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Modern table decorations for Easter - get inspired by Mr Beam

The Easter is in our latitudes like the spring For the new beginning, for the renewed nature of nature and of course for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. All this we celebrate at the Long Easter weekend.

Therefore, everyone should decorate their home a little - and especially for meals, take time for a fresh and rather happy blackboard or table decoration at Easter. This does not only apply to families with children, but also for all couples of all ages and as well as those who sit on these festivals alone on their dining table. All people should take the time and treat themselves to the joy of decorating the table festively and prepare a special food.

The most important elements for a successful table decoration for Easter

Table decoration Easter

  • a tablecloth, as in the cover picture, makes the table look more festive and classy - even if the table underneath is old and battered;
  • without a tablecloth, you can create a beautifully rustic table decoration for Easter, perhaps with a table runner and place-settings or with several table runners laid crosswise to replace the place-settings;
  • the vintage variant in the style of 'Fixer Upper' is a modern table decoration for Easter that exudes a lot of cosiness and tradition because it incorporates old and used things that are no longer quite perfect.

With old and noble fabrics, a Table decoration for Easter simply looks more festive. Fine fabrics have always been considered something noble and valuable. Historically, cloth merchants were always very wealthy traders. This is still in our subconscious today. Perhaps also because an elaborately laid table takes a lot of effort and shows the love behind it.

The colours of the Easter table decoration

Easter table decoration

Chic is what you like. For example, you can limit yourself to two or three colours or make the table more colourful, which will please the children. Traditionally, people associate all spring colours with Easter. These include:

  • Fresh, bright green
  • Yellow in combination with white
  • All pastel tones
  • But also gloriously colourful colours.

If you are unsure at your colour choice, just orient yourself to the current colours of nature. For example, on the early blooming onion flowers. These include, for example, Crocuses, daffodils, grape hyacinths, primroses and of course tulips. As the first blooming shrubs and trees fall in this country, the yellow flowers of the magic nut, the vigorously yellow forsythia blossoms or the somewhat later pink flowers of magnolia trees in the gardens.

What is a modern table decoration for Easter?

Modern table decoration easter

A modern table decoration for Easter succeeds in elegant, if you limit yourself to two to three colours and elements from nature into yours Table decoration for Easter can be incorporated. The motto is usually: 'Less is more'.

An example: You have confined yourself to the colours white and purple, as well as natural elements, and placed two smaller floral arrangements on your festively covered table. Unfortunately, there is plenty of space in between. These can be supplemented with this with candlesticks or a fairy lights, as well as additionally with particularly shapely stones or other finds from nature - or you finish your table decoration for Easter itself. Children and grandchildren are sure to help. Both for the Modern table decoration at Easter and a traditional decoration, the material felt is excellent.

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Ideas of felt for the Easter table decoration

Felt cutlery for Easter

Felt usually made from pure virgin wool. As a craft material, it is often also produced from artificial fibres. Both variants offer high strength, so that you can use felt to form figures, sew bowls and bags or cut out and decorate shapes for decoration. By the way, with our Mr Beam Laser cutter, felt can be cut out and engraved very precisely.

Our ideas include:

  • Ribbons bound to napkins instead of napkin rings,
  • Cutlery bags,
  • Hat / egg warmer for breakfast eggs in egg cup,
  • a thermal hood suitable for the couple for the coffee or teapot,
  • Chair covers, place sets or even the table runner made of felt,
  • A felt basket for the Easter eggs or flowers arises from a square whose pages you rushed up and sewing at the corners,
  • colourful figures distributed on the table, which are cut from the felt (rabbits, butterflies, owls, foxes, flowers, Chicken, Ducks, chicks, Easter eggs, Circles in different sizes,
  • Small self stitched bags for gifts, Similar bags for mobile phone, for pens or cosmetic utensils that are a nice gift for all teenagers with printed name or logo of the Favourite Football Club.

You are looking for templates? You will not only find these online, but also in the picture and paintings of your children. In addition, we have many laser files for Easter in our design gates. How about this sweetie Cross-stitch Easter bunny?

The egg hunt

The search for hidden Easter eggs and smaller gifts is not just fun for children, but also for all parents and grandparents. In advance, you should be the Beautiful eggs yourself. Funny is in your own garden, where the hiding is often close to ground. But in the rain and no garden, the search is exciting in the house. If you pack gifts in small felt bags for hanging, you can hang them in shrubs, door tags or hang on the window as decoration, which makes the search a little more difficult.

Table decoration for Easter with eggs

Easter table decoration

the Modern table decoration at Easter Although also uses the oval egg form, but rather without using the eggs for the table decoration on Easter. A basket of coloured, hard-boiled eggs can support the table decoration for Easter on the breakfast table. Individual egg warmer not only keep you warm, but also hide the surprise that the egg is coloured. An element for a modern table decoration at Easter is a flower wreath, burning on the colourful egg-shaped candles.

We wish you all a lot of pleasure and happy Easter!

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