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Fireworks alternative: the laser show for the home as a highlight

After 2020 Corona also makes New Year's Eve 2021 with a view to the classic fireworks again a spanner in the works: The Sale of fireworks is banned, Now atmospheric alternatives are needed. Here in this post you can come a light, in the form of a modern laser-staging. By the way, so let alone in Germany more than 2,000 tons of particulate matter be avoided.

Opinion of the Germans to the fireworks

Fireworks alternative: laser show for the home as a brilliant idea

The discussions about injury and particulate emissions with a view of the traditional fireworks many party planners have had anyway already looking for alternatives. You can put a literal highlight for a grand annual financial statements with a laser show for the home Check fireworks Alternative. Who said that there is always crashing on New Year's Eve and will have to smoke?

What alternative do I have to the traditional fireworks?

The complete surrender could be an obvious option. But after a hard year, a little ceremony to wind down should not be missed easily. Flares and sparklers are a simple, but very atmospheric alternative. Outside can be for a beautiful atmosphere to create, perfect for bumping (and can also beat children's hearts beat faster). Pets will thank you by the way of such alternatives, because they experience shows have no joy of loud fireworks.

Fireworks alternative sparklers

In many places it has become a tradition to drive with homemade noisemakers evil spirits. For this example, can be tin cans and stones to use. With a confetti gun and a small Table Firework a functional compromise can be ensured, a touch of 'real' Year fireworks is wherein at least in the air. In recent years, the Laser Show for at home but clearly become THE fireworks alternative.

Overview: Why a laser show as fireworks alternative?

  • Is based on a laser show for the home, no fire or injury out
  • Viewers are in the middle of the action, the fireworks are far away (alone for security reasons)
  • The environment is protected, there is no odor
  • Whatever the weather feasible
  • Through the interaction of laser show and music to create a unique atmosphere can create
  • Laser show for the home can be rented
  • Fireworks alternative for indoor and outdoor use

Laser show in the wine cellar

What do I need for a private laser show?

For a laser show for the home, you require enough space and proper technique. It is a show laser that can be used thanks to special programs even without expert knowledge for a demonstration. Depending on the type of laser show may require a screen. Outside, may be suitable for this bright house wall. The place should be plenty for putting up the art and the audience.

The biggest difference a laser show for the home as fireworks alternative is seen in the position of the viewer: Laser shows are viewed head-on, as a viewer you are very close. It is not necessary to maintain a safe distance. Participate Showlaser ensure that the light beams for sensitive eyes are not a threat. This is the prerequisite for an effective production that can respond in combination with music, all the senses. To that extent, this Fireworks Alternative a very atmospheric highlight of the year (or at any other formal occasion).

Where can I best perform the laser show?

Basically, you have the following options:

  • Projection show (graphics show): This is projected with a special project animations, pictures, logos or texts on an area.
  • Room show (BeamShow): Here, laser beams are directed by the room, viewers are in the middle. With haze, the effect of the staging can be strengthened.
  • Citybeams: With such powerful showlasers, 3D constructions can be drawn into the air, which are sometimes visible at a large distance.

With modern technology, you are very flexible with views of the venue. What is needed is a certain room so that the laser beams can unfold freely. It should be as dark as possible so that the contrast achieves the greatest possible effect. Inside, haze or side effect is required to improve visibility. In very busy city center layers, it is important to ensure that the laser show is not a distraction and thus hazard for road traffic. In this respect, it is good if the surface is a little delimited.

Requirements: Do I have to sign up this firework alternative?

Inside, the editions are very manageable when it is a tested show laser. In the outdoor area, the prerequisites are a bit more complex because very powerful lasers could become a risk to air traffic. In this context, you will definitely come messages from pilots into the sense, which were disturbed by laser pointers specifically at the landing approach. Of course, this is not the intention of a laser show, but A possible unwanted side effect. Therefore, for larger outdoor shows, the approval of the air supervisory authority must be obtained, also for areas beyond air trips. If you decide for a professional provider, this will take you all the planning. So we have already reached the last topic.

Laser show as fireworks Alternative

Laser show for home: buy or rent?

If you google after this firework alternative, you will quickly come across professional providers nearby. These offer you a complete service, often a power connection at the designed location is sufficient as a prerequisite. You can also rent or buy the laser technology yourself: however, specialist knowledge is required for the laser show to be a crowning annual financial statements for home. The purchase of such sometimes expensive devices makes sense only if you are to be used more frequently, or you plan something of business in this regard. For the in-house party cellar, a small projector can certainly be a checkable investment.

Laser of the other kind: Beam your DIY skills with these devices up!

Where we already at the topic laser And the associated creativity are: We show you which other chances on the basis of the fascinating laser technology are possible. We invite you, ours Laser cutter to discover. It quickly becomes clear why this technique is presented here Firework alternative Fits: Perfect your skills as a passionate hobby tinker and create z. B. Diy Invitation cards for your laser event itself. Also, atmospheric decoration for your laser show for home, you can manufacture with our devices in appealing precision. Look forward to our Blog For more inspiration.

Already knew?

The MR Beam laser cutter even has his Own small laser show function. The status lights of the MR Beam blink in different colors to display the status of the device. So you can directly tell if you can connect your device with the BeamOs software or whether it Connection problems are. In our Knowledge Base Let's explain the Status Lights Exactly.

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