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Wedding 2024 - these are the trends

As soon as you are planning a wedding and subsequent celebrations, it is worth taking a look at the modern wedding trends of 2024. For decoration, for example, a contrasting colour selection and numerous bows are increasingly required. Other noteworthy trends for a wedding include individually designed illuminated signs and an unusual presentation of the champagne. Alternative shapes of wedding arches and disco balls are also considered trendy for this occasion. You can also crown the hall design with hanging flower pots.

Wedding decorations with contrasting and eye-catching colours as wedding trends

Wedding trend

If you want to meet modern wedding trends in 2024, contrasting and eye-catching colours are the key to success when it comes to decorations. Recommended highlights include the following colour combinations:

  • Black and white as the classic contrast
  • Combination of varied pastel shades such as mint green and peach
  • Bright colours like red and turquoise

The classic contrast between the black and white wedding colours looks elegant or traditional on the one hand and is still considered really modern on the other. This colour selection is also suitable if you want to emphasize notable differences between a bride and groom. The colour contrast illustrates how opposites differentiate themselves and yet attract at the same time.

Red is currently making a remarkable comeback as the right colour for weddings. With the return to wedding trends , shades like ruby ​​red exemplify the passion and love between the bride and groom. Pastel colours, on the other hand, have become trendy, especially when combined harmoniously with wedding flowers.

Lots of bows in the wedding hall

Bow wedding trend

Anyone who lists popular wedding trends in 2024 should not forget bows. If this wedding idea appeals to you, you should not use it sparingly in the wedding hall. At a large celebration, hundreds of ribbons can make sense for the hall design. You can also add the finishing touch to the party favors with a bow decoration.

With current wedding trends, the point of view is gaining ground that bows symbolize the bond between a married couple in a particularly appropriate way. Furthermore, with this addition, the wedding decoration exudes appropriate elegance. Another advantage of bows is that you can find the material very cheaply in stores. Because more modesty and thrift are generally the trend again at weddings, you are in tune with the times.

Illuminated signs as wedding trends for a celebration at night

Illuminated signs wedding trend

Illuminated signs are a remarkable highlight among the 2024 wedding trends. This gives you the opportunity to send a special message to your guests at weddings in an extraordinary way. For example, you can welcome relatives, acquaintances and friends to the wedding party with a bright welcome sign. In addition, illuminated signs are also suitable for decorating the wedding altar. Then the caption may state the name of the bride and groom or a wedding saying that is supposed to bring good luck to the main people of the day.

Individually designed illuminated signs are wedding trends that allow you to give the celebrations a very personal touch. Of course, this idea makes sense especially if a wedding celebration only really gets going in the evening hours. In a relatively dark environment, the illuminated messages are extremely impressive. If an outdoor wedding is planned in the summer, illuminated signs with the correct placement on a scaffolding give the surroundings a unique charm from a distance.

Individually personalized wedding decorations

Mr Beam for the wedding

Another emerging trend in wedding planning is individually personalized wedding decorations, which allow newlyweds to add a very personal touch to their celebration. From the bride and groom's names on the place cards to tailor-made wedding gifts for the guests - the possibilities for personalization are limitless and give the wedding an incomparably personal atmosphere. This is where the Mr Beam laser cutter comes into play: With its precision and versatility, it is the optimal solution for anyone who wants to design their own wedding decorations. Whether it's about cutting delicate patterns in wood , marking metal or creating individual lettering onslate - the Mr Beam laser cutter makes it possible to add a personal touch to almost any material. This type of decoration not only creates unique mementos, but also ensures that every detail of the wedding accurately reflects the couple's history and personality.

Hire Mr Beam for the wedding
Start by determining your wedding colours and then design the decorative elements to match that colour scheme. The big advantage: You can easily rent the Mr Beam for a weekend to prepare for your wedding. This allows you to create personalized decorative elements that make your celebration truly unique - from tailored invitations to individually engraved keepsakes for your guests.


Exceptional presentation of the champagne

Champagne Tower

If you attach great importance to the current wedding trends, you should also present the champagne in an unusual way . In 2024, wedding planning is particularly popular with preparing a champagne wall or a champagne tower as a big surprise. The champagne reception at the beginning of a wedding celebration is the first highlight that immediately creates enthusiasm.

For a champagne wall, you first need sturdy holders that fit the glasses and, ideally, impress with an elegant design. There are hardly any limits to versatile design ideas, especially when it comes to beautifying the wall in the background. The following options, among others, are available with popular wedding trends for the wall design behind the champagne wall:

  • Eucalyptus and similar green plants between the brackets and the wall
  • blossoms
  • Dried flowers
  • Pampas grass

With a champagne tower, a memorable spectacle is guaranteed at the start of the wedding celebrations, while the contents of the poured bottle flow down from the top glass. In order for you to succeed in this, suitable and sturdy glasses are of course indispensable. Anyone with limited skill or experience will benefit from professional support when setting up a champagne tower.

A real alternative - The Aperol Tower!

Aperol Tower

In addition to the classic champagne tower, the Aperol tower is also becoming increasingly popular at modern wedding celebrations. A colourful and refreshing alternative to traditional champagne, the Aperol Tower offers a spectacular presentation form for the popular Italian aperitif drink. Its bright orange colour attracts everyone's attention and creates a lively, summery atmosphere. Preparing an Aperol Tower, similar to the Champagne Tower, requires careful layering of sturdy glasses and a skilled hand to pour the Aperol so that it flows elegantly from top to bottom through the pyramid.

This unique experience not only offers a visual highlight for the guests, but also invites them to toast together and enjoy the refreshing aperitif. Integrating an Aperol Tower into the wedding celebration brings a modern and playful touch that will certainly be remembered by guests.

Wedding trends for the design of the wedding arch

Wedding arch

Although a wedding arch is associated with a very old tradition, new trends have emerged for weddings in terms of arch design. Compared to the classic round shape, square alternatives are becoming increasingly popular. A hexagonal grape arch is considered particularly trendy. The hexagonal shape frames the bride and groom extremely elegantly during the wedding ceremony.

Another popular alternative to the round arch that has established itself among wedding trends is called the Grounded Floral Arch. This is not a classic arch. Instead, this backdrop for the wedding ceremony is a relatively low floral decoration. This variant is particularly suitable for outdoor weddings. Compared to the typical arch, the flowers on the ground create a more subtle effect. This means that the bride and groom are more prominent in wedding photos.

Disco balls for a wedding with a lively atmosphere

Disco ball wedding

If you want a wedding celebration with a lively atmosphere, disco balls are interesting wedding trends for the design of a hall. This is especially true for couples who want to attract their guests to the dance floor. If you love classic disco music, you can end the wedding celebration with the balls with an unforgettable evening of dancing. Because this genre of music is also arousing increasing enthusiasm again, two trends can be combined at a wedding.

In order for the disco balls to really come into their own and create a party atmosphere on the wedding evening, you must also use suitable disco lighting technology. Sparkling light and similar effects with the balls contribute significantly to the disco atmosphere. In order to implement this special idea well, you should of course also use a sufficient wedding hall with a relatively large dance floor. Because space problems shouldn't disturb the wedding guests who love to dance if you want to be remembered through a unique wedding planning.

Floating flowers above the tables

Wedding trend flowers

Floating flowers above the tables in the banquet hall are also on the rise among wedding trends. There are a variety of design options for this. Some of the flowers are placed relatively close to the ceiling, rather inconspicuously. If you want to really stand out with this idea through wedding trends, you can install flower pots like deep hanging lamps instead. For this you definitely need suitable and robust hanging devices. You must also first ensure that the ceiling construction offers sufficient stability for the weight of the flower pots.

You also need relatively showy plants to make a lasting impression in the hanging pots through these wedding trends. Typical hanging plants are of course not a bad choice. If you are looking for beautiful plants for hanging flower pots as unique wedding trends above the tables, the following options are worth considering:

  • ivy
  • fern
  • Petunias
  • Begonias

Did you like the latest wedding trends? Then the latest decoration trends for 2024 are worth a visit for you!

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