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Table decoration for the summer - Mr Beam Tutorial

Summer is here! Finally! Life takes place more outside again, and you also eat more in the garden. I think it just tastes better outside than within the four walls.

But what is missing is A colourful, radiant table decoration. You can quickly make your own table decoration for summer. Think about a topic/motto, and you can start!

Summer - sun - bright colours - fresh fruits

We quickly found an issue here. My children are total fruit fans, so ours will Table decoration for summer consist of colourful, bright fruits.

Materials for the summer table decoration
  • Two old glasses in different sizes
  • spray paint in neon-pink, neon yellow, neon green and white
  • Acrylic paint in brown
  • Paper and scissors for a template
  • Crepe tape
  • line
  • Paint brush
  • 3mm thick felt in yellow, green and orange
  • 1mm thick felt in pastel yellow, light green and light orange
  • Optional glue

A summer fruits as a table decoration for the summer

Radiant colours? Dragon fruit!

I have rarely seen a more stylish fruit than the pitahaya.

That shining pink of the dragon fruit, the light green leaves and the bright white, sweet pulp with the tiny, black cores. Unique, right?

You can quickly make a vase in the dragon fruit look yourself.

Take an old glass, for example, from a chocolate cream or apple sauce.

Paint is painted in neon pink with neon green and yellow as leaves.

First, paint the neon pink as the basic colour.

As always: work in a wind, rain and dust-protected place. Place your glass on a large piece of cardboard and Always keep in mind to protect your surroundings from the spray. Prepare your spray can and then spray evenly thinly. Tighten a glove. So you can turn your glass while painting by grabbing into the glass.

Tinking table decorations for the summer

Then you cut out the leaves out of the paper and stick the sheet closely for your glass.

For the colour gradient, you paint all leaves neon yellow. Let it dry briefly. Then you spray the leaf tips with neon green. Now you remove yours template And already the dragon fruit vase is yours Table decoration for summer finished.

Vase as a table decoration for summer

This glass also looks very nice in the evening when you put a small candle in.

A summer without pineapple - doesn't work!

Summer also means a lot of pineapple food for us. Regardless of whether it is in the fruit salad or purée in the ice cream with banana - delicious and very healthy!

So was allowed pineapple not missing from our table decoration. And honestly?! The pineapple vase is made so quickly. An old glass, spray pack, a cord, acrylic paint and some grass - you don't need more. Sounds simple, isn't it? It is!

Vase paint

Paint your glass with Yellow spray colour And then let the colour dry for at least until it is grip -proof. In order to miss the pineapple pattern of your glass, put it on an underground that it cannot roll away if you press the cord on your glass.

For example, the converted mixing palette of your acrylic paints or the Cutting mat of your Mr Beam.

Prepare colors

Mix the brown tone from your acrylic paints, you can Your DIY pineapple vase want to have your table decoration. Since the cord is also sucking up, it should be a slightly larger blob.

Now put the piece of cord in your brown acrylic paint. Now the brush is used. Dun the bristles of the brush also in the brown colour and now hold it on the cord so that you can pull the cord through the colour and brush. So it is evenly wetted with the acrylic paint.

Vase paint

You always put the cord soaked with acrylic paint on the glass in the diamond pattern. Once all around. Since the acrylic paint has been applied significantly thicker, it also takes some time to dry it.

Now the grass in and you already have one Self -made pineapple for your summer table decoration.

And what do you need in summer under the cool, refreshing drinks? Coasters!

Coasters should not be missing from your summer table decoration.

And that is the easiest from all ideas, because the Mr Beam As always, she lies very quickly for you.

The file for the Citrus you will find again in Mr Beam Design store. 🍋🍊

Mr Beam Acrylic felt, 3mm, A3, 5 Pack, neon colours

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The highlight: the Mr Beam engraves a shape for your inlay out of thin felt.

So you have none or depending on the depth of the engraving only minimal bumps in Coasters, even though it is two -tone!

Filz coasters for the summer table decoration

So don't be surprised if you open the file, because you will of course see the dividers of the pulp twice. Once as an engraving and once for cutting your inlay.

Summer table decoration laser

After the laser job in Mr Beam, check whether the engraving is deep enough and whether the inlay can already be sunk completely. Otherwise, engrave again (don't forget to skip the cutting job!) until you are satisfied with the depth of the engraving.

Filz coasters Citrus fruits

If the Mr Beam with the laser job, you put the thin felt in the engraving, and you already have Fruity, summer coasters for your table decoration.

Lemon in yellow, lime in green and orange - of course - in orange.

If you want, you can still fix the insert with glue, but this is not absolutely necessary.

Everything ready for the next summer garden party with your beautiful DIY table decoration for summer!

Have fun with your own DIY!

Your Rina

Table decoration for summer

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