Oktoberfest Special - Deine Bier-Untersetzer aus Holz zur Wiesn

Oktoberfest Special - your beer coasters made of wood

The Oktoberfest will soon take place in Munich again. Then it means again "O´zapft is!"

The Munich Oktoberfest has attracted guests from all over the world for over 200 years - after all, it is the largest and most famous folk festival in the world.

Do you want a little at home too Oktoberfest atmosphere? Or are you maybe invited to an Oktoberfest party and are you looking for an idea for a gift?

Wooden beer coasters engraved to match the Oktoberfest

Coats serve to protect the table from edges and press. But they are also useful To mark the glass. With different motifs or the name, it quickly becomes clear to whom the glass standing on it belongs.

Your wooden beer coasters have two laserable levels

The wood coasters consist of two levels that can be used with the Mr Beam can engrave. On the one hand the width and on the other hand the storage space for the glass.

Motifs that fit the subject of “Wiesn” are Example beer mugs, white sausages, Edelweiss, Dirndl, Beer barrels, pretzels or a gingerbread heart.

A field for the tally list is also very practical, how much beer has already been drunk.

Since you can hardly see the beautiful Oktoberfest motifs when a glass is on the wooden beer coating, I used the wide edge and also engraved with the diamond pattern of the Bavarian flag.

The edge and the storage space are different, so you have to have your beer coasters made of wood to the Oktoberfest engraved in two steps.

Create file for your wooden coasters

Create in your graphics program, such as Adobe Illustrator, a form that corresponds to your wooden coasters.

Beer coasters template

Based on the form created, you also have a template for the later millimetre engraving. You can now fill this shape at will. Incidentally, as an alternative to wood, are also suitable Coasters from cork.

The Bavarian flag for the edge of your coasters made of wood

I used the form of the coaster to the Diamond pattern of the Bavarian flag, subtracting the engraving of the edge.

Bavarian flag as the edge

A Oktoberfest typical engraving for the storage space of your coasters made of wood

In order to adapt fonts to curves or other forms, every graphics program actually offers a tool.

The basis for the engraving of the storage space always forms here "O’Zapft is!" And the "Wiesn 2022", adapted to the circle.

Wiesn 2022 template

Everyone Coasters made of wood to the Oktoberfest has been assigned another main motif in the middle. Beer mugs and white sausages have been supplemented with small pretzels, the gingerbread heart and the tablespoon received as decorative elements. In the field of the tally it can then be noted how much beer has already been drunk and - in certain circumstances - still have to be paid.

Of the Mr Beam engrave your wooden coasters for the Oktoberfest in two steps

Prepare your finished file so that you separate the individual steps well and thus in BeamOS can skip.

For example, colour your cutting lines red, and you separate the engraving elements according to the edge and storage space. Now upload all files to your design library in BeamOS.

Laser file beer coaster

Engraving the edge of your wooden coating for the Oktoberfest

For the edge, you load them engraving file with the diamond pattern In the work surface of the BeamOS and first read your template by the engraving in the Laser settings skipped.

The template is for the Gravure of the edge particularly important, otherwise the engraving could also be seen on the wooden coating surface if your engraving is not aligned with millimetre.

As a material for your template, I recommend cardboard Or to choose power paper.

Grave beer coasters

Keep the inner circle, you can use it as an additional protection in the storage space of the edge of the edge Coasters made of wood lay.

After focusing, you can start the engraving of the edge.

To do this, you are now skipping the cutting in the laser settings. As a material, I have Solid wood chosen.

Bavarian flag

Your wooden beer coating gets a engraving to the Oktoberfest on the storage space

Wiesn coasters laser

In order to benefit from your template again, you also load the file with the engraving of your storage space into the work area in the BeamOS and put both files on top of each other.

Then you remove the file of the edge engraving for your coasters from the work area.

Then the second step follows: Focus laser head, cut again and start laser job.

Lasers the beer coaster

If your Mr Beam is finished, you get yours Coasters made of wood to the Oktoberfest from the Mr Beam And remove the engraving remains. Best with a cloth or a cleaning brush.

Oktoberfest motifs

Oil your Oktoberfest coasters after the engraving

With a lint-free cotton cloth, you apply the oil evenly everywhere. Best several times. So will your Wooden beer coasters, Durable and unsightly beer edges of the glasses have little chance.

Beer coasters Wiesn

Have fun copying - And o'zapft is! If you visit the Oktoberfest in Munich, I can by the way Mr Beam Wiesn Guide recommend.

Your Rina

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