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Meet the Team - Marketing & Sales: Chris and Cristina

Is marketing & sales the key to a company's success, or is it rather a time and cost waster? Today we are going to get to the bottom of this question, other clichés and Mr Beam's marketing & sales strategy. Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at Mr Beam with Cristina and Chris from the Marketing & Sales team.

What is Marketing & Sales?

sales team

Ch: Basically, I would say that the main task of marketing and sales is the effect on the outside and the contact with the customers. At Mr Beam, it is important to us that we are always present and available for the customer. We are on all kinds of channels, and you can write to us anywhere.

Cr: Exactly, Sales is definitely the point of contact for any customer contact. In addition, our job is to know the product inside and out. Not just the product, but the entire company, its culture and goals. We are the people who represent that. Our strategy to be there for the customer in the best possible way is above all our diverse contact options. It is also important that we always have answers ready and quickly. Especially when we are at trade fairs where we reflect the company. And depending on how well we do it, that will ultimately influence the opinion of potential customers.

In my opinion, sales in cooperation with marketing is the key to keep the company afloat economically and to show prospects and customers what the company's vision, mission and values ​​are and how trustworthy we are.

Both tell me that there are of course limits to their knowledge of Mr Beam, especially when the questions get too technical. However, it must also be said that both have only been working at Mr Beam for a short time and that a certain amount of familiarization time is allowed in every job.

Cristina adds very appropriately: In order to know everything about the product, one would have to have worked in every single department.

Fortunately, the departments at Mr Beam are all represented at the headquarters in Munich, which means that everyone is in close contact and a general overview of the product is possible.

What tips and tricks are there in sales/marketing?

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How can you be successful in Marketing & Sales?

Cr: The work that Jessie, our Head of Marketing & Sales, does on Instagram is particularly effective. We also do promotions, such as small discounts, gift campaigns or competitions. This, you could say, is a "trick" that we use at Mr Beam, and it works very well.

Ch: Another characteristic for us is that we are present and transparent. On Black Friday, for example, we clearly communicated to customers right from the start what campaigns we would be doing and what discounts would be available for what. We also attach great importance to always giving honest answers to questions.

So with Mr Beam you don't have to be afraid of psychological sales tricks or the hidden fine print.

What are the challenges in sales?

Cr: It's challenging, for example, when you're asked questions that you don't immediately have an answer ready for. Then still sound professional. Another point that comes up every once in a while is when customers get it wrong and don't see it or, even better, don't stop discussing it. In sales there is the philosophy "the client is always right", which is why you have to find communication channels to address things gently, correct them and put the customer in a positive mood again. In general, staying positive at all times, especially in difficult customer situations, can be challenging. Then there are other situations that are more likely to make you smile. For example, when customers ask things that are actually self-evident, such as how much this mm specification is in cm. This can happen, of course, but you should avoid sounding amused or perplexed.

What's new at Mr Beam?


Mr Beam is not only available in Germany, we are already represented in one or the other country throughout Europe : in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Poland, Greece, France, etc. and of course in Austria and Switzerland.

Cr: We are mainly in the process of establishing a foothold in England. In November, for example, we were at a trade fair in London.

Ch: There's also a new cuddly team member at Mr Beam that we all love: Beamie. The backstory to the stuffed animal idea was that around the same time a year ago, we released what was then the new laser head. The Beamie is the stuffed animal embodiment of our laser head.



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Ch: Beamie is great for marketing, he's kind of become our mascot. We also have him in XXL format as a costume, which we always have with us at trade fairs. For us, Beamie has become part of the Mr Beam family, and we take him everywhere with us, for example he has already travelled to the USA.

brand building

And how was Beamie received by customers?

Cr: In the beginning people were a bit sceptical, now it's hard to imagine life without it. Interest grew and when there was a voucher for purchasing Beamie, many took advantage of it. At the last fair, a customer even wanted to buy the big Beamie costume. I think it has now reached our customers, for example, they also post with Beamie on Instagram on #beamieontour.

Ch: Beamie is now also included in our starter bundle, which contains everything you need to get started with your own laser experience with Mr Beam.

Which marketing platforms do you use?

Social Media Mr Beam

Ch: A strong social media platform, through which we mainly get our demo requests, is currently Instagram. Another platform that our colleague Marie is currently growing is Pinterest. Michelle brings us more exposure through our TikTok account with her funny posts. And through the work of Maurice, among other things, with the website and the content formats, people become aware of us, for example through the various search engines.

Mr Beam is also on Facebook. There is a group for customers who already own a Mr Beam. You can exchange ideas there and Jessie is always there to help and advise you.

Ch: It might be added that we also have a number of resellers and marketplaces, such as Betzold, Kaufland or Amazon. This certainly also contributes to customer generation and awareness.

And what should not be missing, of course, is influencer marketing. A wide variety of influencers support us, from DIY experts to master carpenters, everything is represented. @YourKonstantin, for example, has been supporting us on YouTube for many years. He was Mr Beam's first influencer and supports us a lot - for example with tutorials and instructions.

Sales & Marketing clichés


Finally, let's clear up a few well-known clichés.

Marketing uses unethical sales methods?

Each of us has certainly fallen for one or the other sales trick of the big companies. Whether hidden fees in the small print, oversized packaging or purchased reviews. How does Mr Beam feel about this?

Ch: Other companies definitely use such methods, but we try to be as open and honest with customers as possible. What is of course important in sales is that you present the things you are selling in the best possible light. When there is a good offer, they say there is a great offer. That would be the "rarest" thing we do. But we stand behind everything 100%.

Cr: Exactly, if we offer our customers a good discount, for example, that obviously can't result in extreme price differences, we're then limited.

Do you have a moral compass to act by? Or are there any limits that you would not cross?

Cr: Our compass is definitely to be transparent. Everything else, apart from saying we have a 'great offer', is a no-go for me. I would never lie to a customer, it always comes back to you, it's bad karma.

Marketing & Sales are very superficial industries?

Marketing Sales

It's all about the money, and you market everything, no matter which product?

Ch: Of course, profit is the priority for a company. That's just economy. However, I wouldn't say that we don't care about our customers, for example. Of course, you can't go into every little private concern of the customer, but otherwise we attach great importance to customer proximity. Jessie is really available 24/7 in the Facebook group or on Insta to answer questions. In relation to the general industry, it depends on a lot. I think it's got better, but of course it's still a bit superficial.


Marketing is only for big companies?

Why is marketing so important for a company?

Cr: Definitely not. Of course, you could also manufacture your product without a marketing department or strategy, but that would affect the company's growth rate. It wouldn't grow as fast and strong as with a marketing strategy and a department behind it that adjusts it based on trend, growth rate, interests, focus groups, etc. Any success one achieves with one's business depends to a large extent on a strong, trusted reputation, and the marketing team contributes heavily to building the brand name, maintaining the good reputation and opening new windows and markets together with sales.

Ch: I also think that marketing is becoming more and more important these days with social media. That's the No. 1 source of information. You can have a great product that is unique and actually has a good chance of surviving on the market, but if no one knows about it, that's no use. That's why marketing is simply essential.

Thank you very much dear Cristina and Chris for this exciting look behind the scenes of Mr Beam!

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