Herbstdeko für den Hauseingang - DIY Trockenblumen-Kranz

Autumn decoration for the house entrance - DIY dried flower wreath

Would you like to design your own autumn decorations with your Mr Beam? Then we have just the right tutorial for you! 2021 is known to be the comeback year of dried flowers , so this blog post is all about a dried flower DIY. - The perfect autumn decoration for your house entrance.

Dried Flower Wreath / Entrance Sign - Tips

For the first part of our autumn decoration DIY, we have already got ourselves a finished wreath. Of course, you can also make the wreath yourself. All you have to do is dry suitable flowers and wrap them around a wreath together with pampas grass.

You can get the wreath blanks, for example, in decoration supplies or in the hardware store. By the way, you can also buy dried flowers in the florist supply. Rodanthus (often called sun wings) and dahlias are particularly suitable. In principle, there are of course no limits to your creativity, and you can use all common flowers.

Preparations for the laser job of the autumn decoration

Since we want to beautify our wreath with the Mr Beam, we have set about creating the file. We chose a suitable font for our lettering and then edited it manually and then combined the paths so that we have one lettering as a whole. Please always pay attention to i-dots and umlauts. These are quickly forgotten! It is particularly good if you choose a font like in our example that already integrates the i-dot into the previous letters.

Preparation laser cutter

The end result looks a lot nicer. It is best to measure the wreath in advance so that the file fits with millimetre precision. We then created the lettering in the right size.

The finished SVG file then looks like this in our graphics program:

Preparation lettering autumn decoration

Before saving, we made sure that the area was not filled and that a contour was set. This is the only way for the Mr Beam software to recognize a cutting line so that we can easily cut out the lettering.

In the case of files, please make sure that you convert the text into paths at the end of the editing process. If you forget this step, you will get a warning message when placing the design on the canvas in the BeamOS software.

Already knew

If you generally want to cut out a file, you have to create it as a vector file (SVG or DXF) in a vector editing program (e.g. Illustrator or Inkscape).

You can read everything in detail in our guide to preparing a laser file.

The file then looks like this in the Mr Beam software:

welcome lettering beamOS

Laser parameters autumn decoration

And then it's time for the laser! We select the laser parameters, press start and after about 15 minutes our lettering for the dried flower wreath made of cardboard is ready. We then simply glued this to the wreath and our autumn decoration for the house entrance is ready.

welcome letteringAutumn decoration house entrance dried flowers

More materials for the perfect house entrance autumn decoration

Of course, you can also use other materials such as Kraftplex, poplar plywood or our sign material. If you don't feel like creating your own files, that's no problem either.

In the Design Store (integrated into the Mr Beam software) you will find numerous design ideas that you can load directly into the Mr Beam interface. You can buy coins for the Design Store in our shop.

We look forward to your personal Mr Beam works! Feel free to tag them on Facebook & Instagram with our hashtag #madewithmrbeam. More decoration ideas will be available soon in our blog.

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