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Fun carnival games for kids

Whether in kindergarten, at school or at home, children love the carnival season. Then they can dress up, for example as a fairy, cowboy or princess, and play fun carnival games. But which ones are popular and what is the carnival tradition all about?

Carnival children's games - long tradition

Probably every child loves to celebrate carnival and dress up for it. The carnival season traditionally begins on November 11th. 11:11 am , with the street carnival beginning in February. The first parades took place as early as the 13th century. Since then, each carnival stronghold has developed its customs. From Cologne and Mainz, the carnival strongholds, they spread quickly. Kindergartens, schools and families organize great carnival parties. Carnival for children offers the little ones the perfect opportunity for role-playing. In addition to costumes, fun carnival games should not be missing. They ensure a good atmosphere at the party and keep the children happy.

What fun carnival games are there?

Carnival games usually don't differ much from typical children's games, as you know them from birthdays or other parties. But they often have a carnival connection. The following carnival children's games are well received:

Number 1: eat donuts

Donut eat carnival game

Donuts are sweet pastries made from yeast dough and this game is about the eating contest. You will need one donut for each child. Hang them all on a line or string taut in the room, yard, or other place where standing little ones can just reach with their mouths. When given the command to start, they begin to catch their donut with their mouths and eat without hands. Whoever ate first is the winner. This also works with other treats, like pretzels.

Number 2 of the popular carnival games: chair circle game

In the chair circle game, the point is to get a good seat: The players sit in a circle of chairs and another empty chair is added. The one sitting to the left puts his hand on the seat and says, "My right seat is empty, wish me 'chosen child's name'." This person now sits in the empty chair. It is always the turn of the person sitting next to him. The aim is to memorize the names of the participating children and to get to know each other. This game can be modified at will to increase the fun factor. For example, the child should come to the chair as a dog.

Number 3: balloon dance

Balloon dance as a game for carnival

Balloons are always welcome at a party. From this, you can organize fun carnival children's games, such as the balloon dance. The number of children must be even. The players form pairs and face each other. Each receives an inflated balloon that is pinched between the forehead. Other parts of the body, such as the chest, are also allowed. Don't touch the balloon with your hands. Then carnival music is turned on and the couples dance. The balloon must not fall on the floor. When that happens, the couple is out. The last couple to have the balloon between their foreheads wins.

Number 4 of the popular carnival games: crush balloons

Each player attaches the balloon to their ankle with a thread. Then the carnival music is played and everyone dances. As it runs, players must crush each other's balloon while protecting their own. The children whose balloon hasn't burst by the end of the song win.

Number 5: Journey to Jerusalem or chair dance

This game is a classic for young and old: there are two rows of chairs in the middle of the room, with the backrests placed against each other. There is one chair less than children can play with. The carnival music is turned on and, the little ones move around. When the music stops, it's time to snag a seat. If you haven't found one, you are out of the game and take a chair out of the game. The next round of music starts and the game continues. Whoever sits on the last chair wins.

Tips for organizing and running the children's games

At carnival parties, you can give the celebration a motto and develop a suitable supporting program, for example:

  • Prince and princess
  • fairy tale
  • jobs
  • superheroes
  • horror and spooky
  • police
  • fire department

The costumes, food and premises are also adapted to the motto. Of course, the right carnival decorations should not be missing! It is best to ensure that the games are a mixture of movement and thinking games. The fun factor should never be missing. It is best to give the children a say in the costumes and games. Carnival masks can be made from coloured paper and glue. By the way, in this blog article, we explain why we dress up for carnival.

How can parents support the carnival games?

Decoration carnival party

Whether at school, in kindergarten or at home, parents can get the accessories for the carnival party and help to decorate the rooms in a fun and colourful way, for example with:



Parents can also take care of the catering. Donuts are not only suitable for carnival games, but should not be missing at carnival, just like donuts as a carnival snack par excellence. Muffins with colourful sprinkles are also popular. Otherwise, finger food is ideal for children. A highlight of a party are also sandwiches, which the little ones can paint with food colouring. A child-friendly punch is suitable for drinking. Even the smallest party guests can be enthusiastic about funny photos, which are a wonderful reminder of the carnival.


Carnival is indispensable in Cologne and other strongholds. But the fifth season is also celebrated in other areas. Carnival is especially popular with children. Costumes such as pirates, cowboys, police officers or princesses, beautiful decorations, party music and sweets are important. But the matching carnival games also ensure a relaxed atmosphere. Here you have received wonderful ideas on how to make the party with children a complete success. Many games require items that you usually have at home or that are easy to get. It is best to start planning early and get the children involved. You can also help with the preparations. In this blog article, you can get inspiration for carnival party decorations.

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