Tips for DIY Christmas decoration

Every year, we get the Christmas decorations out of the closet to decorate our home. Traditional pyramids, fairy lights, smokers and windows include basic equipment in the pre-Christmas season. But it's even more individual. Who likes experimenting or his family this year with surprise DIY Christmas decoration I want to be inspired by the ideas listed here.

Macramé Christmas Decorations

Macramé is the kind of knowing different thick cotton yarns in an artful way. This creates murals, curtains, keychain or friendly bracelets. Also, pillowcases, table runners or carpets are created quickly in this way. The good thing about it? These things can be produced very quickly, depending on their size, and are considered Creative Christmas presents.

For the Christmas tree, this easy-to-learn Knotentechnik creates beautiful pendants, which give the tree a completely new charisma. Angels, leaves, stars or small pine trees are among the most popular motifs and can be considered Tinker Christmas decoration.

Macrame Christmas decoration

A Macramé Light Carpet - The very special DIY Christmas decoration

To tinker Christmas decoration, it only needs time and good ideas. So how about a light carpet that can only be found on relevant creative platforms? For this you require Basic knowledge in crochet, thicker wool (cotton), a crochet hook of matching starch and a thick light hose.

For this Special DIY Christmas decoration do you crochet a row of air stitches, closes them into a circle and drain it a few times. If the radius is big enough, you start with the crocheting of the light hose by working firm stitches through which the hose is enclosed.

If the light hose is completely incorporated, the thread is sewn into the carpet and ready is the very personal DIY Christmas decoration. The so originated carpet conjures up one Beautiful atmosphere And will certainly not only be loved by the pets as a cuddly carpet.

An advent wreath for the pre-Christmas time

Not only adults love to tinker Christmas decoration. Even children are enthusiastic when it comes to the preparations of Christmas. They love to bake cookies, decorate the windows with decals and one Advent wreath himself to tinker.

Red DIY Advent wreath

For this you need a wicker wreath from the flower shop, fir green, candles and small decoration elements. The fir green can be attached to the wreath with craft wire. The candles are also plugged on the wire and connected to the wreath. Then it only requires chestnuts, pine cones, heather, straw stars or other little things you are on this DIY want to submit Christmas decoration. It's that easy, one Christmas decoration Craft himself, And even your children can be proud of the Advent wreath.

different advent wreaths

May it be something American?

It does not always have to be huge, but admitted - the Christmas trees made of American movies look great. Although the green pine needles are barely visible, but such lush Christmas tree is something very special. How about making additional Christmas decoration himself this year? The French often hang biscuits from their own production to the branches of the Christmas tree. In Mexico, small star piñatas prayed on the top of the tree and in America you sometimes find an acidic cucumber on the Christmas tree. The so-called "Christmas Pickle" is made of plastic or glass and promises the finder an additional gift. Why the Americans think this custom comes from Germany, but is still unclear.

To decorate your tree richer, you can tinker popcorn chains and hang as a DIY Christmas decoration. The necessary popcorn maize is available in retail. The bottom of a pot is covered with the corn kernels and placed on the stove. Place a lid on the pot and turn on the stove. It only takes a few minutes until the corn kernels burst and jump around in the pot.

The cooled popcorn balls are threaded with a needle on a string that should be tear-resistant. This work can also do children who will have fun with snacking at the same time. Will the Christmas tree with this DIY Christmas decoration Decorated in a household with animals, the chains should be placed in upper height. Otherwise, the treats are already plastered until the Christmas Eve.

DIY Christmas decoration with the Mr Beam laser cutter

Not only small boys are excited when they out wood Write Christmas decoration yourself. With a laser cutter, not only shapes can be cut out that can be used as a Christmas tree trailer. Of the Mr Beam Laser Cutter Can even more. He is not limited to wood, but also processes leather, paper, moss rubber and fabric. In addition, you can engrave with it on matching materials. The material becomes point by point removed from the laser so that the desired subject is created.

Engraved wish list for Christmas

When cutting, the material is severed by the laser beam. In this way, letters, signs, small landscapes or trailers made of wood as a Christmas decoration self-tinker. You can also combine both possibilities, so for example door signs from Mr Beam II dreamcut [S] First engraved and then cut out.

Magic Lights

Christmas is the time of the fairy lights. Although the gentle light has little brightness, it creates a cozy and homely atmosphere. Tables, flat shelves, storage surfaces in the bathroom, chests or window boards offer plenty of space to put more points of light.

For this you only need glasses in the size of your choice and many short fair lights, which are provided with a battery. In the glasses you can fill colored decoration and decorate them with flowers, snow made of watt flakes, cinnamon sticks or dried lemon and orange shells. Small cones, fir green and mini ball fit as well. In addition, you can color the decolor shaft with spray snow white. Finally, accommodate the fairy lights in the glasses, turn on, and you have a DIY Christmas decoration that really is unique And is also perfect for giving away. You see, it is not difficult and can be great fun to craft his Christmas decoration myself.

If you also tinker your Christmas decoration with the Mr Beam yourself, we are very happy if you help your works with our #madewithmrbeam Instagram Parts. If you like the article, you can already go to a lot of tutorials in our Mr beam blog Look forward to Christmas decoration.

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