Mr Beam poplar plywood coloured (different colours)

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Mr Beam Acrylic Felt, 3mm, A3, various colours (5 pieces each)

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Mr Beam II dreamcut [x] Laser head for retrofitting

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Let's start with the simplest: For the scatter decoration, put coloured poplar plywood in your Mr Beam laser cutter, load the file from the Design Store, start lasering and you have your finished result. The file contains the lettering communion and confirmation as well as the Christian symbol of the ichthys, partly with the engravings love, hope and faith. You can place our Cutting Sti[x] under your material so that your wood decoration is perfect from the back and front. This allows the smoke to flow away during the laser process and no traces of smoke are formed on the back.

Engraving settings for communion decoration

To perfect the engraving, I like to set a 0.1 mm line spacing. With coloured poplar plywood, this helps with readability. So that the engraved areas don't get too dark, I reduce the intensity by 10% on the S head and by 5% on the X head.

Guest gift communion confirmation

That's exactly how I made the pendants for my party favours. For the bows, cut the ribbon and lace twice as long as you want, plus 1 cm. Fold the ends over each other to create a loop and glue or sew them in place. Then you press your band ring together in the middle to form a loop and fix the whole thing with glue or a cord, to which you can also attach your pendant.

Small party gift

As a gift for a communion or confirmation, I think wildflower seeds to scatter are very nice, because they bring lasting joy. But candles, soaps and sweets are also popular. You can easily put the gift in a paper bag and close it with your bow.

Cake topper communion confirmation

Finally, we make the cake topper, which, by the way, is also great as a flower plug, for example for a bouquet. For this, you need the file from the Design Store again. This is designed in such a way that the felt fish and wooden sticks have different coloured lines. This allows you to simply separate them by line colour in the "Split" window, or set the respective colour that is not to be lasered to Skip in the laser settings using drag & drop. This way you can quickly cut out both parts with one file. Then you just stick the felt fish on the cake topper, and you're done!

I wish you a lot of fun at your confirmation and communion celebrations, and lots of fun decorating and tinkering with the DIY decoration.

Your Marie

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