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Bees not only provide us with delicious honey that always sweeten the day, but they also create our habitat, by pollinating flowers and plants And so ensure their reproduction. Nevertheless, thanks to us humans, bees are threatened with extinction, which would also be very fatal for us.

World bee day

World bee day

At the May 20th is World Bee Day, which we took as an opportunity to draw a little attention to the small, fluffy helpers.

For this, we provide a nice approach to how you can give the bees back something by creating them habitat. Everything you need is a little tool, a few materials and of course one Mr Beam!

Why build a bee hotel?

Quite simply: the habitat of bees is further restricted by humans. Through the right Bee hotels If you take a lot of work from the bees and offer you the opportunity to secure the population.

Nevertheless, there is a lot of what you should pay attention to in the small dwellings so that it really helps the bees instead of even harming them in the worst case. You can find out in our Tutorial for the construction of your bee hotels.

Choice of material

Used for the dwelling itself, i.e. the interior of the housing only Hardwood, to ensure, that the wood does not splinter or hiked so quickly. We don't want to lock the bees in the wood. For the dwellings, either entire wooden blocks, into which holes are drilled or individual tubes from, for example, are suitable for bamboo.

Bamboo for the bee hotel

But never use glass or plastic tube, but remains with natural materials. But later at the Construction of the hotel even more. There are no specific requirements for the type of wood in the case, for example this is suitable here Poplar plywood particularly good from our shop.

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How do I build a bee hotel? - Avoid common mistakes

Avoids that Bee hotel to build huge big. Instead, it prefers to build several small hotels, so that possible pathogens cannot spread so widely. But it also does not exaggerate with the number of small hotels, otherwise there could be food shortages for the little animals in your area.

Mr Beam in use

Our laser file for the housing from the Design Store already has the perfect size for the hotel. The individual parts fit perfectly on a DIN A3 large plate plywood as you have in our shop. Then lasers the housing and everyone Decorations that you would like to have on the bee hotel. But also limited yourself to wood in the decorations, so that the bees also feel comfortable. Materials such as moss, cones or even plastic decoration should definitely be avoided.

Other preparations for the bee hotel

During the Mr Beam Done his laser job, you can take care of the rest. As already mentioned, you can equip the hotel either with bamboo tube or a solid block of wood. If you use bamboo tube, they should have a diameter of 3-10 mm. In addition, they must not have sharp edges and should be around. Be 12 cm long.


If you choose a solid wood block, it is important not to take fresh wood so that it does not jump when it dries. The drilled holes should be comparable to the holes in the bamboo tube.

Construction of the bee hotel

DIY Beehotel

At this point, you should all have individual parts of the bee hotel ready

Let's start with the assembly of the base body. To do this, glue the 6 side walls into the integration of the base plate with ordinary wood glue. Please do not use solvent -containing adhesive. You should also glue the side walls together again or close the slits with the sound.

If everything has dried well, you can either install the inner life or screw the honeycombs on your plate first. If you want a modular system, you can also do it at the very end. But more about that later.

So for the interior, either put the wood block or the tubes filling in the housing. Dress the Bottom of the honeycomb with sound And press the tubes in there so that they are sealed closely at the back.

Tinker beesenhotel together

Alternative: insect hotel

Insect hotel

A third, quite widespread variant is to fill the hotel with straw. Then it is No longer around a bee hotel, but about an insect hotel

While some insect species feel comfortable in the straw, this is not very suitable for bees. A hotel filled with straw should therefore be hung up to a bee hotel with some distance.

Completion of the building

Hang up beesenhotel

Now cut the grid in such a way that it fits exactly into the honeycomb and attaches it to the front fastening. Then glue them into the remaining interlinking and finally put on your decorations. So it is Build your bee hotels closed.

Hang up the bee hotel

Now you can do that, hang up the hotel in a suitable place. For this you take a sufficiently large, stable wooden plate on which you accommodate all the individual modules if you have not yet attached the honeycombs on a plate. Screws with each other, two screws into the board at a distance of 6 cm for each module. The distances to the screws from the next module must always be at least 11 cm. You can now attach the board to a place of your choice. Best somewhere where the bees neither you nor the bees disrupted.

Therefore: You are welcome to observe the hustle and bustle of the bees, but keep a safe distance and use binoculars if necessary.

Finally, make sure that the house is not exposed to direct rain. Mold harms the bees.


Now nothing stands in the way of your first own bee population. We hope you have that Tutorial Like and wish you a lot of fun recovery. For more details, you can also use ours again YouTube video for bee hotel construction drop by. We would be very much about a few results on the social media platform of your choice under the hashtag #madewithmrbeam be happy!

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