Which Kraftplex type is suitable for my project? Mr Beam explains

We simply love Kraftplex, and that's why we would like to introduce you to this special material in more detail! Whether you're a passionate crafter, a professional designer or simply someone looking for a versatile and sustainable material - it offers you an impressive range of possibilities. Let's explore the different Kraftplex types together and find out which one suits your project best.

Discover the variety of Kraftplex types

There are three unique types of this material: ST, FO and CL. Each of these types reveals specific properties that make them ideal for different applications.

Let's start with ST, which stands for "stiff". This material is characterized by its high density and strength. It is the ideal choice for projects that require stability and robustness. ST is available in various thicknesses and offers a lightweight mesh structure that gives a matte finish.

FO, short for "formable", offers you a high level of flexibility and resistance to breakage. It is the material of choice when it comes to bendability and malleability. The fine structure of its surface gives your projects a smooth and attractive look. FO is perfect for dynamic designs that require some flexibility.

The third in the group is CL, which stands for “curve”. CL is particularly flexible and can even be cut with scissors. This feature makes it unique among the Kraftplex types. With its slightly marbled surface, it is ideal for creative applications that require high flexibility.

Despite their differences, all types share some key similarities: They are made from 100% cellulose and are made from sustainable softwood. This underlines their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. With no additives such as adhesives or binders, they are a purely natural product. Their safety is confirmed by the DIN standard for children's toys, which makes their use particularly trustworthy. For example, you can make your own cookie stamps with Kraftplex.

Masterful material for precision and creativity: The technical advantages

Kraftplex butterflies

Kraftplex is ideally suited, among other things, for laser cutting, a technique that requires precision and attention to detail. The unique texture allows you to cut and engrave even the most delicate patterns and designs with extraordinary clarity. During this process, the material produces less smoke and is therefore more filter-friendly. What are you waiting for? Kraftplex and the Mr Beam laser cutter are a “perfect match”!

When it comes to processing, the material shows its true strength through its impressive versatility. Regardless of the type chosen - be it ST, FO or CL - it demonstrates outstanding flexibility and resistance to breakage. These properties allow you to bend, shape and even roll the material without it breaking or losing its integrity. This flexibility opens up a world of new possibilities when designing your projects, from complex curves to dynamic shapes.

In addition to its flexibility and resistance to breakage, Kraftplex represents an inviting canvas for surface design. Whether by painting, oiling, waxing or applying chalk paint - the surface not only accommodates various treatments, but highlights them, giving your creations an individual and appealing look gives. This adaptability makes it an ideal material for a variety of projects, from artistic works to functional items.

Use Kraftplex in model making

Kraftplex model

Additionally, Kraftplex is ideal for model making due to its unique combination of strength, flexibility and environmental friendliness. It offers you the ideal basis for precise and detailed models. Its strength ensures models are durable and resilient, while Kraftplex's flexibility allows it to create even complex shapes and structures. Kraftplex is also easy to process: it can be cut, shaped, glued and even printed, which allows for an enormous variety of designs.

Kraftplex in detail: ST, FO and CL - each type is a masterpiece

Kraftplex model making

We had a close look at the three types to give you an overview.

Kraftplex ST

  • Density and Strength: ST, which stands for “stiff,” is known for its high density and strength. It offers the necessary robustness for demanding projects

  • Availability in a variety of thicknesses and formats: Whether you need a thin or thick option, ST is available in a range of thicknesses and formats to suit your needs

  • Surface structure: With its light sieve structure, ST gives your projects a matt and natural look

  • Applications: Ideal for structural designs, furniture construction or any projects requiring greater rigidity

Kraftplex FO

  • High flexibility and break resistance: FO stands for “formable” and scores with impressive flexibility without compromising break resistance

  • Unique surface structure: Its very fine structure ensures a smooth and attractive look

  • Individual formats: FO can be tailored to individual formats, giving you maximum design freedom

Kraftplex CL

  • Special flexibility: CL, which stands for "curve", is extremely flexible and is ideal for projects that require a high degree of flexibility

  • Cutability with scissors: This flexibility allows you to cut CL even with scissors

  • Special surface structure: Its slightly marbled surface gives your designs a special aesthetic

  • Possible Applications: Ideal for creative and artistic projects where form and flexibility are paramount

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Versatile Uses: Art and home decoration made easy

Trellis made from Kraftplex

Kraftplex opens up a wide range of applications, ranging from artistic projects to stylish decorations for your home. This versatile material is perfect for custom artwork that reflects your personal expression and style. Whether delicate sculptures, impressive wall art or tailor-made pieces of furniture - it is the ideal medium to turn your creative visions into reality.

In addition to artistic projects, Kraftplex also has ideal properties for creating home decorations. From elegant room dividers to personalized gifts and unique home accessories - the possibilities are almost endless.

A particular advantage is its excellent compatibility with various surface treatments. You can easily work on it with varnishes, oils, waxes or chalk paints to give your projects an individual touch. This flexibility in surface design makes it a true chameleon, adapting to any style and environment. So implement your ideas and give your home or your art projects a personal touch.

Conclusion: Your key to creative worlds

Kraftplex for crafting

Kraftplex is your key to a world full of creative possibilities. Whether for robust constructions or delicate works of art - the versatility of ST, FO and CL opens up countless design options for you. The easy processing and individual adaptation to different surface treatments make it an indispensable companion for all your projects that combine quality, sustainability and aesthetic diversity.

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