Beamie - The most fluffy laser head ever

A year after the launch of ours [S] laserhead we brought out a new laser head today - on time for the birthday. Can we introduce? Beamie - Our fluffy laser head ever!

Who is the little Beamie?

Mr Beam Fabric

Beamie is your hardworking helper for you and your Mr Beam. It is a great motivation in creating the Laser files And can be pressed if a creative break is necessary. He looks very similar to his brother but is only a little bigger and fluffier. 🥰


Beamie on tour

Post the adventure of your Beamies on Instagram! Under the Hashtag #beamieontour Do you also see what all the other Beamies are doing out there. A Beamie was even already from the Paparazzi in Los Angeles and Hollywood, caught. Of course, we cannot withhold the exclusive photos from you. 😉

Beamie in Hollywood

Why is the Beamie?

Beamie in the sunflower field

You love your Mr Beam, you love them #madewithmrbeam Community, and we love you! That's why we want to give you something back and have worked on the perfect cuddly toy for months.

Fabrics were tried out, patterns tested and even the little sweet eyes were discussed for a long time until we were satisfied with the team. Various corrections later we can now hold the result in our hands and are super proud that we have one Mega fluffy, super high quality and of course extremely sweet Beamie able to offer.

How does the price of the Beamies come together?

Admittedly, a conventional cuddly toy does not necessarily cost 49.90 euros. However, since we have completely designed the Beamie ourselves and have produced in a small series, this is not cheap. There is also the packaging and shipping. For that is Beamie unique and super robust - So it can be snuggled extensively. 🧡

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