Karneval Fenster Deko - Der Clown-Süßigkeiten-Spender

Carnival Window Deco - The Clown Sweets Donor

Deco may not be missing the craziest festival of the year. Maybe it's especially important! How practical that you have one Mr Beam Next to you, with which you have the Perfect window decoration for carnival can tinker. Our candy clown is a fun for young and old and sweeten all your favorite day. Have fun crafting!

Looking for the design of the carnival window decoration

Of course, you can be your home with typical Carnival deco Simple streamlines, confetti and balloons decorate. But if you have the opportunity to have one Mr Beam Laser machine You can use that, then you should also use it. Therefore, we have for this year carnival Some thoughts about Design of window decoration did. In the end, it has become a small clown from different paper layers, all friendly invites you to share a few sweets with him. You can also download it from the design store of your Mr Beam.

DesignStore Laser File Clown

Basically, our design is thus divided into two different areas. On the one time, of course, the clown itself, to the other but also the small container in which he kept his sweets.

Candy container tinker

the Construction of the small container, It is quite simple. The design is designed for three millimeters thick wood. Therefore, the gears at the edge of the side walls have a width of three millimeters. Only the floor is a simple square wooden plate that will only hold a little glue.

Window deco carnival

Clown as window deco for carnival

The design of the clown itself consists largely from geometric shapes and partly freely drawn paths. In Adobe Illustrator, we have used the drawing pin tool as always.

The clown is later made completely out of paper. We especially recommend using the big parts, such as the body or the head, as strong paper as possible, so that the clown does not hang the head in the truest sense of the word. Overall, the clown consists of at least six different paper colors. The hat, the skin, the clothing inclusive of the clown nose and the tongue, the hair with the shoes, the eyes and the clown lips, as well as black outlines and details. Of course, you can also vary even more by The clothes are different colors or the hat twine. For the sake of simplicity, we left it.

Clown figure carnival deco

The laser process - fast, but elaborate

in the Mr Beam Working with paper is always particularly fascinating. The laser head moves with a raging speed through the housing, but still remains exactly like anyway! But because you work with a lot of different paper and thus do not process several of the colors simultaneously, the headline of this chapter has arisen. The laser rarely works in a row for more than two minutes, but you often have to insert new paper and replay the designs. There are most of the paper colors already a preset. If you need to adapt something, the following tip is certainly helpful: If the paper is brighter than displayed in the preset, you should usually drive the laser a little slower. Of course, it is about the other way about darker paper.

Laser of the carnival window decoration

To the  Laser job of the small wooden container Is not really much to say. As always, you should of course laser-capable wood Use as little asst holes as possible. Otherwise, you can also use the default settings here.

=== Product ===

MR-Beam premium wooden box

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=== Product ===

Plywood birch-5er pack

=== Product ===

Crafting or: bring the clown to life

If you all completed the laser jobs, you have a pile of all sorts of pieces in front of you. We recommend that you, first inhibit the body and the head individually and put together at the end. For gluing the paper, we used photo adhesive.

Carnival window deco tinker

The assembly of the container is quite uncomplicated. The only thing to pay attention is that you do not assemble the gears so that the parts do not fit together in the second gluing.

Carnival window deco box

Finally, only the clown keep the container, so we stick it with some wood glue to the back of the container. You can then bend the legs and attach it to the pages, so he really holds the box. With the arms automatically creates an inviting attitude that is literally screaming that you finally have a one of his sweets, as it is carnival heard, snap!

Carnival window deco tinker

The sweets donor as a carnival window decoration

Your finished Carnival window decoration Can you still decorate and embellish as you are funny. It also does not hurt the clown back considerably, after all, you want to use the donor yes as a window deck. It does not matter if you put the clown on a windowsill, or in perhaps even attached to the slice itself or maybe even as Table decoration use. In all cases, we would be particularly happy about your result under the Hashtag #madewithmrbeam Find. Until then ... Hellau and Alaaf!

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