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Make a door wreath for Easter - Mr Beam Tutorial

“Hoppy Easter” - Easter is getting closer and closer! What are typical Easter symbols and colours for you that should not be missing from any Easter decoration ?

For me, it's clearly bunnies and eggs in beautiful spring-like pastel colours.

Our front door doesn't look particularly inviting after winter, it's a bit dreary.

Since we're inviting the family to brunch again at Easter, that should change quickly. So a nice door wreath is needed. And in this tutorial, I'll show you how you can make a beautiful door wreath for Easter with just a few craft materials and your Mr Beam.

Material for your door wreath for Easter

Easter door wreath material

This is what you need
  • a willow wreath
  • Poplar plywood in pastel colours
  • Popsicle sticks (five short and two long)
  • small white pompoms as tails for the bunnies
  • wood glue
  • All-purpose glue, e.g. Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue
  • solid cord in white
  • 2.5 cm wide gift ribbon in pastel green and pastel pink

Mr Beam poplar plywood 3mm, pastel, A3, economy pack (4 colors)

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Bunnies, eggs and a “Happy Easter” for your Easter door wreath from the design store

Do you already have the Mr Beam poplar plywood in pastel at home? If not, then you will get it now at the latest. This is where the decoration of bunnies, eggs and a “Happy Easter” comes from. To do this, start your Mr Beam and open the Mr Beam software in your browser and jump straight into the design store.

Easter designs from the design store

Now select the “Easter” category and choose a design for your bunnies and eggs.

You can find eggs and rabbit heads, for example, in the“ TicTacToe Easter” design. A bunny silhouette from behind with the great idea of ​​sticking on a pompom tail is available in the “Easter Bunny Silhouette”. For example, you can find eggs to hang up under “Easter decoration - polka dot egg” and “Easter decoration - Easter egg bunny”.

There are other beautiful Easter-themed files in the design store - it's always worth browsing!

For my Easter door wreath, I used the eggs from the Tic Tac Toe and the bunny silhouette. In order to be able to use the designs, you pay for them with “Beam Coins”. To do this, simply click on the price and confirm by clicking on “buy now”. You will then find the designs in your design library.

Laser the decoration of your Easter door wreath

From the design store, you load the rabbits and eggs into the workspace of the Mr Beam software.

For my Easter door wreath, I lasered the following:

  • seven rabbits in the original size of the Design store file.
  • three more bunnies of different sizes that are slightly smaller.
  • three large eggs,
  • three slightly smaller eggs,
  • six slightly smaller eggs,
  • and then three small eggs.

It is important that you always have two rabbits or eggs of the same size that you can glue together for the two garlands. And the rest are for the wreath and the fence.

Laser Easter door wreath

You will also find “Quick Text” in the work area. The “Merriweather” font is ideal for sticking legible letters one below the other on the gift ribbons.

For my 2.5cm wide pastel ribbon, I scaled the letters all to 1.5cm height. It's crazy how precisely the Mr Beam lasers even such small letters, isn't it?

Laser laser letters for Easter

Make your door wreath for Easter

Bunnies with white fluffy tails and a fence for your Easter door wreath

First, the bunnies need their fluffy tails. To do this, glue the white pompoms in the middle of the lower part of the bunny's back, at the level of the bunny's bottom.

Make an Easter bunny door wreath

While the glue dries, you can focus on the fence. For the fence, you will need five short and two long popsicle sticks. First, lay the popsicle sticks down to form a fence and apply the glue to the connection points. Now place the long popsicle sticks on the glue dots and press everything together firmly so that the glue can set.

Make a door wreath

Then glue two more of your rabbits onto the fence. When everything is dry, the fence goes on the wreath. Depending on the condition, you may need stabilization for attachment.

Make an Easter door wreath

To do this, you can use another popsicle stick or a wooden stick that you stick between the branches or, depending on the situation, even glue firmly. Once your stabilization is secure, glue the fence to it.

Two garlands for your door wreath for Easter

For the two garlands you need a sturdy string, wood glue again and five pairs of eggs and three pairs of bunnies. Cut two pieces about 50 cm long from the string. Four elements hang on each string. Now apply glue to one of the inside sides of each pair. Place the string in the middle from top to bottom in the glue and place the other half on top.

Make a door wreath for Easter

Always leave a distance of approx. 4-5 cm between the eggs and rabbits.

At the bottom, cut off the excess cord.

Gift ribbon with a “Happy Easter” made of wood

You need pieces of the gift ribbon that are approx. 45 cm long.

Apply the all-purpose glue to the backs of the wooden letters and place the letters in the middle of the gift ribbon at a distance of 1 cm and press them down slightly.

Glue letters on

Make sure that you start with the words at the same height so that they hang next to each other on your Easter door wreath.

The final touches for your door wreath for Easter

The glue needs a little time until the letters are firm enough that you can continue crafting with them. Then turn your door wreath over and attach the gift ribbons to a branch of the wreath underneath the fence.

Glue the door wreath

The glue on the garlands is now dry, and you can tie them to the right and left of the gift ribbons on the wreath.

Attach DIY Easter door wreath

Now distribute the remaining Easter bunnies and eggs on your Easter door wreath and glue them in place.

DIY Easter door wreath

Your Easter door wreath is ready, all that’s missing is something to hang it up.

I chose white gift ribbon for this.

I wish you a lot of fun crafting and hoppy shopping in the Mr Beam Design store. 🐰💐🐇


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Easter door wreath

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