Frühlingsdeko für den Hauseingang

Spring decoration for the house entrance and a little DIY for drying moss

The spring Is there and your guests should also see that immediately! Here is a great DIY Tutorial for you, as you simply with the Mr Beam lovely Spring decoration can tinker for the house entrance. With a reusable basis and a small tutorial how my moss himself preserves.

Spring decoration with moss and Kraftplex

Always green and usable again and again - your moss-circle as the basis for your next DIY Decoration project.

The elements of yours Spring decoration for the house entrance become replaceable plug-in Kraftplex and wire. With the Mr Beam That's done quickly.

Tinker with moss

What do you need for the house entrance spring decoration?
  • Kraftplex
  • Moss, possibly glycerin and denatured alcohol
  • White spray paint
  • Hot glue gun
  • Floral wire
  • And a nice place at the entrance to hang it.

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The spring decoration for your house entrance from the Mr Beam

Create in BeamOS Simply a circle you can find in your workspace under "Form". You use the one as a record that you stick to the moss.

The diameter can be directly When creating or adjusted in retrospect by marking the circle and then pulling with the arrows to the desired size. You still require two more, quite small, circles, through which then later a cord or wire plugged.

Laser settings Spring decoration house entrance

Kraftplex or wood suitable Great for your spring decoration as long as you can not get wet. Then, a seal with paint or oil is recommended. For filigree things, such as the writing used, you use best Kraftplex. Due to the weight of the moss, I recommend the strongest for the circle Kraftplex from the Mr Beam Shop.

"Hello Spring" as a lettering for yours Spring decoration at the house entrance Is quickly created and is better suited than "Hello Spring", due to the many points. In your graphics program, e.g. Adobe Illustrator, Do you choose a font that you like. Lift the grouping to move the I-point. Position it minimally overlapping the I-line to weld it again. Just as you finish with both words. When creating, always, make sure that the graphic is not filled so that the Mr Beam really only cuts.

Lettering Spring decoration house entrance

I downloaded the file for the flowerpot for free. To have a contrast between the subject and the offset underground, you can part of the Kraftplex Plate before or even after cutting white painting. You can also select another colors, maybe fits your flowers in the house entrance?

Adhesive both parts with wooden glue and let it dry well.

Motif Sprow decoration house entrance

Using the hot glue gun, you now glue small pieces of wire at the back on the elements to put them in the moss. So that the elements do not tip over, I recommend at least two wires, a right and a left.

In the flowerpot, I additionally stuck her offset from the top and bottom.

The moss for the spring decoration in the house entrance

Do you have moss in the garden you want to use, should you dry it before. You must first liberate your collected moss by lightly shaking earth, leaves and needles. Insects are washing out with hot water.

Moss drying made easy

Now you can dry it by putting the moss spread on kitchen towels into a flat carton. You put this on a dry place or on the heater. Turn it regularly. After a few days is yours Dried moss ready for use. The drawback: Unfortunately, it loses its beautiful green color and is very prone through the drying.

Preserve your moss very easily

You can manage here by a prior preservation. You can easily do that yourself:

  • Mix two parts of glycerin with a part denatured alcohol.
  • Let your Moss in the glycerol solution soak ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Then you can drip it well and carefully express something.

Now follows the, as described above, drying process. Afterwards, is Your moss still nice green and soft. So it can also be kept very well in a plastic bag for several years.

Dry moss

You can do your preserved Deco moss for your spring decoration in the house entrance Also done in the craft business, the florist or on various online shops.

The moss you stick on the circle, or wrapping the whole with wire. For me, it worked very well with hot glue. Since this quickly cools, I have the Moo Piece stuck for piece.

 Preserve moss

The finished spring decoration for the house entrance

Then cut off the supernatant moss along the edge of the circle along with a scalpel or scissors. If the moss is firm, only the suspension is missing and the plug-in. And you can do yours Spring decoration for the house entrance hanging. A real eye-catcher in the neighborhood.

Spring decoration for the house entrance

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