Mr Beam II dreamcut [x] Laser head for retrofitting

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Artikelnummer: 920-00051

Mr Beam II dreamcut [x] Laser head for retrofitting the model: Mr Beam II dreamcut and Mr Beam II dreamcut [S]

The [x] stands for e Xtrem. Equip your Mr Beam with an insane upgrade now! Our 10W laser head is ideal for power users who cut a lot of wood. The motto is: more power. more speed. more creativity !

With the new laser head, you can now cut even faster and also process thicker materials. White acrylic is no longer an impossibility and up to 8mm plywood is no longer a problem for our new laser head (the laser must of course also be clean and the focus must be set correctly).

Installation is as easy as ever. Unpack - install software update - connect laser head - get started!

Caution: The laser has so much more power with the new laser head that the cutting mat is no longer suitable for it. Please switch to a suitable alternative, such as our magnetic clips.

Note: More throughput also means more material abrasion! This means for everyone who uses the Air Filter: your filters will be full faster. We are already working on the next filter generation. This will be put in the shop later this year!

Please note that the delivery time will be around 7 to 10 working days. Longer if demand is high. The "first come - first served" principle applies. Orders are processed in the order in which they are received. Before you buy, check if you already have a 90W power supply. If no, select it with the laser head.