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New Year's customs in Germany: What traditions can not miss?

After the Christmas holidays and many Christmas traditions New Year's Eve is already at the door. Each of us celebrates New Year's Eve different and yet there are particular in Germany New Year customsThat we do not want to miss easy. But who knows where they came from and how they differ from those in other countries? Here we go the most important customs of the year after and explain what it's all about.

How are New Year's customs originate?

Why the evening of December 31 is New Year's Eve? the Term goes to Pope Sylvester I. back, who died on December 31, the 335th The anniversary of the Pope, as suffocated in his presence infidels by miracles hand herringbone is, but nowadays only committed by very few. Instead of a saint to commemorate, we celebrate the New Year on New Years Eve. This represents a change for the better: Hence comes the Tradition of New Year's intent.

New Year's Eve New Year's Resolutions

Many go New Year customs on pagan traditions and beliefs back. The new year is perceived as a radical change and a new beginning. This is, for example, from the toast "Happy New Year" apparent wishes with you, the new year will succeed.

New Year's Eve with tradition: What practices are particularly popular?

In Germany certain New Year's Eve traditions known nationwide. Here we have summarized the most important New Year traditions for you.

Pour hot New Year's Lead


Who has not dreamed of being able to foresee the future? The Romans were concerned with such thoughts - and thereby invented the Bleigießen. In this New Year's Eve tradition lead pieces are heated over a small fire. The molten metal is then poured into a bowl of cold water, where it takes a certain shape. This is interpreted freely, with a heart-like piece of metal stand for love, a flower resembling pieces but to predict a new friendship. Since 2018, the lead casting, however, forbidden as lead contains toxins. Since then, use is made of tin or dough.

Dinner for one

Every year on New Year's celebrating her 90th birthday Miss Sophie and see her every year millions of German while. But the sketch from 1963 is no import from Great Britain, as one might suspect, but a German productionAre satirized in the British quirks. Since 1972, the 18-minute-long sketch is part of the New Year's program.

Fireworks as New Year custom


No New Year's Eve without fireworks: At the end of it, let the Germans crashing violently. In Germany, it is allowed by law to fire on New Years Eve and on New Year firecrackers and rockets. However, in the public space is more violent than this New Year's Eve tradition discussed because it always comes back to accidents and injuries. As real fireworks alternative, could be the Laser Show for at home establish.

Raclette and Fondue

Why the Germans for the Silvestermeal by their Swiss neighbors have been inspired, you do not know. Perhaps it simply due to the fact that Raclette and fondue are wonderfully sociable and thanks to these courts the hours until midnight quickly. Also popular are Berlin, which is called the Boiling pastry in Berlin as pancakes and in parts of Bavaria as a donut.

Poll New Year customs

Are there regional differences in traditions in Germany?

The Rummelpott running has in some parts of northern Germany to this day as a New Year's tradition. This is a so-called hot use. At the early New Year's Eve, costumed children are singing from door to door and ask for sweets.

In Schiltach in the Black Forest every year the Schiltcher's New Year's Eve train takes place. The origin of this tradition goes Back to the early 19th century. The participants gather in the marketplace, from where they are singing to the rectory. They carry old wooden lanterns. The old town is illuminated with pitching flares, which provide a unique flair.

A relatively New custom is the New Year's Eve celebration at the Brandenburg Gate committed since reunification. For the celebration, the two-kilometer section of the road of 17 June from the Brandenburg Gate to the Victory Column is closed to all traffic.

Establish new customs?

Because of it globalization, more and more New Year's Eve customs from other countries Your way to Germany. But this is not the only reason for new Year's Eve traditions. Large parts of the population now renounce New Year's Eve customs, which they feel overtaken.

Instead of a sparkling wine, you set up: Germany's largest New Year's Eve has been launched in 1982 and takes place on the route from Werl to Soest. The NDR New Year's Eve Crys are also one of the NDR New Year's Eve Party in the Baltic Sea United Timmendorfer Beach, which will follow the New Year's banches on New Year's Day. Numerous restaurants throughout Germany offer special New Year's Eve packages for guests who want to watch feasting and watching the colorful bustle.

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