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Make quick DIY carnival party decorations

ALAAF you Jecke!!! After a three-year break, it's finally that time again this year - we're going to celebrate carnival properly again. Or is it called carnival for you? Or carnival?

As different as the 5th season is called, the calls of fools are just as different. You can read about where people call what and how the carnival is called there in our blog article about carnival. So this year there are finally carnival sessions, Shrove Monday parades, children's parades and, above all, parties - whether at home or in a restaurant.

If you are also throwing a carnival party, this DIY guide is perfect for you. Because no matter how spontaneously - or not spontaneously - your carnival party is at home - you'll have the decorations ready very quickly thanks to your Mr Beam. So now, quickly make carnival decorations!

Everything you need for your party decoration for carnival
  • poplar plywood
  • Acrylic paints or pencils in all possible colours
  • construction paper
  • balloons
  • colourful pipe cleaners
  • hot glue gun
  • colourful pompoms
  • Masking tape for masking


Make DIY carnival decorations

DIY streamers for your colourful carnival party decoration

I think this is the fastest decoration I know. It's even quicker than buying streamers for your carnival party, because your Mr Beam lasers through construction paper at incredible speed.

Start your Mr Beam and find and download the streamer file in the design store.

The next step is to select the file in your design library. It will then be loaded into your workspace, where you can resize and count them to suit your needs. This is very easy thanks to the preview function and with the ability to zoom you can even align fairly precisely.

In order to get a preview image that is as accurate as possible, you should also set the object height and take the height of the cutting mats into account.

This is about 10 mm.

laser settings

Place your coulored construction paper in your Mr Beam and focus the laser head.

Via "Laser" you get to the settings for the laser job of your carnival party decoration.

The laser settings for paper also usually work very well with construction paper, but you should still make a test cut for your own paper - as with any new material. Start the laser job and watch how quickly your streamers are done. You can now attach them to the ceiling with masking tape or some other type of tape and just let them hang down.

Laser paper

A colourful wreath for your carnival party decoration

To do this, create two circles in your graphics program, for example Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer. A larger one and a slightly smaller one.

These two circles form the wreath. The gap should therefore be large enough to give the wreath the necessary stability, but not too wide so as not to appear too bulky.

With the text function of your graphics program, you now write the fool's call that is called in your area, for example "Alaaf" or "Helau". 

Choose an easy-to-read cursive that has the letters connected.

You now weld the writing to your wreath so that it is not cut off during the laser.

The basic framework for your wreath as decoration for the carnival party is now in place.

Carnival party decoration template

To make it even more silly, you can add streamers, balloons or other symbols. There are no limits to your creativity here. - I decided on some streamers.

Template carnival party decoration

When you are satisfied with the design of your wreath for your carnival party, save your file and load it into your design library in BeamOS using drag & drop. From there, then into your work area. Here you can then, as always, adjust the size of your file to your material.

Put your plywood in the Mr Beam and focus the laser head.

The laser parameters for poplar plywood are already stored in BeamOS, so you can start the laser job directly.

Alaaf Helau

Acrylic paints for a colourful party wreath for carnival

Now it's getting colourful! After the lasering, you first need your acrylic paints.

With your acrylic pencils or your acrylic paint and a brush, you paint all the motifs and the writing.

Paint carnival party decoration

To prevent the paint from running through the fibres of the wood or accidentally painting over it, you can protect the areas from the acrylic paint with masking tape by masking them off.

Paint carnival party decoration

Colourful spirals made of pipe cleaners, balloons and pompoms as funny highlights of your carnival party decoration

DIY carnival party decoration

All you need is pens of different thicknesses and, of course, the colourful pipe cleaners. Wrap the pipe cleaners around one stick at a time, but leave out one end to keep it straight.

Carnival party decoration

Carefully pull the resulting spiral off the pin and wrap the straight end around the wreath to attach it.

Now you distribute balloons and the colourful pompoms on your wreath and glue them with hot glue.

And everything is ready for your carnival party decoration ! In addition, I can recommend this garland for carnival.

I wish you a lot of fun imitating - and a triple "Alaaf"!

Your Rina

Carnival party decoration

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