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Carnival decoration craft - the best ideas for creative

If in February annually the Carnival seam, are colorful Carnival costumes, Colorful garlands and of course delicious Berliners always with the party. You do not know what is Berliner? Berliners are also known as pancakes, donuts or crepel. You still know another term? - Then write it in the comments.😊

The highlight of the celebration then numerous carnival removals and party events with proper humor offered in sweets. How nice would it be there, already at home with loving DIY Deco to set up the celebrations? Here come the best Deco ideas for carnival to make your own.

Colorful fairy lights for hanging

Carnival to be above all one thing: beautiful, colorful. The origins of the festival are finally going to sell the evil winter spirits. So what would be more obvious than weeks in advance funny, colorful fair light chains as Carnival deco to craft to hang them on and enjoy them?

Carnival deco fairy lights

Your imagination will not be bounded here. As a basis, always serves a simple fairy lights, as seen above in the picture. Make sure that you only contains simple pears, but no decoration. So you have all the ways to implement your ideas.

Particularly suitable is, for example, transparent paper from which your funny hats can tinker around the individual pears. For this you need paper circuits that you cut at one point to the middle and then just turn into a hat.

The ideal table decoration for carnival

Carnival deco tinker streamers

You like to invite guests and love to pamper them? Great, then don't forget to arrange the right Table decoration. After all, carnival feeling should also be added to the table. Very well-proven beautiful napkins - as desired with an imprint on it. If space is, you can spread some confetti on your dining table, a few garlands, streamlines and balloons. Cutlery bags In colorful designs are also ideal for the Table decoration on carnival. But make sure that any pots and bowls fit in between. Who plans a very special meal, can also add flowers and name signs.

Noble name signs with engraving to carnival craft as deco

You want to offer your guests more than breeding paper signs? Then take the processing of other materials with the Laser cutter Mr Beam II Dreamcut [S] In consideration. Also, if this of course cuts paper and cardboard with ease, you are by no means limited to it. How about name signs for example leather, plywood, acrylic, Felt or plastic? With a Mr Beam Laser Cutter can not only cut them into the desired shape, but also engrave. Finally, you can then give the name signs home to the appropriate people. So everyone has one Beautiful souvenir of an unforgettable carnival party.

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Incidentally, you can with one Laser cutter Not only produce great signs. Also, elsewhere Deco in all imaginable forms, you have cut in the NU. Always popular are for example Clowns, funny faces, balloons or geometric shapes. With a laser cutter, you can shape these motifs from many materials and engraved behind. How about a circle, for example wood, On which you engraved a face?

Craft garlands as carnival deco

Carnival deco crafting garland

Garland embodies carnival like hardly any other decoration object. And the best thing is: They fit pretty much everywhere. Whether on the wall, on a floor lamp or on the table - garlands everywhere is a typical carnival enrichment and can be great Carnival craft as deco. The easiest way is to buy them. But if you have special demands or just have fun crafting, you can also make it yourself. There are several options for this. On the one hand, you could glue paper rings into each other. On the other hand, but you could also use a string and attach paper creations - for example cut animals or balloons.

Tip: Origami figures can be fastened primarily to garlands.

Craft extraordinary masks to carnival as deco

Carnival deco craft animal masks

At carnival, costumes are of course indispensable. What would carnival be without extravagant panels? Simple cardboard masks can already be nice here. For this, just cut your desired shape And attach a rubber on the back. So you can easily put on your panel. With Youtube we also have a tutorial for you, like your own Tinket animal mask made of paper can.

Do you work with a laser cutter, you can also work with other materials as paper - for example cork or felt. So your mask is not only high quality, but also more durable.

Carnival deco "crafts" in the kitchen - homemade Berliner decorating

Berlin to Carnival

Admitted: Tasty Berliner Are not a decoration per se, but can certainly be designed as such. How about colorful frosting or funny faces on your pastry? Let your inspiration run wild and create a decoration that is not only lying around on the table, but can also be eaten directly - after being photographed, sees. Positive side effect: During diligent cutting and crafting, you have much more energy thanks to the delicious snack.

Deco motifs cut easy made with the Mr Beam II Dreamcut [S]

Laser cutter

Carnival deco to craft is often associated with the cutting of various figures and shapes - and these are not always of paper. A high-quality laser cutter can therefore be a great help in successful and creative crafts. Looking forward to enjoying yourself and your visit with wonderful decoration elements from different materials.

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