Rankhilfe basteln für Monstera

Making a Monstera climbing aid- Mr Beam Tutorial

Why is the Monstera so popular?

The Monstera is not very trendy for no reason. Easy to care for, robust and air purifying properties complete the profile of the Monstera as a houseplant. Above all, your Monstera will help you reduce formaldehyde, benzene and other damaging connections in the air.

Especially in winter the window leaf turns out Effective room air humidifier and oxygen supplier. With its typical heart -shaped, pointed, full green leaves that later get such breakthroughs, the Monstera now adorns not only offices and living rooms, but also decorative items such as pillow, Blankets, cups, glasses and even wallpaper.

Location choice at a Monstera


The Monstera loves bright, warm locations, but it likes it No plump sun.

In summer you can choose a location protected somewhat from the sun, but in winter the Monstera should go to the window or to another bright place.

Either way, sooner or later, it needs a lot of space, because with good care, a monstera can grow significantly within a year.

Monstera houseplant

Why does a climbing aid make sense for the Monstera?

Because of her quick growth, you should show her "where to go" by you leads and supports with a rank aid. You should use a climbing aid in good time so that your Monstera grows up and not width. Otherwise, the tribe tips very quickly towards the earth and thus beyond the edge of the pot.

In her home country, the Monstera ranks up on huge tropical trees.

To imitate the structure of a tree bark, yours should Monstera climbing aid if possible have a rough surface. So the air roots can find sufficient support.

In addition, the Monstera can hook up anywhere with its leaf steams.


What rank aids are there for your Monstera?

  • Moss
  • Bamboo
  • Telescopic rod
  • Bamboo
  • Stainless steel or plastic grid
  • Long branch
  • Thin PVC pipe
  • Or: Tinker yourself an individual and beautiful rank aid for your Monstera

But always applies: so that your monstera finds sufficient support, If you need a rough surface on your rank aid. Therefore, you must also wrap the tendrils mentioned with a smooth surface with coconut mats.

Your individual climbing aid for your Monstera

  • Kraftplex, because it has the necessary rough surface to offer the air roots of the Monstera sufficiently.
  • A cord or wool
  • And otherwise only yours Mr Beam

=== produkt ====


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=== produkt ====

That just sounds, right? It is!

Start yours Mr Beam And put yours Kraftplex in.

I recommend the thickness Kraftplex to use with 1.5 mm so that yours Rank aid for the Monstera becomes stable enough. Also, Kraftplex is recyclable. If your rank aid has to be renewed because it has become too wet, for example, you can even compost it. I call that sustainably!

Upload the Template for the Monstera rank aid In your work area in BeamOS.

Now you best adjust the size of your rank aid to the size and thus the conditions of your Monstera. Thanks to the camera view in the BeamOS work area, you can easily align your rank aid on the Kraftplex.

 Monstera Rankhilfe Template

When the Mr Beam has finished laser-cutting your Monstera climbing aid, you can already put it in the pot. Make sure not to violate roots. It is best and easiest to integrate rank aids when repotting, which is best done in the first few years.

If you want to protect the supports a little from water to make them more durable, you can spray them with non-water-soluble paint after lasers.

And your climbing aid is ready!

The structure of the rank aid

Build tanning aid

The stems of the rank aid

They serve as supports. Here you can Tie the Monstera with a cord to give her hold. Use a cord for this, for example from jute or wool. There are also plant binders with Velcro. These are gentle on the plant, soft and when the scope of the stem grows, the plant binders with Velcro are easy to adjust. Use not to use fishing cord or the like, so you would violate the stems of your Monstera in the long run because they cut.

The leaves of your tanning aid

Overall, they support the plant a bit. In the breakthroughs of the Leaf surfaces of your climbing aid Can you put individual or several stems. That Kraftplex For this purpose, it can also be formed wonderfully to push through the stems of your Monstera without hurt them and at the same time offer them permanently sufficient space, even if they increase.

Rank aid Kraftplex

If you already have a very large monstera, you can easily get rank aid from yours twice Mr Beam laser leave and glue together at the top. The stability is still given due to the stems plugged in from different sides.

Monstera Rankhilfe

Alternatively, I recommend a moss rod as Rank aid for your big monstera.

You quickly made a moss rod as a rank aid for a very large monstera

All you need is a bamboo stick, moss and floral wire. Like you Moos itself dry nest and also make it durable, I have you in this blog article shown.

Wrap that Moos around the bamboo rod And attach it to the wire by also using it to wrap the stick.

The advantages of a moss rod

You can increase the humidity of your monstera by regularly spraying the moss with water. In addition, your moss pole can be rooted by the monstera and it will find good support. Show your monstera "the ropes" and support it, and your monstera will thank you and shine in its most beautiful green!

You have that Tutorial to the Monstera rank aid to like? Then read your own rank aid immediately and share it with that #madewithmrbeam on social media. We are happy every time we can admire our users' creations.

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